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About infogenie of coronavirus
Material posted: Publication date: 23-03-2020
In 2015, the main scientific site on the planet appeared dry post: Its the earliest version in webarchive dated, 2015, and to be quite accurate — the article was submitted for review June 12, 2015. The news was translated in that year, even in Russian, but also remained invisible to the General public.

What was discussed in the scientific publications? That in 2014 a group of scientists at North Carolina state University launched a study: took non-hazardous to human coronavirus Chinese bat SHC014 (surface protein) were transferred to the already known at that time, the human SARS virus. In the end, after a year of hard work successfully synthesized "in vitro and in vivo" brand new hybrid fitted for a human epidemic. What we wanted to prove. Because the stated purpose of the study (note: quite a civilian, not military) was "purely understood", as if this is what can happen in nature that the bat virus itself mutates and becomes dangerous to people? It is for this purpose helped the virus to mutate in vitro. And in the end proved Hooray, this is possible! What gleefully reported in the publication: "A SARS-like cluster of bat coronaviruses circulating shows potential for human emergence: we synthetically re-derived an infectious full-length SHC014 recombinant virus and demonstrate robust viral replication both in vitro and in vivo..." I can believe that scientists in this moment sincerely believed that are useful for medical research on abstract horses in a vacuum.

Notice the work was, however, noticed by colleagues in the scientific world. And, in the process. General verdict: "what are you doing, whore yobanyy, already quite beguiled shore?!" Well, more accepted in the scientific community terms, perhaps even in Latin. In particular, the American government hastily in the same 2014, has approved a moratoriumprohibiting experiments with pathogenic human infections.

The moratorium was American, applied only to American institutions, funded research grants in health ( To finish the project of a hybrid of the SARS coronavirus and the bat in North Carolina became impossible. So the work was already done in China. Where? Oh, well, in the Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in the city of Wuhan. Funded the completion of this study, apparently, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as an American USAID-EPT-PREDICT (specified by source of funding in the final article) does not Fund science abroad.

A curious detail: notes to the article, most interesting article. In accordance with the rules of the journal Nature after the references to the literature, the researchers have to give a lot of information: how humanely treated experimental mice, as taking cells of lung tissue in people well as comply with security measures... In particular, it is specified that the laboratory in Wuhan has a 3rd degree of biosecurity (BSL3). Although so dangerous studies the degree of protection must be a maximum: 4. Already well aware that doing something wrong, the Chinese researchers wrote that further put in some fans with UPS, and the type became norms.

In the final article, which began in North Carolina and finished in China, we are in the list of authors can see some Chinese names. In particular — a lovely lady Shi Zheng-Li. All these years she goes, and in 2017 year, both before and after she continued to work in his heavily protected lab on the problem of how to transfer human coronavirus bat?

The natural result of this work: namely, Shi Zheng-Li in Wuhan diagnosed in December 2019 epidemic of the novel coronavirus. Even at that stage, when the diseased was only 27. It is clear that in any other city with one million residents, nobody would never drew attention to twenty-seven new patients with pneumonia, and so on hospitals thousands. I guess, in Wuhan, no one would have noticed it: it's unlikely the hospitals of the city daily to report the virologist Shi Zheng-Li, who have enrolled with pneumonia, and someone with diarrhea. But if among the 27 cases were laboratory workers — it would explain a lot.

Summary. We have every reason to believe that the hybrid threat, but clumsy SARS and very volatile, but do not touch people of the coronavirus bat began to create a criminal dunce of North Carolina for the sake of scientific interest to understand whether such a threat. After receiving the banning shit, work on the creation of the virus has successfully completed more criminal Chinese colleagues in inadequately protected laboratory areas. All of the above had, as we have seen, it is joyous to write an article and report successfully created a human virus with the same pride and spontaneity, when the Girkin in the hour of disaster, "Boeing" had to report, as brought down in the same place the Ukrainian An-26... But then the Chinese do not follow the tubes or employees, and the virus went for a walk outside the walls of the laboratory. The Chinese government from the first day knew what happened and understand the magnitude. And tried instantly to take action. And immediately alerted other countries about the start of a dangerous epidemic. And the governments of all countries (including Russia) are also very well aware of the scale. In any case, the Chinese invented a story about a fish market. Say, just know that it is here, plus or minus ten meters, suddenly samozarodilsya new virus. Which, coincidentally, are identical to the class, genus, properties and characteristics artificially created and happily described in the scientific works of strain that was kept in the same city in test tubes lab the past 5 years.

Compared to this hell case in Chernobyl in 1986 — an example of responsibility, professionalism, and care staff.

* * *

From the confused and not very experienced in biology and online Affairs reader may ask the question: in the Internet so many fakes, how to understand that it's not fake? But the answer is simple: time. Cause-and-effect relationship. In 2015, nobody prepared a pandemic 2020 to advance to fabricate a scientific article, and why to give yourself and your plans? Well, in 2020, no one could go back in time and throw an article that has left its traces, shares, translations and discussions on thousands of sites, media, archives and search engines of different countries. It's not fake. As already and not to remove without a trace, even if someone very much like that. We can be no doubt that in 2015, scientists deliberately crossed the coronavirus and the bat SARS got a current human strain and naively reported scientific article on the main scientific publisher of the world — these facts are available in materials 2015 and beyond doubt.

The question can be put only in this formulation: whether the virus decimated the world today? Maybe, after all, is not one? And not even the improved version, which it could continue to work a group of Shi Zheng-Li in Wuhan all subsequent years? In other words: is there any hope that this miraculous phenomenon?

It is clear that whatever the answer, it does not negate the problem of criminal experiments. In 2015, humanity in his hands was ready for pandemic coronavirus, period. And our happiness that he has not gone for a walk in 2015. What was produced by the ritual invocation of Satan from oblivion? To prove, they say, it can happen another time by itself? And how this "knowledge" we have now helped? Yes no not brought no vaccine and no methods of struggle, or understood how we could prevent it "natural" appearance and prepare for it in five years. Regardless, today is walking the same strain or its natural counterpart, the experiment of 2015 were transgressed at 100%: he gave (and obviously could not give) mankind nothing but risk to the pandemic 5 years earlier.

As for the fakes, they should look for in materials not 2015, and 2020 — when the fakes on the coronavirus, a large demand.

On the one hand, I wonder how muddy the waters by the Chinese themselves. First they, as we remember, all blamed on "fish market". Here only a bat could fuck pangolin, but cum on man, and virologists held a candle and are sure that the beast was born here, on our terrible fish market, phew, it's time to close this crap... sounds like Chinese rhetoric, which was easily guessed free paraphrase of the first page of the novel "Perfume" by Patrick Suskind.

Recently, however, controlled by the China press launched a massive campaignaccusing the epidemic "and the us military laboratory in Fort Detrick". The representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Zhao Lijiang and so publicly, said: "to put the virus in Wuhan could the us military". Why the us military to bring man-made coronavirus in a city where such a thing and so is stored in 2015 — foreign Ministry spokesman, of course, not explained. Overall, this was a very strong performance by the Chinese Ministry of foreign Affairs, which are always known for restraint, lack of initiative and accurate following the instructions of the authorities...

On the other hand it is obvious that the world is now in great demand and fakes, revealing a rumor about a man-made origin of the virus.

In this connection it is interesting perhaps not even fake, and is very reputable scientific study Christian Andersen (H-index 36, 80 peer-reviewed works in Google Scholar for bioinformatics epidemics from Ebola to virus zika), published a few days ago to prove the natural nature of coronavirus and to refute the rumor of the man-made nature:

Well, the article in Nature medicine

The material is very difficult to understand it without specific education impossible. But in General, the results of discussions with experts, the situation looks like this:

  1. The material is made in haste and published in an incredible time, violating official procedures expectations and inspections. It contain traces of a hasty edit of numbers (more about that under the cut research specialist). Therefore, most likely the purpose of the article is political: defuse rumors and affect economic forecasts.
  2. The evidence shown in the article is purely speculative. There are no markers to prove "natural" or "laboratory" the origin of the virus. The virus, of course, does not carry "the genes of tweezers and flasks", and the creation of an artificial virus was conducted, as we already know, it was on pieces of viral code natural strains. Therefore, all the arguments of the article — style "would hardly scientists have built the virus exactly as it is now structured."
  3. It is clear that the only irrefutable argument in this dispute is to require established in 2015 the strain (and all subsequent strains, which creates a group of Shi Zheng-Li in the laboratory of Wuhan from 2015 to 2019) and to compare with the code of the current virus. But this magically didn't even try to make the authors of the "rebuttal" of the study. Moreover — many times repeating "revealed no evidence that the virus was manufactured in a lab" and making hypnotic passes with his hands, they never mention that the design of coronaviruses in laboratories it has been held, does not mention the work of 2015, and all studiously pretending they do not know its essence, even though you do not hear about it in the industry, they just could not: "If someone were seeking to engineer a new coronavirus as a pathogen, they would have constructed it from the backbone of a virus known to cause illness. But the scientists found that the SARS-CoV-2 backbone differed substantially from those of already known coronaviruses and mostly resembled related viruses found in bats and pangolins..." ("If someone made a coronavirus, he would have the basis of the known pathogenic strains, and we see pieces of a virus of bats, and pangolins...") Surprise: it is with bats and the SARS virus was working.

Who cares — a detailed analysis of articles from Igor Glinka:

[show hidden]

PS: Here I have to ask, what, they say, is evidence that this is the same virus. Answer: there can be no evidence because no code of the virus, established in 2015, and all its possible extensions to compare. And even if the virus code 2015 developers refuse to provide with the words "just don't want to" even it can not serve as proof. But I repeat: I do not believe that this issue is important. Is this the virus or its natural twin; preserved vial in the lab or was a mess — it doesn't matter. It is important that mankind with its arms, from curiosity and from Neher to do, created in 2015 ready tool for a global pandemic. You know? Village idiots razvintili nuts on the rails. We have suggested that the train that derailed in this place that is why. But there is no evidence. There is a second version that died for a different reason, from "natural malfunction of the car". But this does not negate the fact that Unscrew the nuts on the rails — a horrendous crime which should be punished so severely and publicly, so that no one henceforth could come to mind to do such.


Thank you Igor and Glinka Kirill Pikalev for materials and explanations.


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