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The development of marine economy will allow Russia to become a leading global player
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 06-09-2019
The development of the marine sector, shipbuilding and all the projects associated with this segment is a strategic priority for our country at the present stage of its development – the economist believes Dmitry Demidov.

Sea region is strategic for Russia

The fact that the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev approved the strategy of development of sea activity of Russia till 2030. This question includes the problems of development of the shipbuilding industry, marine mining, marine transport, Northern sea route, and more.

Russia continues to return to the pool of world leaders in all areas and, of course, you can't pass by the marine component, which, 100 years ago, does any state of the world global power. Moreover, Russia is not going to latch on to the former Soviet Union, and the Eurasian States and wants to obtain access to the markets of other regions of the world.

It is necessary to develop the fleet, and the first bell was Medvedev's statement on the allocation of funds of the company "NOVATEK" on the construction of 15 LNG carriers, which will be able to supply Russian LNG to anywhere in the world.

Similar processes occur in the development of the Northern sea route and offshore fields, not to mention the fact that such a development is necessary to improve the situation in the domestic market – in particular, the supply of seafood.

Председатель правительства РФ Дмитрий Медведев

The Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev / @afreximbank

So, this is a very broad topic, which will soon have to make a step forward, otherwise, Russia will not be able to return the items that were here from the Soviet Union, and which in past times ensured the economic development of our country.

"Strategically, if we want to play an active role in the world economy and world politics, we need to strengthen the marine component. This also applies to merchant Navy, which lost us was in the nineties, and the development of transport corridors, which include sea and just offshore, so in this matter everything is connected," concludes Adamidou.

As noted by the expert, today the Eurasian transport corridors is not very popular, despite the large number of conversations about the "Great silk road", "North – South" and other projects that are being actively discussed in the world.

"Some local things on land, we do, but without the sea is problematic. Plus, it's fishing, fish processing and other things that were lost by Russia during the events of the epoch of the collapse of the Soviet Union. In General, let's see how the situation will develop further, because just to go and to return difficult. So, we need to perform large complex tasks," sums up Adamidou.

России придется приложить массу усилий для развития Северного морского пути

Russia will have to put a lot of effort for the development of the Northern sea route / FSUE

Shipbuilding could become a driver of the Russian economy

Not to mention the fact that nobody waiting for us in this market, and all the directions here have been divided, so to hook into them will be very difficult, due to which the basic rate we need to make to the development of the Russian economy and Russian Maritime companies.

"Still need to spend money on training employees, obtaining competence, because over the 28 years we lost a lot, and this despite the fact that the former Soviet sailors continue to sail the oceans under different flags," says Demidov.

For example, in a recent scandal, where Iran and the United Kingdom exchanged arrests oil tankers, our Iranian partners have detained the ship, where the crew were Russian sailors, which led to lively negotiations between Moscow and Tehran.

"In fact, our country has never been the leading Maritime power, especially in the commercial segment, we just have very effectively used the fact that it was, and was able thus to create in the Soviet Union a large merchant fleet," concludes Adamidou.

Развитие морского направления позитивно скажется на экономике РФ

The development of marine areas will have a positive impact on the economy of the Russian Federation / PD

Besides, if we want to be present in the Arctic and to conduct an active economic and trade policy around the world, we have to rely on this direction and to take active steps to catch up.

"We are interested primarily vessels of river-sea, as Russia, many climate zones, which include the ability to use such ships everywhere for the development of the domestic economy and transport routes," sums up Adamidou.

Classic container ships, tankers and so on in this spirit, we are not able to compete with South Korea, China and other leading manufacturers who have obtained specialization in this area in modern marine engineering, but a number of other projects we can compete on the world market and even get out there in the lead.

"On the other hand, it might not be very interesting and good and bad since the giant orders such projects do not promise, but all of this can be built into our economic development and our projects related to the sea," says Demidov.

Это направление для долгосрочных инвестиций

This is the direction for long-term investment / Press service of PSZ

However, our first task, as suggested by the economist, is the restoration of oil and gas fleet, not to depend on other States in this matter. We have previously developed, but all those ships we "sawed" in the nineties.

"Actually, it's a very conservative market, here have to enter a lot to invest, and the returns will be not soon. For example, about the export potential of shipbuilding will be only 10-15 years of development," concludes Adamidou.


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