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Fishing farms are upgrading the fleet
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 06-02-2020
As the main impetus for further fleet renewal of the member organizations of the oldest fisheries Association Rybakkolkhozsoyuza called the stability of the resource provision and tax treatment of economic activity. This opinion was expressed unanimously by all regions.

As the main impetus for further fleet renewal of the member organizations of the oldest fisheries Association Rybakkolkhozsoyuza called the stability of the resource provision and tax treatment of economic activity. This opinion was expressed unanimously by all regions.

Anna Gornova, coordinator of the project "Marine policy" Center for strategic assessments and forecasts



The first vessel under the Resolution built named after


23 January in Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Krasnodar Krai at the shipyard the solemn ceremony of descent to water the new small fishing vessel "Kairos." On January 28 the ship was in port and on Board the flag was hoisted.

"Kairos" is the first ship in Russia built as part of the state support of construction at the Russian shipyards small and medium tonnage fishing vessels under the new Government Decision No. 1917, which was released in late 2019, the year on December 27th. The owner - agricultural production cooperative named after the "Paris Commune". In a ceremony on the occasion of launching the new ship was attended by General Director of ZMK Alexander Brushwood, the staff of the shipyards, the Chairman of the Board of fish farm "Paris Commune" Igor Kresko, residents of the city. Then the ship arrived in the port of Noumea.


Boat project BPM-74M developed a project Office at a fishing collective farm "Paris Commune". The vessel is intended for trawl fisheries, maintain the passive gear fishermen of carriage and transportation of catches. Navigation area - at the Maritime waterways of the 3rd category. Type of vessel-single-deck, from the living room, with a hold for transporting the catch, has the following specifications:


  • The cruising range at a speed of-7.5 node equal to 1000 km

  • Cargo hold capacity 14m3

  • Endurance 3-e day

  • Main engine 375л.with.

  • Commercial fishing winch hydraulic

  • Length overall of the vessel 16.85 m

  • Overall width 4.22 m


"The decisions allow you to upgrade the fishing fleet, to ensure its composition of high-tech vessels, to improve the quality, safety, environmental friendliness and efficiency of extraction of water bioresources. This is a great achievement for the shipbuilders, and the fishing industry, and of course for the fishing farm, considering that fleet renewal takes place for the first time in 30 years. On the completion of the shipyard is the second ship named after. The shipbuilders commissioned the ship at the end of 2020. Pursuant to the programme of measures of the state support resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation it is planned to build on Russian shipyards for all basins under this program, more than 50 small and medium tonnage fishing vessels in sizes tailored to the conditions at the pools. We see that it is not only large ships but small craft are updated, it is important for our Russian specifics. The interaction between shipbuilders and fishermen are beginning to yield results.


Recall that in the January Message of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly were to focus on the fact that the country faces massive social, economic and technological challenges, it is necessary to create conditions to improve the efficiency of the national economy. For this you need to start a new investment cycle. But for investors as we know the most significant factor is the stability factor. This means that the organizations that go into the construction of a new fleet, there must be confidence in the long-term rules of the game. For fishermen is the provision of resources (quotas), as well as tax conditions for the development of their economic activities of production. In these areas, above all need clarity and stability, "commented Marine lead the development of the regulatory framework and the dynamics of the construction of the fishing fleet Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on transport and construction Paul Fedyaev (EP).


Upgrade production capacity investoram goes in all directions

The companies included in one of the oldest associations of the fishing industry "Union of fishing collective farms of Russia" understand in order to be competitive in the market, you need to update and build a new fleet, fish production, coastal infrastructures.

Currently commissioned are the completion in Russian shipyards under the program of investment quotas with different degree of readiness 3 medium trawler–seiner for fishing collective farm. Lenin. Last year, the fish farm has started construction of a trawler–processor with a length of 120 m. This will be the largest fishing vessel in the fishing industry. This year named after them. Lenin in the first half put into operation modern coastal fish-processing complex on the programme of investcom.

Named after them. Kalinina Archangel Rybakkolkhozsoyuza builds the vessel, long-liner. Fishing farms of the Kaliningrad Union together with the project organization has developed a project of a small fishing bot and is ready to build 14 such bots to operate in the Baltic sea. The order is scheduled to place at the shipyard of Kaliningrad.


Fishing companies, members of the Khabarovsk Trainingclasses, restore the Okhotsk shipyard, who worked and built fishing vessels up to 90 years. After modernization, the plant will be able to build fishing boats, recreational craft and small-scale fishing vessels for coastal fishing. Will also build civilian vessels for the transportation of national economic cargo between remote coastal settlements of the Okhotsk coast.


Grado - industry town and village fishing company "Vostokinvest" - member of the Rybakkolkhozsoyuza built modern coastal fish-processing factory with the processing of raw fish 3000 tons of finished products for acceptance herring and salmon, has commissioned a modern refrigerator. Grado - industry town and village named after "50 years of October" in 2019 put into operation a modern hatchery chum salmon plant.

It is noteworthy that the work and experience of the Nenets rybakkolkhozsoyuza in which fishing companies, members of the Union for efficiency and productivity has become the modern trawler–processor.

And fishing collective farm "Sula", located in a remote Arctic area of the County, which in February will celebrate the 90th anniversary, is engaged in not only fishing, but also develops the agricultural production. Named after has a modern manufacturing: livestock dairy complex, the production of dairy products, cheese. The village provides products, environmentally friendly products are in great demand in the Nenets Autonomous District and in the neighboring regions of the Arctic.


"I note that this work was done by teams of members of Rosrybolovstva with the support and measures taken by the state in the development of the legislative framework for the fishing industry, with the active participation of the Federation Council, State Duma and the Federal Agency for fishery. For capitalization and investment in the development of the fishing industry it is important to preserve the "historical principle" allocation of water biological resources on a long term basis. It is important in the project of the Federal Law "On amendments to главы25.1 and 26.1 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation in terms of improving the procedure for levying fees, and a single agricultural tax in the sphere of fishery complex" to maintain benefits at the rate of the fee for the aquatic bioresources for the Grado - industry town and village fisheries management organizations, fishing artels(collective farms).In the January President's address to the Federal Assembly sounded the thesis is not to change the tax environment for business within 6 years, in order to provide a wide horizon of investment planning. In all regions the members of the Rybakkolkhozsoyuza as the main stimulus for the renewal of the fleet is called the stability of the resource provision and the tax regime", - said the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Rybakkolkhozsoyuza Peter Dzhunkovsky.


The text of the resolution "On approval of Rules of granting subsidies from the Federal budget to the Russian organizations on compensation of costs for the construction of fishing vessels"


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