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Chinese remedy for the virus. We helped China to take the epidemic of the coronavirus under the control of
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 16-03-2020

While coronavirus СOVID‑19 continues its March across the planet, China seems to have managed to get this disease under control. According to the report of the joint mission of the world health organization and experts of the Chinese state Committee on public health about the situation with coronavirus on February 28, cases of infection in China is getting smaller. Moreover, China has ceased to be the center of the epidemic: in Korea, Italy, Iran and Japan, new cases appear more often than in China.

Combating coronavirus has allowed to test the effectiveness of the reforms in the field of public administration implemented by XI Jinping. Control system of China were rather centralized. The possibility of the standing Committee of the political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee allowed us to ensure a high degree of mobilization. But in the past the difficult balance of power between different interest groups in the leadership of the CPC slowed down the decision-making. A series of reforms and political measures adopted after the coming to power of XI Jinping in 2013, a maximum of strengthened centralization. Administration to some degree are specifically prepared for future crises.

 Vasily Kashin, senior research fellow, Institute for Far Eastern studies.

In 2013, created the Chinese version of the security councils of the Western countries and of Russia – the Central Commission for national security of the CCP, which presents power, foreign policy and economic blocs of the Chinese government. From the beginning of 2016 launched a large-scale reform of the Central Military Commission, oselivka influence XI Jinping and his entourage at the military bureaucracy. In 2018, was established by the Ministry of emergency situations, which passed in a structure responsible for combating emergencies from the Ministry of public security and people's armed police of China.

The situation with the coronavirus was initially perceived as a test for the state system of the PRC. Against the background of us-Chinese cold war crisis sparked a series of publications in the US and the UK about the flaws of the Chinese system, allegedly contributed to the development of the disease because of obfuscation, inefficiency, and slowness. In reality, however, is the Chinese control system, it was possible to overcome the peak of the epidemic. The who report highlights the dignity of the Chinese "aggressive approach". Indicates that the unprecedented quarantine measures, the mobilization of all resources has resulted in change in the situation in China and to reduce the threat to the rest of the world.

While the Chinese have demonstrated not only a high level of mobilization of the state apparatus and the army. Mobilization engulfed the entire society, starting with the lowest levels of government, allowing to organize the effective control over the observance of sanitary norms. Proven by the example of epidemic mechanisms of mobilization may be involved in the future, including upon the occurrence of the military-political crises, becoming an important advantage of China in terms of global instability.

The circumstances of the epidemic is still not completely clear: the role of the notorious market in Wuhan where trading of wild animals, is now being questioned. But it cannot be excluded that the Chinese long-standing problems with the safety, sanitary norms and technological discipline played a role in the emergence of the epidemic. At the same time, it is worth remembering that 40 years ago more than 80% of China's population lived in villages and practiced a primitive agriculture. The displacement of peasant cunning and narrow-minded common sense safety and discipline – the work of generations. The Chinese government is working on it, perhaps with excessive zeal.

The first decision on mobilization to confront the virus was taken at a meeting of the standing Committee of the political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on 7 January. The decision to impose the blockade of affected areas was made at the highest level on January 22. At an early stage it was decided to sacrifice economic performance for the sake of security.

Thus, due to the epidemic became clear, the model of functioning of the PRC in crises that can be played in the future. In the case of emergencies, the safety factors will prevail over development considerations. The leadership of the Chinese will be able to make decisions quickly, and it will tend to run the already established and proven mobilization car, responding to calls with excessive force. Probably the same way it would act and political crises.

Vasily Kashin


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