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The truth about coronavirus comes to light
Material posted: Publication date: 18-04-2020
Leading virologists and epidemiologists come to the conclusion that the official information about coronavirus are not true.

Professor of Virology, epidemiology and statistics Stanford University John Ioannidis believes that "the collected data so far on how many people are infected and how is the epidemic, extremely unreliable". Information about the spread of the virus, says Ioannidis, represent a "failure of evidence".

"Three months after the outbreak of most countries, including the United States, do not have the ability to check a large number of people and in any country there is no reliable data on the prevalence of the virus in a representative random sample in the General population. This fiasco is evidence creates a huge uncertainty in determining the degree of lethality COVID-19. Reported by the world health organization (who) mortality 3.4% are creepy and have no sense"

says the scientist.

The only case when tested the entire population, was a cruise liner Diamond Princess and his passengers put in quarantine. In those tests, the mortality rate amounted to 1.0%; these were mainly elderly people.

A group of French doctors confirmed the calculations of Ioannidis came to the conclusion that the mortality COVID-19 is not significantly different from SARS, caused by the previously known coronaviruses. The problem COVID-19, "probably overrated," consider French virologists, noting that currently the world is subject to four different coronavirus, which has infected, often asymptomatic, millions of people, but which at the same time have a low mortality.

A group of American and Chinese virologists in an article published in the prestigious medical journal in the world Nature Medicine, presented data on the Chinese city of Wuhan (Hubei province), where COVID-19 was recorded for the first time. The risk of fatal outcome in areas outside of Hubei province amounted to 0.85% and 1.2–1.4 percent for the city of Wuhan, which correlates well with the data of Professor Ioannidis.

Leading virologists have questioned the statement that the population does not acquire immunity from COVID-19. International medical portal, BMJ, citing studies by leading international scholars, writesthat the vast majority of coronavirus infections leads to the appearance of symptoms. Sergio Romagnani, Professor of clinical immunology University of Florence, says the majority of people infected with coronavirus, symptoms do not appear. Data Romagnani based on a study conducted in a completely isolated village with a population of about three thousand people in Northern Italy.

Director of the Center for evidence-based medicine at Oxford University Carl heneghan is sure: "there can be no doubt that COVID-19 is able to spread much wider... However, the quarantine (lockdown) would bankrupt all of us and our descendants, and this is unlikely to slow or stop the spread of the virus, because the Genie is already out of the bottle".

Categorically expressed Professor Knut Witkowski, for 20 years headed the Department of biostatistics and epidemiology, University of Rockefeller. According to him, "more than 90% of people with a positive test result do without severe symptoms, so there is no reason to talk about "lack of immunity" in the population". In solidarity with him, the Austrian physicians. At the Center of medical statistics of the University of Vienna analyzed mortality data in Austria for the first week of April and came to the conclusion that the curve of deaths from COVID-19 "approximately "normal" mortality among men and women in separate age groups". In other words, most people who had a positive test result for coronavirus, has died, that is, from old age.

"Reports of young and healthy people died from the coronavirus, upon closer examination, turned out to be false", – say the representatives of the independent Swiss research group Swiss Propaganda Research (SPR). Many of these people either died from COVID-19, or have had serious conditions (for example, undiagnosed leukemia). About the same write British The Guardian and the Spanish portal

As of mid-April, the overall mortality rate in the United States and most European countries remains within serious seasonal epidemics of SARS and influenza. With regard to the greatly increased mortality, for example, in Northern Italy, scientists are inclined to conclude that the reason for this – pollution of the air and infected by the Legionella (the bacterium causing acute infection), and low level of development of the health system and aged care, including the panic.

Overload health care systems in the US, the UK, Spain and Italy are seeing at the moment, is not unusual. In 2018 hospitals across the USA were filled by patients normal viral flu; in Alabama had declared a state of emergency (state of emergency). Elective surgery in local hospitals has been cancelled, and patients with other diseases were not accepted. California declared a "war zone", cases of influenza treated in a hastily supplied tents.

In the same 2018 intensive care units in Milan were "fully booked" kriposnyi patients.

In December 2019, the national health service of great Britain has put an additional "temporary beds" in 52% of their hospitals to cope with the influx of flu patients. Most of these hospitals temporary beds left from last year. In November 2019, British experts warned that the national health service in the UK can't cope with seasonal influenza.

In Spain, the influenza overwhelms the hospital almost every year. In 2015, the patients lying in the corridors. In March 2019 Spanish hospitals were filled with more than 200%.

Why are frightening numbers of deaths from the coronavirus?

The President of the German Robert Koch Institute Lothar Wheeler at a press conference on 20 March saidthat the cause of death of the deceased with a positive test result in the German government officially consider the coronavirus, despite the presence of other diseases.

The fact that in Germany this is the case, confirmed the German virologist Hendrik Strick, citing the case of 78-year-old male, who died from heart failure without any lung lesions, but were included in the statistics of deaths from the coronavirus. "Official data from laboratories show that the virus is spreading much slower than claimed... the Authorities and the government refuse to carry out the necessary investigation and to "complicate" information", – write German media.

But as with the supposedly exponential growth in the number of infections with coronavirus?

The fact that the number of tests in many countries is increasing exponentially. In most countries, the ratio of positive tests to the total number of tests is either constant (5-15%) or grows very slowly. The Swiss physician Felix Sztolcman brings the relevant data from the USA, Germany and Switzerland.

The position of the leading virologists supported who. Contrary to his initial statements, in late March, the who determinedthat no evidence of the spread of the virus by droplets is not. A leading German virologist Hendrik Drift have not found any airborne or contact transmission.

About the causes of the terrifying disease statistics recently told the American doctor Scott Jensen, who is a Senator from Minnesota. April 8 broadcast of Fox News he said that in the death certificates the cause of death doctors suggest COVID-19that, in his opinion, is "complete nonsense". The fact that the American insurance system, Medicare pays $13 thousand for the patients with coronavirus and $39 thousand, if that patient connected to the ventilator.

Jensen said he received a document of 7 pages with instructions indicating how to complete death certificates with the diagnosis COVID-19 no laboratory test confirming that the patient indeed was a virus. The physician should write the patient's death has occurred, it is possible (probable) or suspected (presumed) from the coronavirus. Those hospitals that will follow, will receive three times more money. Jensen demonstrated manual live.

An independent Swiss research group Swiss Propaganda Research has published a special investigation, which reported on many cases of unsubstantiated dramatization of the epidemic of coronavirus in the world media. The epigraph to his investigation, the Swiss put the words of albert Camus: "the Only means of fighting the plague is honesty".

Vladimir Prokhvatilov


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