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Our volunteers in Bosnia and Kosovo fought for that war does not spread to Russia. To consciously go on a deadly risk, a man needs a good reason. To become a soldier, you need spiritual core. Add to this inherent sense of justice for our people, and here it is - a psychological portrait of the Russian volunteer.

Let it rain. When the summer will cease to be different from winter

In 2015, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere grew faster than in any period of the past 55 million years. From March 2016 to March 2017 the level of carbon dioxide in the area of the weather Observatory Mauna Loa has grown to 0,000235 percent and reached 0,040718 percent. Actually the situation is even worse: in April of last year, the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere amounted to 0,040742 percent, and in the current month this record may be surpassed. 2016 year became the warmest for all history of observations. In 2017, probably, the situation will only worsen. The causes and effects of global warming to understand".ru".

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Talking. "I'm a nurse, earning 16 Grand a month"

A resident of the Kuban on the condition of anonymity told the "Yugopolis" about how much efforts should be made to district nurse with 20 years of experience to the end of the month to receive a salary in 16 thousand roubles.

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The European Union in 2017: the basic contradictions and possible transformation

Based on the forecasts of analysts, the paper analyzes the state of the European Union as an organization in the short term. Provided that there can be different options. Question about implementation of any of them is probabilistic in nature. Most experts believe that the EU will not collapse, but in the world politics its geopolitical status in the new level will not rise. His condition remains largely uncertain. The role and dynamics of organizational evolution and major trends in global geopolitics. According to the author, along with the scope of radical nationalism within the EU in a difficult position put Brussels and the steps of Trinity USA-Russia-China to create a new balance of power. The weakening of democracy and transparency inside the organization in conjunction with the new global geopolitical trends cast doubt on the prospects of the EU. The article emphasizes that the evidence that the EU, while residing in a situation of uncertainty, will be released on a specific evolutionary line, yet.

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Outside the agenda. The political class is detached from real life

In recent months, many members of the class which can be called "political," discussing a strange anxiety floating in the air, she appeared before the protests on March 26. Seems to not happen anything, what's to stop Vladimir Putin to be reelected for another term in 2018, the "big three" sociological agencies gives the most optimistic ratings of "United Russia", and in the fall elections, the problem is expected only in a few regions. And yet, "something goes wrong", and those who work in politics professionally, feel it.

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In Central Asia created a new Alliance: Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan

Today, April 18, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is expected with a working visit in Astana. According to experts, this visit will have a more ritual nature, although they could be the basis for the emergence of a new Asian Alliance with the participation of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The triumvirate seems promising to cooperate on security issues and in implementing regional projects in the transport and logistics sector.

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