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Saudi Arabia claimed it was a "sabotage attack" on their tankers
Material posted: Publication date: 13-05-2019
The government of Saudi Arabia announced today, may 13, that two oil tankers Kingdom was among the vessels that have been "sabotage attack" on the coast of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Riyadh called the incident "an attempt to undermine the security of global oil supplies," reports Reuters.

Representatives of the UAE announced on Sunday that four commercial vessels suffered from "sabotage" near the Emirate of Fujairah, one of the world's largest bunkering hubs in the vicinity of the Strait of Hormuz (connects Persian Gulf with Arabian sea). Emirates authorities have not reported details about the nature of "sabotage" or about who was behind it, but pointed out the lack of victims in connection with the incident and for the continued operation of the port of Fujairah in the normal mode.

The Minister of energy of Saudi Arabia Khalid al-falih said that one of the two Saudi ships were attacked on the way to the loading Saudi oil port of RAS Tanura for delivery to the customers of the company Saudi Aramco in the United States. The attack resulted in casualties or oil spill, but has caused significant damage to the structure of the two vessels, said in a message sent earlier, the state Saudi Press Agency.

Trade and shipping sources identified the Saudi court as belonging to the National shipping companies of the Kingdom of large tanker to transport cargo and oil tankers Amjad Al Marzoqah.

According to the head of the Saudi oil Ministry, "the attack was aimed at undermining the freedom of the sea and the security of oil supplies to consumers in the world."

United States Maritime administration said Sunday at a consultative meeting that the incidents at Fujairah one of seven Emirates of the UAE, have not been confirmed, and urged to use caution when transiting the Strait of Hormuz. According to the American Ministry, "the exact means of attack or sabotage is unknown."

As reported by the Colossal, the operational commander of the fifth fleet of the U.S. Navy, in the zone of responsibility includes the middle East, Vice Admiral Jim Malloy on may 9 stated that previously passed through the Suez canal, the aircraft carrier "Abraham Lincoln" can be sent to the Persian Gulf and it is "not limited in their actions". According to the American commander data, military intelligence, United States "demonstrate the threat posed by Iran", and, if necessary, the aircraft carrier will be sent into the Bay. The fifth operational fleet of the U.S. Navy with a home base of Bahrain has direct control over the strategically important artery, through which a fifth of world oil consumption — the Strait of Hormuz. After the introduction of the administration of Donald trump's "oil embargo" against Iran, prohibiting the traditional partners of Tehran purchase of liquid hydrocarbons, the situation in the region is heating up every day. In addition to the deployment of "Abraham Lincoln" and other warships, the United States sent a strategic B-52 bombers to the region.


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