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Russia will become a world pilot in the reconstruction of the World ocean
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 05-07-2016
On 5 July the state Duma in the framework of the project "ports of inform-24" experts have discussed prospects of establishment of an International Maritime Union, port cities and Maritime Constitution.
Alternatively, the sanctions policy of Atlanticism in the black sea basin representatives gave a presentation on the basis of the black sea trade Union of major international integrator of new generation in a rapidly changing geopolitical situation. Initially, the analytical formulation was prepared for Primakov.
In today's reality, relevance is not only the development of Russia as a great Maritime power, building relationships with partners in the World Ocean, but also the introduction of legal control of the Constitution, which is based on such basic principles as the principle pool, a network device, information hubs, modern information policy, influencing decision-making. The solidarity of the port cities – the main thesis, because people living near water areas more freedom than living on the continent. The examples from history: the experience of formation of the largest Maritime communities that were the largest regulators in the World ocean and related events.
"Today, the old international platforms has ceased to perform those functions which they are assigned community. The result is the largest global redistribution we see attempts by the major political players to gain a foothold in the World ocean. Private military companies carry out to protect and promote the interests of major financial groups. When it comes to the creation of the black sea trade Union, our task is to show that Russia in the Crimea plans to create the largest commercial, not a military hub. We propose to use the entire Peninsula as "Porto-Franco", "Russian offshore" which will ensure the inflow of financial flows instead of a huge expenditure from the state budget. Crimea we consider as a reference point for the development of international trade, more advantageous in its location, rather than the far East," - announced in his report to the chief of staff of the Volunteer Union of Donbass Roman Lenshin.
According to the authors of the concept of creation of the black sea trade Union, we need a regulator in the Sea of the Constitution, the basis of which will be the European Charter of local self-government, ratified by the Russian Federation and municipal law, open to accession by an international Treaty. Marine Constitution, first of all, the alternative mechanism that will withstand the sanctions, allowed to progress free trade and become protective structure from Atlanticism, which is the main generator of the sanctions mechanisms.
In the black sea trade Alliance, which in the future will become the basis for the International Maritime Union will be able to participate in such cities as Sevastopol, Novorossiysk, Rostov – on - don, Yalta, Kerch, Sochi, Tuapse, Istanbul, Trabzon, Samsun, Zonguldak, Odessa, Illichivs'k, Kherson, Mykolayiv, Sukhumi, Batumi, Varna, Valencia, Konstanz, and city of Caspian, Baltic and white sea basins, the Mediterranean, the Arctic and Pacific oceans. The share of Russia's participation in this integration configuration will be immense - more than 90%. It is the integration platform that needs to be formed. One of the countries under consideration as the site can become Greece. After all, the Greeks – the founders of democracy who appeared from the sea. It is no secret that today the Chinese and the Americans are also working on options for the create your own such configuration. And Russia in this area could lead.
It is assumed that the main principle of the Union will be the neutrality of the flag. I.e. Maritime Union will not support any military or sanction actions including refusal to accept a vessel in a port. The Maritime Union will act as a regulator and arbitrator of internal and external relationships. Thus, Russia will become a world pilot in a modern reconstruction of the World ocean, and all chances for that in Russia today there are.
In the discussion the representative of the Ministry Alexey Tikhon suggested that in addition to the logistics of the creation of such a Maritime Union to a greater extent should be based on the development of territories, infrastructure, ports, cities, industries, by analogy with the ports of the Far East. "Brings together not politics, and the economy. Improving trade is the improvement of the political situation. It might be possible to use as the basis for the development of several Maritime industries, for example fishing, mariculture, logistics and work it through with the coastal regions. At the same time the development of these two trends will be the driver of development – the construction of cold storage facilities for fish and agricultural products, railway infrastructure, etc." - said the representative of the Ministry.
In conclusion, it was stressed that initially, as the basis for the creation of the Maritime Union considered the Crimea for several reasons. First, there today directed all the international attention you can attract a lot of supporters plus the favourable location of the Peninsula. Secondly, the black sea basin is very promising for us. The influence of Russia there should be at least 90%. The entire Peninsula can be a "port" that will allow to solve many questions, saving the expenditure of the state budget: the movement of goods, services development, development of all supporting infrastructure and to build the major political integrator.
Partner of the project "ports" Media holding "Regions of Russia" told about the module of "greater Eurasia", in which China is positioning its economic silk road, Mongolia – Steppe, and Russia – the Northern sea route. "The Marine theme of the Constitution stated, and that's a subject for reflection. We are glad that initiated this discussion with the participation of the professional Maritime community and are open to further dialogue," - said in conclusion the head of the Department of special projects of the Media holding Vladimir Anikovich.

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