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Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 15-09-2021
Russia is the first country in the world to confirm the status of hydroflight as a sports discipline at the state level. From September 9 to 12, the Rowing Channel of Moscow in Krylatskoye hosted the Russian Championship-2021 in water-motor sports. This is reported on the website of the Russian Federation of Water and Motor Sports.


On the first day of the competition, qualifying and final races were held in the aquabike class in the discipline "ski division ring races". Nikita Kuklin (Moscow) became the national champion in the GP3 scoring group, Sergey Sosin (Moscow) took second place, Alexander Pakhomov (St. Petersburg) took third place. Maxim Butorin (Moscow) has gold in the GP2 scoring group, Nikita Kuklin (Moscow) has silver, Dmitry Batsurin (Bryansk Region) has bronze. In the GP1 scoring group (the most powerful type of aquabike), Sergey Alekseenko (Penza region) celebrated the victory, Rustem Amerkhanov (Republic of Tatarstan) came second to the finish line, Alexander Kurdyukov (Moscow) came third. Separately, in the ring races, a women's competition was held on aquabikes of the GP3 ski division type. The Muscovite Kristina Sarkisyan (Moscow) became the best among the girls, Ekaterina Polyakina (Perm Krai) took the second place, Elizaveta Soldatova (Moscow) took the third. The strongest were also determined in the ring races. In the age category of 8-9 years, Lev Ivako, representing the Sverdlovsk region, overcame the distance the fastest. Among the young participants aged 10-12 years, Alexander Zakharov from Moscow became the best. In the oldest age group of the Championship (13-14 years old), Muscovite Stepan Malov won gold.

The second day of the competition gave the audience an incredible feeling of sports drive, speed and beauty. The best in Russia were determined in one of the most spectacular disciplines of water-motor sports: freestyle, hydroflight, slalom and motorcycle surfing. In the freestyle discipline, the favorite of the competition, Sergey Chemezov, won a landslide victory, he became a three-time holder of the title of national champion. Sergey's coach and mentor Mikhail Ershov became the vice-champion. Artem Goryaev, an athlete from Yekaterinburg, rose to the third step of the podium. A separate competition was held in the lower freestyle. Andrey Volkhonov celebrates the permanent championship in this competition. The second place was taken by Nikolay Ermolaev, the third – Nikolay Sokolenko. In the women's competition, Ekaterina Mishenina (Krasnodar) celebrated the victory, as well as at the first stage of the championship. The second and third places were taken by Muscovites: Ekaterina Sokolenko and Anastasia Ivanova.

In the most beautiful form of water-motor sport, which is increasingly conquering the audience at almost all resorts and recreation areas on the coast of Russia, the champions of the country were determined in the hydroflight class for the second time in history. The hydroflight discipline was registered by the Ministry of Sports of Russia at the end of 2019, as a result of which Russia became the first country in the world to confirm the status of hydroflight as a sports discipline at the state level. 14 riders took part in the competition: 10 in the main event and 4 in the children's. The composition of the first three remained the same from the first stage of the championship, but this time Alexey Mishustin won the most stubborn duel of the best, this time the silver was won by the winner of the first stage of the championship Andrey Smirnov. Alexander Bars became the bronze medalist. In the Hydroflight Ladies competition, the winner was Muscovite Mirella Gruzdova. Elizaveta Kokorina (Krasnoyarsk) took the second place, Angelina Vandysheva (Moscow) took the third place. Kirill Frolov, representing the Krasnoyarsk Territory, became the best in the children's competition. The second place was taken by Igor Ganyushkin (KhMAO). Bronze at Elina Pronyakina from Moscow.

Eight of the best riders of the country took part in the Russian Motorcycle Surfing Championship, the competitions were held in the discipline of ring races (races with a common start). The first champion of the country (in the last 2020, only the Cup of Russia was held) became Mikhail Kashafutdinov, St. Petersburg. Silver medal of the championship – Sergey Fedorov, Moscow, bronze at Andrey Bronsky, Moscow.

In aquabike slalom racers performed in GP1 (without power and tuning restrictions) in ski division and runabout. Three winners of the second stage of the Russian Championship in the discipline of aquabike slalom:

* Ski Division GP1 slalom: 1st place - Alexander Kurdyukov, Moscow, 2nd place - Rustam Amerkhanov (Republic of Tatarstan), 3rd place - Alexander Pakhomov (St. Petersburg).

* Runabout GP1 slalom: 1st place – Andrey Yakovlev (Moscow), 2nd place - Evgeny Kravchenko (Krasnodar Krai), 3rd place - Sergey Izhikov (Perm Krai).

* Women's standings: Gold for Kristina Sarkisyan (Moscow), silver for Ekaterina Polyakina (Perm Krai), bronze for Anastasia Kryazheva (Moscow).

According to the results of two rounds – champion triples of winners in slalom:

* Runabout GP1 slalom: 1st place - Andrey Yakovlev (Moscow), 2nd place - Dmitry Klimenko (Moscow), third place - Roman Klimenko (Moscow).

* Ski Division GP1 slalom: 1st place - Alexander Kurdyukov, Moscow, 2nd place - Rustem Amerkhanov (Republic of Tatarstan), 3rd place - Sergey Alekseenko (Penza region).

As part of the Russian Aquabike Championship, competitions were held in the disciplines of freestyle and slalom.. The best, as at all recent starts, was Fedor Epishin, a young student of Mikhail Ershov, who already surpasses many adults in terms of skill. Daniil Usenko took the second place, and Matvey Ufimtsev took the third. In the slalom, Stepan Malov took the first place, Egor Anisimov took the second place, and Sofia Skomorokhova took the third.

The sharpest competitive struggle, the highest speeds, the height of flight over the water area, colorful award ceremonies and the evening freestyle show of the Russian Federation of Water and Motor Sports - "Space Odyssey" delighted the spectators and visitors of the Rowing Channel of the capital these days. In addition to entertainment, the peculiarity of the show is that the best riders of the country – champions of Russia and participants of the title international starts take part in the performance. The show was first presented to the guests of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok in 2015, after which it was shown in Russia at major international events. This time, the organizers combined several disciplines on the water - freestyle, hydroflight and motorcycle surfing, a 12-year-old child participated in the show for the first time. The event was timed to celebrate the Day of the City of Moscow.

Source: FVMS of Russia

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