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Satisfaction with Imperial ambitions or disinterested assistance? Russia helping other countries in the fight against coronavirus infection
Material posted: Publication date: 17-04-2020
At the end of December 2019, in Central China, Wuhan city was discovered a new, previously unknown virus. The first case of HIV was recorded by a local resident, which was associated with the local food market. As you know, the food markets of China completely wild to the eyes of Europeans. In such markets, in addition to the usual for European products sold, for example, meat, dried rats, butchered cats and dogs, bats and more. But with this market and connect the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19.

A Chinese virus that began in Hubei lightning spread to nearby provinces of China. It became clear, a new virus threat, infection occurs by droplets, causes a severe bilateral pneumonia and possible death. To combat the virus were mobilized the broad masses of the Chinese population. XI Jinping has compared the fight against coronavirus infection, with the people's war and urged cities and villages to unite together. December 31, China has informed who of an outbreak of unknown pnemonia. Initially, the world community did not know, what can turn "ordinary Chinese virus". Further, it became clear that the virus has not "Chinese" and deal with him to be more part of the globe. Who initially called novel coronavirus infection epidemic, but already on March 11, 2020, the who announced that the outbreak became a pandemic.
Europe has been recognized as a major source of the spread of coronavirus.
Really bad things are in Italy (more than 100 thousand people), Spain (33 thousand people) and the USA (400 thousand). The mortality rate in these countries is the highest. During the day, for example, in Italy died 969 people in Spain 757 people in the United States in 1904 man. From social networks and news channels come shocking Reports: the bodies of people infected with coronavirus infection do not have time to burn. In new York, now a real disaster. Dead bodies bring, even in the famous Central Park. Attracted by the US military for assistance in the burial of the victims.
In Russia in comparison with Europe and America the situation is more prosperous. Infections have (exceeded 10 thousand across the country).
Russia has become one of the countries that help fight the pandemic in countries with unfavorable situation for the coronavirus. For assistance in Italy has sent eight brigades military virologists. The U.S. has sent medical equipment and protective masks. Inside the country one can often hear criticism of the leadership for assistance. Many believe that the government is trying to satisfy its Imperial ambitions. But do not forget that before the total disaster we are all equal. I would like to quote the famous participant of the great Patriotic War Mikhail Granin, when asked what helped the residents of besieged Leningrad to survive: "Survival is the one who helped others to survive". The virus has no borders, and before him we are all equal. Same case, when one by one countries will not cope. You can refer to the actions of the Russian leadership and to speculate, what they are guided by sincere desire to help or the pursuit of geopolitical goals, and maybe two options? But, help is help. And most importantly, that Russia does not stand aside before the total disaster.

Glumova Valeria

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