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A Fisherman's Day!
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 10-07-2020
July 12, Russia will celebrate Day of the Fisherman – holidays born in the USSR. This day has its tradition and is celebrated in our country on the second Sunday of July widely by professionals and veterans of the fishing industry, employees of the fish inspection branch of science, border guards, guarding the Russian water, and a vast army of fishermen-fans.

The Deputy Of The State Duma Pavel Fedyaev:

"In Russia there are 360 thousand fishermen-professionals and approximately 15 million fishers-fans. Almost every tenth citizen of our country enjoys fishing. Fishing – a tradition that unites our regions and some territories of the former Soviet Union. Russian fish popular in the world, Russian fishing like foreign tourists.

The date of the holiday falls in the middle of summer, when the nearly everywhere ends of the spawning ban, comes the warm and hot weather and people tend to water. In this festival there is an element of public diplomacy – one wave in this day connects many people who are passionate about fishing. And professionals of the fishing industry usually summarize the work of their organizations, celebrate their achievements.

I wish our fishing industry to be world leaders and set trends in the development of world fisheries. And fishermen - to fans of good catches and a great stay on the water. Enjoying the nature and its resource, take care of the ecosystems of waters and clean shores. Almost every region according to some particularly valuable types there are limits to observe is the contribution of each of us in the conservation of biodiversity of water bodies for future generations."

Deputy Chairman of the Union of fishing collective farms of Russia Peter Dzhunkovsky:

"The total annual catch in Russia today went to the bar at 5 million tons. The domestic market has a good supply of good quality products. The industry's export potential. These successes we have because of the Federal Law "On fisheries and preservation of aquatic biological resources", which recognized the producing enterprises resources on a long term basis: in 2008-m to year for 10 years and in 2018 for 15 years. This basic framework can not be destroyed. Businesses need confidence in the stability of the framework of public-private partnerships and regulatory and legal framework.

The efficiency and competitiveness of fishing companies is determined by the renewal of fixed assets - modern fleet and onshore fish processing facilities, port infrastructure. To upgrade the production facilities of members of our Union are mechanism investcom, departmental programs of state support. Not so long ago named after them. Lenin commissioned and started work two modern high class automation of medium-ship, there are two more on the completion of one of them – trawler-processor with a length of 120 meters. Prepared the project for the construction of 6 small-tonnage fishing vessels. In the framework of implementation of investment projects under the investment quotas this year, the fish farm will introduce modern coastal fish-processing complex. Update your fleet of fishing collective farms of the Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk, the far East region. Fishing companies of the Khabarovsk Okhotsk sudoremontny Trainingclasses restore factory, which after modernization will be able to build small and low-tonnage fishing vessels and civilian vessels to transport goods between the coastal settlements in the far East.

Grado industry town and village organizations to build and update a coastal rybopererabatyvajushchie in factories and shops. So, we've got company "Vostokinvest" has built a modern fish processing plant with a deep processing of herring and salmon, has commissioned a refrigerator. Fishing company "50 years of October", "Meridian", "Susanna" engaged in breeding of salmon and mariculture. Named after "Sula", located in the Zapolyarny district of the Nenets Autonomous district, is engaged in not only fishing, but also developing the agro-industrial direction - engaged in farming, is a modern dairy production of dairy products, cheese. Environmentally friendly products are in demand in the County and in neighboring areas.

Large-scale plans of the state for the development of the Northern sea route, the Arctic coast and infrastructure development in the Far East require a fixation of the population in these areas. In this respect I note the adopted Strategy for the development of the Far East and the package of draft laws on state support of entrepreneurial activities in the Arctic Zone of Russia. This direction is important for us as a number of our organizations are in these areas and would like to practically use the provided measures of state support, adapt the branch formats.

The rybakkolkhozsoyuza is a kind of bridge in our history between the Soviet era and new time. 2020 - the year of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. Fishing farms contributed to the victory. We help our veterans. Today the majority of Union members are participants in the program "Available fish", involved in regional social programs for the local population.

I want to congratulate all With Day of the Fisherman and to wish the fishermen and their families would feel care of the state about them. The state put before the fisherman is only one main task – to feed Russians with high quality and affordable fish. And in return provided him with guarantees for raw materials and stability of the legislation".

Coordinator of the project "Marine policy" Center for strategic estimates and projections Anna Gornova:

"The global catch of wild fish has stabilized at the level of 90-95 million tonnes per year. The aquaculture sector is progressing with each passing year. A tool for further development of the industry is getting its digital transformation, which will eventually affect all the components: navigation, automation of courts, industries and services. There will be new markets digital devices, which will bring a lot useful, especially in terms of improving environmental monitoring, improving the quality of the final product by ensuring transparency, control of production, storage and delivery. All the way from catch to counter digital technologies will help to move to a risk-based approach to compliance and enforcement activities to reduce the human factor, the number of inspections, downtime and opening of goods, therefore, will decrease the costs of the carrier, which will reduce the price of goods. Everyone will be able to get detailed information about the origin and the route his purchase through a smartphone. We will see an increase in product quality. Reduced the volume of non-conforming goods when entering the retail market. Up to 25% of production today, the retail industry is forced to dispose of. Legislative recognition of the use of digital technologies will allow to clean from the market of unscrupulous manufacturers and carriers will be a good tool for the elimination of poaching.

Fishermen wish to face the future, to be on the same wavelength with luck, love your work, and to the Sea and the River answered them in return."


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