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Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 14-10-2020
A pilot tradition in Russia goes back more than 400 years. During this time in the country and the world changed not one era. In modern unstable and multipolar world of the future pilots is the marine elite, representing one of the highest marine castes, consisting mainly of experienced captains that have passed additional training. The pilot represents the state on Board a foreign vessel, is one of the main links in the system of safety of navigation, carrying out pilotage of a vessel in difficult navigation areas of navigation. The function of the pilot is of great importance for the ecology of water areas, as well as the system of state control that in the coming years will play an important role for Russia on the Northern sea route. Russia as a leading Maritime country needs a modern pilotage service. On this portal, "Sea and Space" said the experts of the Center for strategic assessments and forecasts.

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