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What really happened in Wuhan?
Material posted: Publication date: 30-06-2021

Despite the fact that the protein of the pangolin virus is similar to the protein of our chimera, this high similarity is not observed only at the level of the amino acid sequence in the protein, but not at the level of the nucleotide sequence of DNA. The latter is possible due to the" degeneracy " of the genetic code, in which each amino acid can be encoded by different three-nucleotide sequences (triplets). So the "pangolin hypothesis" is completely excluded.

Research on strengthening the function was conducted at the Wuhan Institute, at least until 2015, when a joint US-Chinese article was published, which told about the creation of a chimera coronavirus adapted to replication in human lung cells in laboratory conditions. By that time, the funding of such studies by the American National Institute of Health was suspended due to concerns about their safety expressed by a number of scientists.

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