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VARPE appealed to the State Duma with the request to suspend consideration of amendments to the law "On the state border of the Russian Federation"
Material posted: Publication date: 16-07-2018
July 13, the Federal fishery Agency discussed the draft law "On amending the Russian Federation Law "On the state border of the Russian Federation" and certain legislative acts". Representatives of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia, Federal Agency for fishery and fishermen's associations decided to ask the State Duma to suspend consideration of the bill.

As explained by the President of the Russian Association of fishery enterprises, entrepreneurs and exporters (VARPE) Herman Zverev, adopted in the first reading the bill has been revamped in preparation for the second reading: "an Updated version seriously differs from the text passed the first reading, and will greatly complicate the fishing of aquatic biological resources".
The initiator of the bill – the Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai – proposed minor changes to article 9 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On the state border of the Russian Federation". The proposed amendments were aimed at resolving the issue of crossing the state border for the passage of fishing vessels through the territorial sea of the Russian Federation during the transition from the fishing areas in the sea of Okhotsk in the fishing areas of the Northern Kuril Islands, Eastern Kamchatka and the Bering sea.

Due to flaws in the legislation of the Russian fishing vessels were forced to follow through the First Kuril Strait, and to overcome the much greater distance – through the Fourth Kuril Strait. This leads to loss of fishing time and increasing material costs.

However, in preparing the bill a second reading was substantially changed the subject of its legal regulation and the text of the law was supplemented with new article 9.1. The updated rules may lead to ban on the transshipment of products from aquatic biological resources for fishing vessels. The draft law also establishes – contrary to the stated legislative purpose of the initiative – the possibility of repeated crossing of the state border of the Russian Federation, vessels of the fishing fleet with a closed border.

According to German Zverev, the trade Association appealed to the State Duma with the request to postpone consideration of the bill in the second reading: "This proposal was supported by the Ministry of agriculture and Rosrybolovstvo. We will ask the State Duma to consider amendments to the law "On state border of the Russian Federation" in this session and return to the issue in the autumn", – said German Zverev.

Source: BUT "all-Russian Association of fishery enterprises, entrepreneurs and exporters"

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