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Navigator's Star Cloak
Material posted: Gornova Anna M.Publication date: 04-07-2021
In these interesting and difficult times for many to understand, we recommend reading one of the rare books - "Navigator's Cloak". Let this unique, transcendental book help you in the multidimensional Ocean of modern reality.

"Navigator" is a direct continuation of the cycle of books of the Third Aeon (Psychoecology of Reality, the Russian Bardo, the Key of Creation, the Third Aeon). This cycle describes the solution to the problem of positioning a person in Reality.

The new book is devoted to the problems of navigating the human essence when it is in various channels of Reality.  My dear Friend! In front of you is a rare Book. From it, you and I come back to the idea of the book of Mystery. This is a secret hidden under an outwardly open content. We do not make it a secret in order to conceal the content. But in order to preserve this content in its primary integrity for the time being. And I have no one to entrust this saving to except you!

In this book we introduce a new class of Subjects of the Psychosphere – Navigators. In the First and Second Aeons, they were not noticeable. In these axial times, the task of growing into the world of manifestation and positioning in it as Subjects of Creation was solved. In the Third Aeon, the Human World and its civilizations become holistically moving and preserving themselves just in such a movement. That's when Navigators appear. Their functions and mode of movement are described in this book. The Star Cloak is the Navigator's Bible. Arguing that she could be better or worse is idle nonsense, because she is only one.  

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