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Happy New Year Marine.
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 25-12-2018

Like in the ocean the world is immersed in digital cyberspace. This immersion opens up many new opportunities, but also creates not fewer threats, changing the usual for many generations of reality. In such a high dynamics of changes brought about by technological advances and geopolitics, sustainability and capacity of the state is manifested in the mentality of its people. Russia is the marine mentality. We should actively build up its naval advantage. In the global world of the future marine priority is above all the economic advantage and the possibility of influence on the climate.

Now quite rapidly changing legislation, there is the realization not of randomness devastating losses of the 90s, founded by Western liberals in our legal system. Today we have the opportunity to improve their national legislation in the interests of the Russian state. Marine priority is a red thread integrated into the national legislation of Russia.

Of course, for the leading Maritime countries of the first and a key focus is the safety of navigation. The second is the Maritime economy. Here you need to be in the lead. Value added products must remain in Russia, and freight services and our seaside resorts to fill up the Russian budget. Logistics breakthrough has been the use of the large marine railway ferries on the external and internal areas, enabling the establishment of such ferry lines in the Plan development of trunk infrastructure. Third-the availability of seafood for the population: fish, mariculture, malformatio. And, in turn, is the level of life of coastal populations, Maritime tradition, our marine culture. I emphasise that we have a unique competence as a pilot. According to official data, in Russia a pilot tradition goes back more than 400 years. We remember and are proud of our great Russian pilots.

I stress that to the greatest extent a new technology will be used on the Northern sea route in the Arctic. In this area we should expect a concentration of the most advanced technological and environmental innovation. Let's not forget about the availability of fresh water for humanity, about our rivers feeding the sea. You need to take care of their clean, affluent and shipping dimensions.

Sea Russia is huge: it is the professional community, people whose work is connected with the sea, it's all our coastal population, and also people who like fish and seafood on their tables, I love fishing, rest on the water, all those in whom flows the blood of our marine ancestors, those links Maritime tradition and brotherhood of the sea.

The Maritime industry, we wish first of all to find a balance with the sea with our living planet: not only to take and use the resource, but also to give mutually through higher environmental standards, improving of ecological culture, careful and responsible attitude towards the ecosystem, the promotion of Maritime subjects in art and cinema, through support for the marine industry.

New year, Christmas time is traditionally a family and corporate events. In the Coming year and wish the Maritime community and the entire Maritime Russia prosperity, harmony in your families, understanding family, faithful friends, fair decisions, the successful implementation of your hopes and plans, amazing discoveries and realizations of the depths of life. Let the Christmas star illuminates the path of your destiny.

Waves of good luck and seven feet under the keel!


Coordinator of the project "Marine policy"

Anna Gornova

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