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The origin of the Russian. Classified secret
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 27-03-2017

Scientific evidence given below, are a terrible secret. Formally, these data are not classified as obtained by American scientists outside the sphere of defense research, and even published somewhere, but organized around a conspiracy of silence is unprecedented.

What is this terrible secret, the mention of which is a universal taboo? This is the mystery of the origin and historical path of the Russian people.

Kinship through the father

Why information hiding — more on that later. First briefly about the essence of the discovery of American geneticists.

In human DNA of 46 chromosomes, half he inherits from father, half from mother. Of the 23 chromosomes received from the father the one and only the male Y-chromosome — contains a set of nucleotides, which is transmitted from generation to generation without any change for thousands of years. Geneticists call this set of haplogroup. Every living men in the DNA is exactly the same haplogroup that his father, grandfather, great grandfather, great grandfather, etc. in multiple generations.

So, American scientists have found that one such mutation occurred 4,500 years ago in the Central plains. The boy was born with a slightly different than that of his father, haplogroup, which they appropriated genetic classification R1a1. Paternal R1a mutated, and there is a new R1a1.

The mutation was very viable. Rhode R1a1, which marked the beginning of this the boy survived, unlike the millions of other births, disappeared when they stopped their genealogical line, and bred over a huge area. Currently, the holders of haplogroup R1a1 account for 70% of the total male population of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, and in the ancient Russian towns and villages – up to 80%. R1a1 is a biological marker of the Russian ethnos. This set of nucleotides is the "Russianness" from the point of view of genetics.

Thus, the Russian people are genetically present form was born in the European part of Russia today about 4500 years ago. A boy with a mutation of R1a1 was a direct ancestor of everyone now living on earth of men, to DNA which is present in this haplogroup. They were his biological or, as discussed earlier, blood descendants and among themselves — blood relatives, in the aggregate components of a single nation — Russian.

Realizing this, American genetics, typical of all immigrants enthusiasm in matters of origin, began to roam the world, taking people's tests and to search for the biological "roots", their own and others. What they did, is of great interest, as it sheds true light on the historical path of our Russian people and destroys many of the established myths.

Now men Russian kind R1a1 accounts for 16% of the total male population of India, and in the higher castes almost half — 47%

Our ancestors migrated from the ethnic center is not only to the East (the Urals) and South (India and Iran), but also in the West where is now located the European countries. In the West statistics geneticists have a complete: in Poland, the owners of the Russian (Aryan) haplogroup R1a1 account for 57% of the male population in Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia — 40%, Germany, Norway and Sweden — 18%, in Bulgaria — 12%, and in England the least (3%).

Resettlement of Russian-Aryans to the East, South and West (further to the North to go nowhere; and so, according to Indian Vedas, before coming to India they lived near the Arctic circle) was the biological prerequisite for the formation of a special language group — Indo-European. Almost all European languages, some languages of modern Iran and India and, of course, Russian language and the ancient Sanskrit, the most close to each other for the obvious reason: in time (the Sanskrit) and in space (Russian language), they are close to the source – the Aryan proto-language, from which grew all other Indo-European languages.

"Challenge the impossible. You need to shut up"

The above irrefutable scientific facts, to the same produced independent American scientists. Challenge them – still do not agree with the results of a blood test in the clinic. Them not dispute this. They simply ignore. Together and hard to ignore, ignore, can say, totally. And for good reason.

For example, will have to rethink everything I know about the Mongol invasion of Russia. The armed conquest of peoples and lands, always and everywhere accompanied at the time of the mass rape of local women. In the blood of the male part of the Russian population had to leave traces in the form of Mongol and Turkic haplogroups. But they are not! Solid R1a1 — and more than anything, the striking purity of blood. Hence, the Horde came to Russia, was not because of her might think: the Mongols there, and if present, in statistically insignificant numbers, and who were called "Tatars", do not understand. Well, who of scientists will refute the scientific principles, backed by mountains of literature and great authority?!

The second reason, is incomparably more significant, relates to the field of geopolitics. The history of human civilization appears in a new and completely unexpected light, and it can not have serious political consequences.

Throughout the modern history of the pillars of European scientific and political thought proceeded from the idea of Russians as barbarians, recently slezshie with trees, the nature of backward and incapable of creative work. And suddenly it turns out that the Russian — this is the Aria, which has had a decisive influence on the formation of the great civilizations of India, Iran and Europe! What Russian Europeans owe very much to their prosperous life, beginning with the languages in which they speak. It is no coincidence that in recent history the third of the most important discoveries and inventions belongs to the ethnic Russians in Russia and abroad. What Russian people by chance was able to repel the invasion of the combined forces of continental Europe under the leadership of Napoleon, and then Hitler. Etc.

The great historical tradition

It is no coincidence, because behind all this is a great historical tradition, thoroughly forgotten for many centuries but remain in the collective subconscious of the Russian people and is manifested whenever any nation faces new challenges. Manifested with an iron inevitability due to the fact that she had covered the material, biological basis in the form of Russian blood, which remains unchanged for four and a half millennia.

Western politicians and ideologues have something to think about, to make policy towards Russia is more adequate in the light of the open genetics historical circumstances. But to think and to change anything they do not want, hence the conspiracy of silence around the Russian-Aryan themes.

The collapse of the myth about the Russian people

The collapse of the myth about the Russian people as an ethnic mixture automatically destroys another myth – the myth of the multinational Russia. Still, ethno-demographic structure of our country was trying to present as a jumble of Russian "mixture do not understand what" and the many indigenous and migrant communities. With this structure, all its components are approximately equal, so Russia is allegedly "multicultural".

But genetic studies provide a very different picture. If you believe the Americans (and the reason not to believe them not: scientists are they reputable, reputation, value, and lie — so-Pro-Russian — they have no reason not), it turns out that 70% of the total male population of Russia are pure-blooded Russians. According the penultimate census (the results of the last is unknown), Russian to identify themselves 80% of the respondents, i.e. 10% more is Russified representatives of other Nations (it is these 10% if "poskresti", you will find non-Russian roots). And 20% are the other 170-odd Nations, nationalities and tribes living in the territory of the Russian Federation. Total: Russia is a country mononational, although multi-ethnic, with the overwhelming majority of the population natural Russian. It is here that begins to work the logic of Jan HUS.

The backwardness of

Further — underdevelopment. This myth thoroughly had a hand in the clergy, saying that before the baptism of Rus people were living in complete savagery. Wow "savagery"! Mastered half the world, built great civilizations, taught the natives their language, and all this long before the birth of Christ... does Not fit, does not fit the real story with her Church version. There is in the Russian people something original, nature, religious life is not reducible.

In the North-East of Europe, in addition to Russian, lived, and live now, many people, but none of them created anything even remotely similar to the great Russian civilization. The same applies to other places civilizational activity of the Russian-Aryans in ancient times. Natural conditions are different everywhere, and ethnic environment is different, so our ancestors built civilizations are not the same, but there is something for all of them in common: they are great in the historical scale of values and far beyond the reach of neighbors.


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