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Viktor Olersky on the development of the shipping industry in the country
Material posted: Publication date: 10-12-2017
On December 7 during Transport week-2017 was held the conference "the Sea calls", which brought together all the major participants in the shipping industry of our country and foreign colleagues.

The development of the shipping industry in Russia was devoted to the report of the Deputy Minister of transport of the Russian Federation, head of the Federal Agency of Maritime and river transport Viktor Olersky.
Answering the question – what needs to be done to reduce the economy's dependence on imports of transport services, the head of Rosmorrechflot, said that this should receive more ships, which means we should see more of big ship owners.
"Among the shipowners we have a textured top leader Sovcomflot, would like to have more. Like any other business owners need to grow. The shipowner, he is not bound to geographical place, although it is a huge business, 10 billion tons worldwide, 80 to 90% of world cargo is transported annually by sea. Very hard to explain it's not the industry regulators – the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development, such Federal agencies as customs and the Federal tax service" - said peculiarities of the shipping industry Viktor Olersky.
According to Victor Olersky, any even small legislative defect or aggressive enforcement of this legislation immediately pushes shipowners from the Russian flag, because there is always an alternative.
"I'm not saying that we need to adjust themselves to the fight against the flag of convenience. I think that no great Maritime power, and they are few, not won and will not win this fight. This is a false path, it is not necessary to convince ourselves that we are better than Panama, Liberia and the other in the number of the fleet, is not the point. The question of the quality of the fleet and the quality of the marine environment. In fact, tax revenues from the fleet small. Historically worldwide practice. And as we participate in a common market of transport services, therefore, we should play by the rules of this market. But all around commercial, technical managers, ship building services, there really is big money, big wages, the people pay taxes", - noted in his speech, the head of Rosmorrechflot.
Viktor Olersky identified four key components for the successful development of the shipping industry. The first is the availability for business cheap Finance. In this area there is progress. The second is the goods. Thus, one should not try to seek to reserved for national flag all cargo base. In this regard, we need a niche approach, such as in the Arctic. Third is personnel (both sailors and managers). The fourth is a stable law. Today it is highly mobile, that for investment horizon of 10-15 years is very problematic.
In conclusion, Viktor Olersky stressed the importance of improving the culture of long term relationships between shipowners and cargo owners. And called to healthy protectionism in a separate niche projects in the industry. "There are ships under the national flag, they are becoming more. Is the court controlled by the Russian Federation, as in any major naval power", - summed up Viktor Olersky.


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