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Chinese remedy for the virus. We helped China to take the epidemic of the coronavirus under the control of

While coronavirus СOVID‑19 continues its March across the planet, China seems to have managed to get this disease under control. According to the report of the joint mission of the world health organization and experts of the Chinese state Committee on public health about the situation with coronavirus on February 28, cases of infection in China is getting smaller. Moreover, China has ceased to be the center of the epidemic: in Korea, Italy, Iran and Japan, new cases appear more often than in China.


The electronic state of the future

I have a dream. The dream of a society of universal prosperity, justice and equal opportunities, community care and comprehensive development of each person. A society where important and necessary to every society of love and cooperation between people.


How to change the world, when the Earth's population will reach 10 billion

The consequences of overpopulation of the planet and what development path should you choose mankind to survive.


Le Monde (France): We come to the point where globalization is too expensive

After passing a certain threshold of internationalization of trade damage the global economy, according to the French economist Pierre-Andre Buigues. Globalization has shown that over-integration does not help to withstand the crisis, but rather only exacerbates them. The growing gap between poor and rich countries due to the uneven distribution of positive results of globalization.


Technology: 35-forecasts to 2018

A team of experts BI Intelligence Research Team prepared a list of predictions in the technology field for 2018, the Experts made 5 predictions in 7 different areas of technology development. Below we will tell you more about them.


Возрастное ограничение