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The pandemic that wasn't: why the oldest virologist Russia does not believe in it
Material posted: Publication date: 06-07-2020
"Coronavirus "has shown teeth", but pandemic it is far" — the first results of the March around the world COVID-19 failed academician virologist Felix ERSHOV. According to him, the epidemic was first exaggerated, and now, with the onset of summer, trying to downplay. And to speak about occurrence of a second wave prematurely only because the first has not yet subsided.

- Felix Ivanovich, whether it was called COVID-19 pandemic?

- Many independent experts, doctors and scientists say that pandemic COVID-19 was not. All the more insistent it has been suggested that the danger of the disease Covid-19 is greatly exaggerated, and for all the last six months she did not go beyond the normal level epidemics, and was not more than other viruses. Added to this is that the vast majority (81%) cases Covid-19 passed without symptoms or with very mild symptoms.

- What should be the indicators of pandemics?

- Know the two main indicator of morbidity and mortality. According to the international rules of pandemic infected should not be less than 5% of the population, and the mortality rate to be 1%. It is easy to count that in our time when a full-fledged pandemic in the world should be infected about 400 million people, and die about 80 million! These were the pandemics of the past - smallpox, measles, influenza, AIDS, and others claimed tens of millions of lives. Influenza, which was called the "Spanish flu" in 1920, caught every third inhabitant of the planet. Killed around 100 million people. That it really was a pandemic.

- How many were infected and died of kovida?

- Allegedly infected 11 million. Died 500 thousand. To date, the number of people infected with coronaviruses in the world in 40 times less, and the number of deaths is 150 times smaller compared to benchmarks pandemics.

And for a few months due to the coronavirus to us as it ceased to exist other diseases. And look how people were dying while we were scared of each other "crown". take the list of major causes of death in the world in the first three months of 2020 (official data):

140 584 - malaria

153 696 - suicide

193 479 - accident

240 950 - HIV

358 471 - alcoholism

716 498 - Smoking

1.177.141 - cancer

1.200.000 – cardiovascular pathology

- Why is there such an unusual scale panic?

- At the end of January, when the history of the coronaviruses had only just begun, came the famous video from Wuhan, where the coronavirus infected people falling dead in the streets. This video was replicated and repeatedly shown to millions of viewers. It is clear that in order to do this a staged video, you need to prepare the video and wait for the moment when imaginary patients dead will fall in the right place. I am sure this first fake was the match into the fire, which was the beginning of panic.

The media wrote and talked about the beginning of the pandemic so active that the who was forced to March 11 to declare it. The panic grew, and the reaction of the population of all countries was quite predictable and adequate – people began to buy future products, things the first and second need, down to the toilet paper.

- The people were stressed...

- That's it. This panic, according to psychologists, was not less terrible than the disease itself. Countries of the world closed its borders, declared quarantines, imposed fines, permits, isolation, and other restrictions. As a result significantly changed the psychology of people —people no longer leave home when they met shied away from each other. Many have fallen into hysteria and is considered a sign of imminent death, even a little cold. Yes, the coronavirus certainly was, but we were put on houses simply because health care was not ready to treat us. In many cities after optimization of health was not even infectious disease wards.

- What are the true causes of death from COVID-19?

- From all over the world are receiving signals of falsification of diagnoses of dead people in order to achieve high rates of mortality from COVID-19. As is well known, with age, the "bouquet" of chronic diseases will inevitably grow. Suffice it to recall the diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, chronic diseases of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, liver, kidney and the list goes on. Naturally, the "risk" in the first place made a generation of older people over 70-80 years, the death rate among them was particularly large. People who supposedly die from COVID-19, in fact, are the ones who statistically will inevitably die this year because they have reached the end of their lives, and their frail bodies can no longer deal with virtually any viral load, including COVID-19.

Could the coronavirus to be created artificially in a laboratory?

- There is evidence that the virologists US created and gave China the "Chimera" virus from bats in China and previously known virus that caused SARS in 2002. This new virus was able to infect cells of the respiratory tract and cause pneumonia. Now a very popular version that flash in Wuhan could be associated with a leak of this new virus from the lab. Recently the who has sent to China a group of experts to deal with the true cause of the pandemic.

- Why were not the findings of the serious outbreaks of coronavirus infections in the past?

In 20 years of this century, coronaviruses, figuratively speaking, twice "showed his teeth". The first virus appeared in 2002 and caused the outbreak of SARS — severe acute respiratory syndrome, called SARS. The infection spread quickly from southern China almost 30 countries. Only then has infected more than 8 thousand people, and died 774. The mortality rate worldwide is approximately 10%. The second virus made itself felt in 10 years, in 2012 it caused an epidemic of MERS — "middle East respiratory syndrome," which the Western media called "camel flu". He touched on the Arab country. The infected were not so many, but the infection was much deadlier than the "atypical pneumonia" — died 40% of those infected.

The third coronavirus called COVID-19, not so dangerous, but unlike the previous two, a global epidemic sweeping, in fact, all countries of the world... For almost 20 years before the start of the COVID-19, there was enough time to create vaccines and effective etiotropic drugs against coronaviruses. This time was lost.

- The vaccine was never created, not giving the values of the seriousness of coronaviruses...

- Therefore, global health is not ready for the incipient epidemic. Moreover, within two months who hid the possibility of transmission of coronavirus from person to person. Precious time was lost, and the virus went unchecked for a walk on the planet. It was a serious mistake to who, the result of which we e reaping today.


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