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Why Russia is not enough protection
Material posted: Publication date: 08-06-2020
According to Vice Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, the reserve needs to be updated, as in the period of a pandemic, it proved to be ineffective. And it's not just in the reserves.

The reserve was empty

As stated at the meeting with the President, the Vice-Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, the reserve during the epidemic of the coronavirus demonstrated low efficiency. It is necessary to estimate the range of reserves stored there and completely change the attitude towards them.

"In the period of crisis the reserve showed its low efficiency. And the item needed was not there, and the update mechanism to run in the turnover of the products stored in the Reserve, too lame," — said Yuri Borisov. He added that he has set up a Commission whose task is to clarify, in particular, the range of the reserve: is there a need for the products stored there.

"And most importantly — we need to develop an effective mechanism for updates of this product that it was prudent and state that it was not spent dozens of years, and then disposed of, and promptly went into circulation", — said Deputy Prime Minister. He also stressed that the reserve is essentially a "safety cushion" of the state. "It can be used as the damping (shock absorbing) mechanism in a crisis situation," — said Yuri Borisov.

The head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov said that his Ministry together with the Ministry of health and the Ministry of Finance considers it possible to lay the item rosrezerva masks, protective suits, dust masks and reusable goggles, gloves and antiseptics in the amount of 15 billion rubles.

In turn, the President supported the idea of creating a reserve of means of individual protection: "I Agree with the need. to lay in a reserve of the necessary means of individual protection, but then you have to timely provide and the allocation of money for so-called refreshment for this product".

"It must be in working condition", — said Vladimir Putin. Overall, last June 3, the President the meeting discussed the situation in light industry.

Help "Expert online": the Federal Agency for state reserves (Rosrezerv) is a special Federal (national) reserve of material values, and is intended for the following tasks:

ensure mobilization needs of the Russian Federation; ensure urgent works at liquidation of consequences of emergency situations; the provision of state support to various industries, organizations, entities of the Russian Federation to stabilize the economy if there is a temporary disruption in supply of important raw and fuel and energy resources, food and non-food items; humanitarian assistance; the provision of regulatory impact on the market; ensure prevention or containment of epidemics, epizootics and radiation contamination.

The Agency operates on the basis of the Federal law No. 79 "On state material reserve" dated December 29, 1994, "Provisions on the Federal Agency for state reserves", approved by the government resolution dated 23.06.2004 N 373 (as amended).

What are we going to put in the reserves

The first thing that draws the attention of the Deputy Prime Minister, is that Russia does not create a tolling or otherwise- the production base for the production of necessary items in case of mass epidemics, says a member of the General Council of "Business Russia" Alim of Bichenov. In other words, Mr. Borisov drew the President's attention to the fact that there is a sufficient number of enterprises for the production of masks, gloves, respirators, protective suits, antiseptics, etc. 1

According to the expert, this question should lead to the creation of capacities of light industry, including operating mainly in the reserve. He draws attention to the risks of such solutions, however, they are essential in case if this system will work solely on the market model. In any case, you will need public funds, noted Alim of Bichenov.

Oh he added that the vast majority of enterprises in light industry were not included in the list of the most affected sectors. The majority of manufacturers of clothes and shoes in our country, beginning in the second quarter noted a sharp decline in demand for their products. But because of the fact that the country was a shortage of masks, gloves and protective equipment from viral infections, those of businesses, who just assessed the situation, managed to efficiently and quickly switch to the production of marketable health and Wellness products.

Plus reserve gadgets

Russian state reserve was formed for many years, and its foundations were laid in Soviet times as a particular item of goods which are purchased to the warehouses, reminiscent of the first Vice-President of "OPORA Russia" Paul Segal. It is not only long-term storage products — such as cereals, pasta and canned goods, but also non-food products: fuels, metals, lubricants. These government stocks there country use in case of emergencies. For example, fires, which deprive people of housing and property, floods and other emergencies.

That's just the item's reserve has not been revised for a long time, he said. Moreover, they were not designed specifically for a pandemic, when millions of people sit at home.

According to experts, if the country had any failures of the technological supply chain of goods and stores temporarily disappeared food products with strategic warehouses rosreestra would be very relevant: it would be possible to carry out food intervention, the goods would be quickly arrived on the shelves. However, the shortage of food from the food basket has not appeared, there were only cases of artificial price increases on certain categories of goods and a huge demand (for example, ginger and lemons, which do not apply to goods store). Therefore, do not need money rosrezerva.

In addition to the PPE — masks, gloves, antiseptics, respirators and goggles in reserve, you must add the gadgets that have become relevant in the context of a pandemic, says Paul Segal. Not all Russians have such mobile phones, which allows you to set the program to receive alerts and monitor compliance with the conditions of self-isolation. He also considers it necessary to add to the reserve of vitamin complexes and supplements to support health professionals involved in addressing the pandemic.

The expert drew attention to the reserves of another kind: after the event it is necessary to strengthen the staffing of hospitals and clinics infectious diseases, he notes, and this is to train specialists, to allocate quota from the state and lifting the young doctors. We must equip medical institutions with the ventilator, to support the increased number of beds in good condition, and in addition to replicate on the regions experience an effective fight against coronavirus infection.


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