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The budget of the US Department of Defense for the 2021 calendar year
Material posted: -Publication date: 16-11-2020
US weapons systems are among the most advanced in the world, thereby guaranteeing the Armed Forces a strategic advantage over most opponents and in the most difficult situation. The budget for 2021 is drawn up at the request of the Ministry of Defense (Ministry of Defense) US $ 243.4 billion $ 136.9 billion.  for purchases and $ 106.6 billion. for R & D (research and development). Out of 243.4 billion. the amount of $ 88.9 billion indicated in the request. The $ 1 billion will go to a major defense program whose cost exceeds the threshold set by the Deputy Secretary of Defense.

For 2021, there are 2586 projects in the queue for financing. The number of large program purchases of the Ministry of Defense is 88, of which 85 are under the supervision of the Air Force, Navy and Ground Forces. The development of the remaining three programs is carried out under the direct supervision of the Deputy Minister of Defense.

Individual programs that are not large purchases of the Ministry of Defense have a lower cost than the purchased ones. The programs of the second and third categories of purchases account for 63% of the total amount of monetary investments and are essential for the development of the Armed Forces and the production of equipment, ammunition, transport and weapons necessary to fulfill the tasks. In 2021, the approximate cost of modernization will be 88.9 billion. or 36% of the total budget (243.4 billion dollars).

The allocated budget is 11.9 billion. USD, which is 5% of the budget.

Communication systems (C4I), space operations support, data processing equipment, information and other related systems are funded. It includes promising programs, for example, a tactical data transmission device (Tactical Network Transport (TNT)), portable radio stations (Handheld Manpack Small Form Fit (HMS) radio), a project of the regional defense center (Joint Regional Security Stacks (JRSS)), a defense information Systems Program (Information Systems Security Program (ISSP)) and a unified payment army system (The Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army (IPPS-A)). In 2021, there will be an increase in funding by 17% of the amount received in 2020, thereby emphasizing the importance of cyber space, artificial intelligence and other developing industries.

The Ministry of Defense is actively developing possible options for conducting military operations in combat areas. The main task is to defeat the enemy or control the territory. Such tasks can be solved with the help of an interconnected network of surveillance, control and intelligence. Thanks to new data transmission technologies, intelligence has advantages over the enemy. These technologies are able to protect the network from unauthorized access, because the US Armed Forces are dependent on the network and require reliable and verified access to information. Due to the increase in the speed of sending information, communication between units was established, which increased their effectiveness during the battle.

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