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Our volunteers in Bosnia and Kosovo fought for that war does not spread to Russia. To consciously go on a deadly risk, a man needs a good reason. To become a soldier, you need spiritual core. Add to this inherent sense of justice for our people, and here it is - a psychological portrait of the Russian volunteer.

Events on the African continent in the mirror of the Great game

Early 2010 marked the start of a chain of powerful transformational processes on the African continent. For most of the "civilized world" Africa was opened again after the world Cup in Johannesburg, which attracted not only South Africa tourists but also the attention of the world media towards Africa and its problems. But the special interest has attracted the recent events in Egypt, resulting in the change of the political course in this key African country.

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Priority actions upgrade the socio-economic and socio political system of the Russian Federation

The authors of the analytical report does not belong to any one political party. Therefore, we offer the reader material – this is not vulgar agitation before the next elections.

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To the question about the climate control

The material summarizes the results of the research project associated with the study of the causes and consequences of abnormal heat in Russia in summer 2010.

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Comments on the report "Russia of the XXI century: image of desired tomorrow"

In early February 2010 at the Institute of contemporary development (INSOR) held a press conference dedicated to the presentation of the report "Russia of the XXI century: image of desired tomorrow"1. The authors of the reports - the Institute of contemporary development experts: A. Goltz, E. Gontmakher, Leonid Grigoriev, S. Kulik, B. Makarenko, N. Maslennikov, S. Plaksin, A. Rubtsov, E. Shatalov, I. Yurgens. The document describes the main characteristics of the desired state of the political system, economy, social sphere, defense and security, foreign policy positioning of our country in the XXI century and the priority measures to be taken to start the movement to a desired tomorrow.

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The Turkish economy in the global economic crisis

The first decade of the XXI century ends with the greatest economic crisis the modern world. The level and extent of the problems quite well illustrated, in particular, the fact that even the UN was forced to adjust their pessimistic forecasts for the world economy in the direction of their further deterioration.

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