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Man affects the virus of addiction
Material posted: Publication date: 15-07-2020
Coronavirus infection, in the spring of 2020, bringing terror to the whole world, no longer seem such a threat. More and more countries refuse to quarantine restrictions. However, the virus not only does not cease to be a threat, on the contrary, is spreading at a record pace.

New world record: according to the world health organization, a day on the planet were more than 230 thousand cases of infection COVID-19. The total number of infected in the world has close to 13 million people, died almost 600 thousand cases. Country Champions are the same: USA (3.2 million cases), Brazil (1.8 million) and India (850 million). Them with the rate of 733 thousand cases should Russia, however, revealing the dynamics: if the United States per day were more than 62 thousand cases of infection with SARS CoV-2, Brazil — 45 thousand in India — 29 thousand, in Russia this figure is only slightly more than 6.5 thousand cases.

The most difficult situation in the United States, long turned into the global epicenter of the disease.

In Florida the day recorded more than 15 thousand cases: if the state competed with other States, it would have taken fourth place in the world qualification.

US President, Donald trump seems to have decided on an important symbolic step: after months of unsuccessful prodding from the doctors he appeared in public in a medical mask. The head of state explained, however, that he wore it only because they had come on a visit to a military hospital. However, the joy of the doctors was short in his Twitter account, he shared the record of a conservative thinker Chuck Woolery, in which he complained: that the Democrats, doctors and the media exaggerate the situation with the virus, not to allow the economy to recover and allow Donald Trump to be elected for a second term.

Retweeted it and the entry of Mr. Valeri, in which he called for the early opening of schools.

The President had previously said: despite the fact that the country almost every day sets record after record on the number of cases, it intends by all means to achieve the opening of the normal school year.

The Minister of education Betsy DeVos are unable to explain how her Department plans to ensure the safety of students under these conditions. "If there are local outbreaks, appropriate action will be taken at the school level and in each individual case," she explained.

In Brazil, holding the second place in the list of countries most affected by the coronavirus, has begun to lift restrictions: in particular, in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo opened cafes, bars, restaurants, gyms and shops. President Air Bolsonaro — he cares COVID-19 and isolated in his Palace warned that the country suffers huge economic losses due to the epidemic and related restrictions.

Millions of jobs lost, tens of millions of people in the informal sector of the economy was left without income, the country is on the brink of recession",— said the head of state.

He blamed the "disinformation" in fomenting panic and said that "the cure for the virus should not be worse than the virus." Mr. Bolsonaro explained that he hoped that governors and mayors will soon "open" the economy because the government cannot afford to continue payments to people who lost their jobs. "We go into debt," he said.

India also continues to set new coronavirus records: for the last four days are sick more than 100 thousand people. Two cities — Pune and Bangalore — starting Tuesday July 14, impose a ten-day quarantine. Already restrictions in some areas of Mumbai, Thane, Chennai, Guwahati and other cities, but statistics do not show there slow the spread of the disease. According to the Minister of foreign Affairs of India Subramaniam of Jaishankar, the government used the right strategy for combating the disease. "In our case, taking into account our possibilities and limitations, we have decided to largely rely on social distancing"— he said. According to the head of the foreign Ministry, the country has already imposed a quarantine and limitation of movement, and therefore three months later the number of cases of infection COVID-19 although remains significant, but given the population could be much higher. In a country with 1.3 billion inhabitants 878 thousand infected, which is about 12% of global value.

Alarming news come from South Africa: the country dramatically increased the number hospitalized with COVID-19.

For several days, the number of new cases exceeds 10 thousand President Cyril of Ramaphosa in a televised address to the nation said that the doctors warned him: the country will face a shortage of beds in hospitals and the supply of oxygen to critically ill patients.

"We expected a surge in morbidity; however, the magnitude and the speed of propagation of deep concern", he warned. According to him, residents of the country in General help prevent the spread of disease, but there are those who are satisfied with large parties and ignoring recommendations to wear masks. So now the country curfews to reduce the number of road accidents in poor visibility conditions and mandatory wearing of masks. The sale of alcohol is temporarily prohibited: this measure should reduce the number received by nationals of injury and to relieve the health care system to care for patients COVID-19.

Affected by diseases countries are growing economic losses from the imposed restrictions, and some States are no longer able to maintain the quarantine.

Apart from the already mentioned Brazil this state in Iran: President Hassan Rouhani said that further restrictions is impossible. "The easiest way would be to curtail all activities, but the next day people go out to protest because of the chaos, hunger and difficulties," he said, stressing that the country should return to a normal life, while observing the precautions. After his speech during a televised meeting of the working group on coronavirus, Tehran announced the closure of all premises for weddings and funerals.

While countries around the world are trying to find a balance between the fight against the spread of the disease and the resuscitation of the sagging economy, doctors warn that the situation is unlikely to get better soon: this statement was made head of the world organization of health tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus. He also urged the world to remember that the main threat is not the virus itself. "We cannot fight the pandemic in a divided world. The solution can only be found together if we want to give the advantage to our enemy, the virus, which has taken the world hostage"— he said, speaking at the Geneva headquarters of the organization. Sighing deeply, making deep pause and with difficulty restraining emotions, Mr. Ghebreyesus called COVID-19 "test of global solidarity and global leadership."

Moreover, it is unclear whether global leadership: American doctor clay Ackerly the article for publication Vox shared a case of 50-year-old patient in whom COVID-19 was diagnosed again three months after the previous infection. Mr. Akerly indicates that this observation can put an end to the belief in the possibility of collective immunity. Not justified and hope for high summer temperatures, which were "kill the virus". He was Neubauer.

Data updated 14.07.2020 at 10:34 Moscow time

Alexey Naumov


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