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Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 23-10-2020

"Vyborg Shipyard". Unfortunately, the causes of delay in construction of fishing vessels in shipyards included in the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) have a systemic character. Shipyards lack of qualified personnel as workers, and engineering. Shipyard ready to build a high-tech fishing fleet. The number of orders on building of civil vessels do not correspond to the real production capacity of the shipyards. Today the shipyard is no financial incentive for the performance of construction orders in time. Payments not linked to stages of construction, the customer is obliged to make payments on schedule, despite the lack of result of the construction of the vessel. The money fishermen listed for the construction of ships, shipyards used to repay debt obligations to the banks, to which the fisheries management of the company –customers are irrelevant. The fishermen believe that the financial payments must be tied to execution volume of shipbuilding work. All it requires is the necessity of relevant amendments to the shipbuilding contract, as well as changes to the Treaty on the consolidation and the provision of investment quota by the Agency. All that we have outlined in the relevant Working group of senators in the Federation Council. Now this question of parliamentary control. The senators along with everyone involved in the process of trying to help in the legal relationship.

A. A. – In this case, the answer is simple. Before to build the plants, it is necessary to carry out the analysis, and will there be enough raw materials? Where there really need to processing capacity and it is logical. No need to build for the sake of construction. Shrimp believe it is necessary to release, and this is usually far from coastal factories. In the sea products are produced from fresh, "fresh" raw. And the factory is made of ice cream, such products loses nutritional value.

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