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Vladimir Putin focused on the support of river navigation
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 11-02-2018

February 9 the Congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs took part the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

In the course of the Congress were discussed the issues of reduction of administrative barriers, optimization of state control, the development of competitive environment, investment activity stimulation, improvement of productivity and efficiency of interaction of business and government.

The head of the Board of Directors of the international steel company NLMK Vladimir Lisin on the list of issues the President touched upon the issue of tariff regulation of railway and water transport - the problem of seasonal discounts railroad to the detriment of the development of the river fleet.

Recall that the Russian chamber of shipping has repeatedly demanded to revise the seasonal discount Russian Railways for the transportation of oil cargoes, as this initiative pulls in the not so long for river navigation season goods from the river to the railroad. As a result, the inland waterway transport takes about 30% of traffic, impedes the renewal of the fleet. At the same time, freight traffic, without having rebooted the Railways will increase by only 0.8%. It turns out that the monopoly is earning a smaller profit, kills another industry.

"The Presidium of the state Council, Mr Putin, with Your participation, makes a decision about the need to develop waterways and create a in season transport alternative to rail transport – river. The Ministry of industry is funding the refinancing rate for building ships, You make the decision to unbuckle the narrow Gorodetsky node node 180 billion rubles in order to increase the traffic on the motorway. But what's next? Further built more than 100 vessels at our shipyards, including 60 self-leveling, and leasing companies, banks – all participated, because in the process of state support. And then at the same time last year, the Railways gives a discount during this season, it is the direction of river transport 25% of the transportation of liquid products. Took 1 million tons from the river fleet, respectively, on investment projects? $ 2 billion was taken from the river fleet, Russian Railways has received 600 million rubles of profit.

It seems to be necessary to think what to do next? Nothing like this, this year, an additional 37% discount. Next question is who is the court going to build, why we invested in this theme? First, we put the navigation of the river, and then put again the shipyard," he outlined the problem to the President of the entrepreneur.

The President drew attention to the protection and development of inland navigation and encouraged to find mechanisms to curb the tariffs of the railroad at the time of recoupment of investments on the river.

«It was necessary to conclude an agreement with the Government for the construction of vessels. The Ministry should be such a mechanism: on the payback time of these investments, it was necessary to keep the tariff. Representatives of the Government in the Railways had to say about it. Different mechanisms, but they must be created. Very sorry that we still have such basic things, which generally lie on the surface, not formulated. This is a must - do," - concluded Vladimir Putin.

Anna Gornova

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