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Fake global scale. Someone needed to inflate the epidemic of the coronavirus?
Material posted: Publication date: 29-02-2020
Outbreak of new coronavirus began to decline. If earlier the number of new patients in the thousands per day, but now the account goes on hundreds.

The two arrived in Russia of citizens of China who have been identified coronavirus, was safely recovered and was discharged. Evacuated from China, and placed for two weeks in quarantine near Tyumen of our fellow citizens have been sent home – none of them got sick. Whether it was an epidemic and a deadly virus?

"This "epidemic" for some reason, and someone really needs. Who and why – will become clear later", – said Chairman of the Moscow city scientific society of physicians Professor Pavel Vorobiev.

No epidemic no

Julia Board, "AIF": Pavel Andreevich, what to speak of the fact that the epidemic and the danger imaginary?

Pavel Vorobiev: I am sure there is no epidemic, not even close – just a local outbreak has not been studied previously of the disease. Proof? See. Two weeks stood to quarantine a cruise ship near Yokohama. There appeared to be sick (why entered quarantine and forbade the ship to enter the port), he caught a lot of people. As now they say more than 600. And died only two 80-year-old. But people at this age can and from any other virus die. We don't know what they had another disease. All the rest got sick a little. But if the virus was extremely contagious and deadly in an enclosed space for so long, all the people burned in this. Here's a concrete example that refutes all the talk about pandemic, epidemic, etc.

– It is believed that more deaths than could be. People are not treated specially?

To treat nothing. Specific drugs there. As with any other acute respiratory syndrome, including influenza. Attempts are made to use against the coronavirus drugs, which are used in patients with HIV infection. But these attempts are in the nature of bad experiments.

Recently, I slipped the news that the Chinese began to transfusion of infected plasma from survivors, suggesting that there may be some antibodies. But it is not clear how effective these are. However, plasmapheresis is a blood, its purification and return back to the blood or the transfusion of donor – always used in the treatment of especially dangerous infections. So treated by our doctors a few years ago, infected in Africa with Ebola.

Death from coronavirus is different. As well as the flu, often people die not from the virus itself, but from heart attacks, strokes, congestive heart failure, exacerbations of chronic lung disease. Viral infection in this case becomes a trigger for the development of various complications. Therefore, always during epidemics old people die more than young. The stories, the seriously ill is very much joined pneumonia. This means, there walks a nosocomial infection. Not very good medical care led to the death of people. Perezarazhali heavy bacteria, even those who could get out of this story. A nosocomial infection is evil and kills many without any coronavirus. Actually from what they say, it turns out that passing through person, virus ceases to be highly pathogenic. Although many still die.

The task – to intimidate

– China did not made the strain of the virus. Why?

– Not given. Well-known Russian doctor-infectionist Vladimir Nikiforov on the flight from Moscow to Beijing. And told that the live virus Chinese we have not provided. Given on paper the genome sequence. But it's not quite what I need. Why hide? Maybe they have nothing and the situation is completely fictional?

– While measures for quarantine and isolation – is excessively harsh.

– What is unclear. People locked in their apartments, unable to go to the store every 3 days in the grocery store. Everything else, including transport, is not working. You cannot move from quarter to quarter. Every move is control with your smartphone. Volunteers work in special outfits, which are regularly disinfected. The Chinese show a hospital in the stadium for thousands of people. There is generally no insulation. 20 people are in the cell. It is a Paradise for the spread of nosocomial infection, which, by joining, kills more than the virus. In General the picture is similar to descriptions of science fiction or movies-horror stories about the end of the world. Everyone understands that this game was fake on a global scale. Why – remains unclear.

– In Russia, no one was infected, and measures to quarantine too hard.

– Is this just no questions. If there is information that the infection threat, the office is obliged to enter quarantine. First you need to take action to protect people, and then figure out it is fake or not.

– Rumors that the epidemic has been launched to reduce China's population.

– I don't think. Only a couple thousand people died. What a reduction compared to the billions of Chinese?

Economists have suggested that the epidemic was needed to combat the economic crisis to close under the pretext of a terrible infection unprofitable enterprises.

Economists say differently. Some claim that the story of the virus was started to combat the crisis, others to fuel crisis, etc. But the coincidence of a large number of major economic and political events (both outside China and inside the country) doesn't really seem like an accident. Perhaps it is redistribution markets. At the time, Soros earned on spongiform encephalopathy in cattle, or "mad cow" outbreak which happened in England in the early 2000s, and farmers were forced to destroy almost all livestock animals. In Russia there was a similar situation with the African plague of pigs. The coronavirus may be a similar story. And what was the object of the division, we don't know yet.

– Do we have a chance at all to ever know the truth?

– It emerges gradually. In a few years we will know about what happened. As was the case with SARS. And then have the world health organization has recognized the falsification of the epidemic, and then removed the top leadership of the organization. Perhaps the aim was to scare people. It's called "the medicalization of society." Scare usually infections that people bought masks, disinfectants, medicines. What the society did. Imagine what capital amassed only masks? Bought 3 RUB, sold at 15 and even 150 rubles Seems that some busy practicing some events, others or sawing money. To the people all this fuss has an indirect relationship, not making them any healthier or richer.


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