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Material posted: Publication date: 30-08-2021
The Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory, the largest base of biochemical weapons in the United States, stored a large number of dangerous and deadly viruses and there were many serious accidents with the leakage of dangerous biological substances. What are the secrets of the laboratory and how is the COVID-19 pandemic related to them?

On August 14, a group of satellite images of Fort Detrick taken by Jilin-1 satellites was published. It was this set of photos that increased the doubt about the close connection between the Fort Detrick biolab and the COVID-19 virus.

Extremely dangerous biolab "Fort Detrick"

Fort Detrick is one of the biological laboratories of the US Army Medical Command, located in Frederick, Maryland.

The most deadly and contagious viruses were stored there, such as the Ebola virus, smallpox virus, SARS, MERS, etc. Any leak from the laboratory can cause serious harm to all mankind.

There were many dangerous incidents in Fort Detrick, there were scandals related to the theft of anthrax bacteria, many deaths and poisoning.

In 2001, there were fatal cases of anthrax infection in the United States. In 2008, the US FBI announced the disclosure of the case and sent a suspicion of theft and misappropriation of the anthracnose microbe to Bruce Ivins, who was working at the Fort Detrick laboratory at the time. However, shortly before the FBI filed an official charge, Bruce Ivins committed suicide, and the case was closed.

In July 2019, about six months before the United States "officially announced" the first confirmed case of new coronavirus pneumonia in the country, the Fort Detrick biolab was urgently closed. At the same time, an unexplained respiratory illness suddenly appeared in a neighboring area of northern Virginia.

The laboratory, where a large amount of dangerous cargo is stored and there have been many major accidents with the leakage of biological substances, is densely surrounded by schools and residential areas. According to the satellite images of Jilin-1, there are 5 schools located within 3 km from Fort Detrick. The nearest school is just 1.5 km from the laboratory. This is a serious threat to the biochemical safety of local residents.

The US government is passive in the fight against the epidemic, but activity has begun in Fort Detrick...

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in the United States, the government's passive anti-epidemic work has led to a sharp increase in the number of confirmed cases. According to data from Johns Hopkins University on August 13, the total number of cases of COVID-19 infection reached 36,414,121.

Comparison of satellite images of the Fort Detrick Biochemical Laboratory on March 1, 2020 and August 8, 2021

During the spread of the pandemic, the United States secretly changed the location of the Fort Detrick biolab and built new facilities.

Comparing the satellite images taken by the Jilin-1 satellites on August 8, 2021 and March 1, 2020, it can be found that the eastern side of Fort Detrica has changed significantly, there are also traces of changes in the location of buildings.

According to a new image on August 8, 2021, farmland in the northwest of Fort Detrick was also turned into a new construction site.

What are the new secrets in Fort Detrick? What does the laboratory have to do with the COVID-19 pandemic?

The connection between Fort Detrick and the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on July 12, 2019, 54 people in one district in northern Virginia had symptoms such as fever, cough and general weakness, 2 of them died. The county is just an hour away by car from the Fort Detrick Biolab.

In July 2019, six months before the official US report of the first confirmed case of COVID-19 infection, the Fort Detrick biolab was suddenly closed. In 2019, numerous mysterious cases of pneumonia from smoking electronic cigarettes occurred in Maryland and Wisconsin, almost indistinguishable from the symptoms of the new coronavirus pneumonia. In 2019, an unexplained respiratory illness suddenly appeared in northern Virginia...

Many facts point directly to Fort Detrick. In this regard, the media of South Korea, Japan, the Philippines and other countries also published articles asking for an investigation of the origin of the coronavirus at the Fort Detrick biological laboratory.

The South Korean media "Korea Times" and the Philippine media "Manila Times" published comments criticizing the United States for deliberately hiding the connection between the Fort Detrick biological laboratory and the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The US needs an explanation to the world

The truth, desperately hidden by the United States, can become the answer that the whole world is looking for. A study by the CGTN Analytical Center shows that more than 83% of Internet users in international social networks supported the WHO to investigate the source of viruses in the United States.

What is the connection between Fort Detrick and the COVID-19 pandemic? What secret do Washington officials still keep secret? The United States and Fort Detrick should give the world an explanation as soon as possible.

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