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The fishing industry in anticipation of the transition into a new reality - 2019
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 15-03-2018

15 March a meeting of the Public Council under the Federal Agency for Fisheries. The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the Union of fishing collective farms of Russia Alexander Medvedev. Were summed up the results of work of fishery complex in 2017, discussed the goals and objectives of the public Declaration of the Agency in 2018. During the steady increase of catches, gaining momentum and commodity fish breeding. The highest rate of growth in the production of commercial aquaculture in the Republic of Crimea. In terms of production in the southern Federal district in the lead – Rostov, Astrakhan region and Krasnodar Krai. From April the industry will start the bidding company prescriptio quotas for new fifteen year period. Great hopes are placed on investcom mechanism through which the state stimulates the renewal of the fleet and onshore processing plants, but also stimulates the development of domestic civil shipbuilding.

Public the Board heard the report of the head of Department of economy and investments of the Agency Mikhail Medvedev, the main points of which we publish next on our project.

According to the Center monitoring system of fishery and communications for the 2017 Total production (catch) of aquatic biological resources amounted to 4994,2 thousand tons (including production in freshwater water bodies in the amount of 113.4 thousand tons and production of objects of commercial aquaculture 219,7 thousand tons).

The far Eastern basin total catch was 3111,8 thousand tons, which is 22.5 thousand tons less than in 2016, including by reducing the production of salmonids.

North pool – total catch amounted to 569,2 thousand tons, which is more than in 2016 to 2.5 tonnes, including by increasing the production of catfish and crab.

Azov - black sea basin – total catch amounted to 90.1 thousand tons, which is less than the level of 2016 13.4 thousand tons, including a decrease in the production of sprat and freshwater fisheries.

Caspian pool – total catch amounted to 71,9 thousand tons, which is more than in 2016 by 3.1 thousand tonnes due to the increase of the catch of freshwater fisheries.

The Baltic sea – total catch amounted to 75,8 thousand tons, which is more than in 2016, 1.8 thousand tons by increasing the production of cod.

Zones of foreign States493,1 thousand tons, which is more than in 2016 to 61 thousand tons, by fishing in zones of Angola, Morocco and Japan.

Conventional districts and open part of the oceans310,7 thousand tons, which is 60.1 thousand tonnes more than in 2016.

Territorial administrations Rosrybolovstva in 2017 to implement user rights on the extraction (catch) of the FBG in the implementation of industrial and (or) coastal fishery was concluded 12 129 contracts of using water biological resources TACs which are not set that in 1642 the Treaty above the level of 2016 (10487 contracts).

According to preliminary data Rosstat, in 2017 the volume of production of fish and fish products, processed and canned, amounted to 4 thousand 152 tons, which is by 123 thousand tons (3 %) more than in 2016.

Exports fish, fish products and seafood, according to preliminary data Rosstat, in 2017 amounted to 2 140 thousand tons, which is 228 thousand tons (12 %) more than in 2016. In monetary terms, the exports in 2017 amounted to 4 402 million. USA, at 648 million. USA (17 %) more than in 2016.

The volume of import of fish, fish products and seafood, according to preliminary data Rosstat, in 2017 amounted to 595 thousand tons, 83 million tons (16 %) more than in 2016.

The growth in imports in 2017 compared to 2016:

  1. Faroe Islands + 64,1 %
  2. China + 20,8%
  3. Greenland + 24,1%
  4. Vietnam + 12,6%

In monetary terms, the imports in 2017 amounted to 1 905 million. This increase of $ 286 million. USA (18 %) more than in 2016.

According to the tax reporting in 2017 revenues taxes and duties to the consolidated budget of the Russian Federation by kind of economic activity "Fishery" accounted for 24 650 million rubles, which is 2 379 mln (10.7%) more than in 2016.

In January-November 2017, the balanced financial result of organizations of the fishing industry (without small businesses, banks, insurance organizations and budget institutions) in current prices amounted to 80 billion rubles, which is 0.1 % more than the same period in 2016. Over 11 months. 2017, compared to the same period in 2016, the profits of the fishing industry amounted to 81 billion rubles, which is 7 billion roubles (10 %) more than in 2016.

An important indicator of financial health of the industry is the growth of the turnover of fishing and fish farming. In 2017, the turnover of the industry amounted to 310 billion rubles, which is 19 billion rubles (7 %) more than in 2016.

Commodity fish-farming

In 2017 the volume of production of commercial aquaculture amounted to 219,7 thousand tons, which is 7 % higher than in 2016. It was grown 186.5 thousand tons of marketable fish, which is 12.6 thousand tons more than in 2016. The increase in the production of this category of products was 7.2% compared to 2016. Volumes of production of planting material has also increased compared to the 2016 year, and amounted to 33.1 thousand tons. The increase in 2017 amounted to 1.8 thousand tonnes (5.7 per cent).

The greatest number of marketable fish and seafood products produced in Russia in the southern Federal district. In 2017 there produced more than 67.6 thousand tons of products. This is 36 % of the volume of domestic production of marketable fish. Practically all regions of this Federal district showed in 2017, the growth of production volumes. The highest rate of growth it recorded in the Republic of Crimea: the increase relative to the level of 2016 in the Crimea was 83%. In terms of production in the southern Federal district unchanged are the leaders of the Rostov and Astrakhan region, Krasnodar Krai.

Shipping fish

The increase in the supply of catches of aquatic biological resources and made from them fish and other products of the land territory of the Russian Federation are still constrained by the problems associated with a lack of railway reefer capacity and the high cost of services associated with the delivery of fish to the Central regions of Russia by rail. Great hopes are also connected with increase in volumes of delivery of catches of aquatic biological resources Northern sea route from the Far East to other fisheries regions of the country to download the fish processing enterprises and fish products to ensure the trade networks of the Central regions of Russia. In 2017, we have successful experience of delivery of frozen fish in the far Eastern sea port of Arkhangelsk on the ship, belonging to the group of companies "Dobroflot" in this part of fish products intended commercial enterprises in the Central part of Russia. The transition from Vladivostok to Arkhangelsk took 14 days, the quality of the delivered fish saved. JSC "Russian fish company" has performed delivery of Pollock in the sea port of Saint-Petersburg from the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Investment quota

According to the results of Declaration campaign 2017, for the provision of investment quota, conducted in the period from 25 may to 7 December 2017, the Agency reviewed 67 applications, of which 34 are for the construction of fishing vessels, 33 – the construction of coastal processing enterprises. Geography of projects 27 statements occurred in the far Eastern basin, 40 in the Northern pool. The types of FBG - 18 applications were submitted for Pollock and herring, 40 Atlantic cod and haddock, 9 - bottom of the food fish species of the far Eastern fishery basin.

According to the results of consideration of submitted applications were selected 9 applications to the court of the fishing enterprises of the Far East, 6 in the construction of large-scale 108 M. trawler-processors, and 3 – on construction of 55 M. Seiners. On the North pool selected 24 applications for court. 14 of them for the construction of large-tonnage trawlers-factories longer than 80 m, 9 applications – for medium-duty vessels from 58 m to 70 m, and 1 application 35 m the ship. The cost of building large vessels ranged from 3.8 to 7 billion rubles for each, and medium-duty vessels of about 1.4 billion rubles per ship.

The total investment for projects in the construction of fishing vessels is about 110 billion. All vessels are built or will be built at Russian shipbuilding enterprises located in the European part of Russia.

Onshore companies: to build factories in the far East for processing Pollock and other fish species (Pollock, Pacific herring) selected 12 applications. Among them: factories of large capacity 9, average power 1, low power 2. Plants for the processing of fish (except Pollock) low power received 6 applications (the target species - cod, far Eastern flatfish, Atka mackerel, squid commander, Grenadier, cod, halibut Nephrolepis). For the Northern fishery basin selected 11 coastal plants processing cod and haddock: 10 plants of high power, 1 medium power. The cost for large power plants in average of 1-1,5 billion rubles, the cost of construction of the plant average power was about 800 million rubles, small capacity about 300 million rubles.

The total investment at the submitted for consideration of investment projects for the construction of coastal processing enterprises is about 22 billion. It should be particularly noted that the construction of the plants envisaged in the priority areas of the Far East and Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. Of them in the far East accounted for 14 billion rubles, and in the North 8 billion.

Federal budget revenues

In 2017, the Agency ensured the flow of funds in the Federal budget in the amount of 28 736,8 million rubles, which is 18 117,5 million rubles above 2016, including:

  • income derived from the sale at auction of the right to conclusion of the contract on fastening of shares of quotas of extraction (catch) of aquatic biological resources and (or) the contract of using water biological resources under Federal ownership 26 248,2 million. In 2017, the Agency held 7 auctions selling the rights for conclusion of the contract on fastening of shares of quotas of extraction (catch) of water biological resources. Lot sold 281 shares of quotas of extraction (catch) of water biological resources, of which 241 lot quota shares was the shares embodied in the Agency is terminated forcibly contracts.
  • income in the form of fees for the provision of fishing areaobtained from the winner of the competition for the right of conclusion of the contract on the provision of fishing area for the implementation of fisheries in relation to aquatic biological resources under Federal ownership in the amount of 45.9 million rubles;
  • income in the form of fees for provision of fish-breeding station, received from the successful bidder (tender, auction) for the right of conclusion of the contract of use of fish plot being in the Federal property to the amount worked part-time 644.3 million rubles;
  • income received from foreign organizations for the right of using water biological resources under intergovernmental agreements, in the amount of 1 608,7 million.

It should be noted that these funds 2.5 times the size of the Federal budget, brought the Agency in 2017 for the implementation of the state Program (11 371,7 million rubles).


In the framework of the Federal targeted investment programme in 2017:

  • commissioned a Plant for producing juvenile sturgeon and pike in the village of Ekaterinovka, Bezenchuksky district, Samara region;
  • carried out reconstruction and modernization of Konakovo sturgeon breeding plant, Tver oblast" (FSUE "IFF");
  • completed construction of Metersky spawning-rearing ponds, creating a module for the maintenance of broodstock sturgeon in the sea water, Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan" (fsbi "Glavrybvod").

In 2018 it is planned to complete:

  • the reconstruction of the scientific and production center for the development of technologies of aquaculture, Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok.
  • reconstruction and technical re-equipment of regional monitoring center and regional information center, Murmansk, Murmansk oblast.

In 2019 it is planned to complete the reconstruction of Federal property objects of the marine terminal is designed for comprehensive servicing of fishing vessels in the sea port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky".

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