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Priority projects of mankind
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 17-02-2018

There are many important things we should be doing right now, but somehow never do. Which areas, in your opinion, to spend intellectual and physical resources of our planet?

Where do you start? Yes, with what surrounds us. City. These foul-smelling slowly kill the body and spirit of the crowds so necessary for the progress of mankind... and yet they can be absolutely other.

Eco-friendly city

And the term eco-city, I mean not beautiful stupid fancy renderings of skyscrapers. It should be a comfortable living environment for residents with minimal load on the planet. Clean air and tidy streets, beautiful architecture is disfigured by a lot of greenery, minimal noise and light pollution. We have to come up with a completely new planning options, taking into account changes in the technological capabilities of mankind, to reduce the use of transport in principle. Perhaps a new environment will affect our social habits, for the better.


This part of the plan brings us closer to the sustainable city. To get rid of vehicles with internal combustion engine — better just teleporting. People should not breathe exhaust gases, as the pollution is not just harmful to physical health, but also affect the psychological state. Elon Musk has started a process that was picked up by all brands. We assume that the first box has been checked.

The collection and recycling of waste

In civilized countries, is in full swing, separate waste collection and recycling, but even they are still far from ideal. Requires more sophisticated robots for accurate waste sorting, separate collection of waste man will still remain, it is not labor-intensive, but greatly facilitates the subsequent work.


At the moment the problem is not the number of products and in their quality. Good yields with fewer chemicals can only be achieved through individual care for each plant. People don't want to do it, but robots...

Most robots focused on the harvest, but it is relatively enjoyable part of the job, which can still leave a person. Here, for example, weeding a rather awkward lesson for bipedal creatures and it contains little creativity, and to collect Colorado beetles, and even disgusting.

I see the proliferation of robots not only in industrial agriculture, but also for personal needs. Here you want the perfect English lawn — please green strawberries — Yes, plenty. Of course, it may greatly affect the entire production and logistics scheme and even the way of life, even I wonder how everything will change.

Management system and policy

Here I don't even know what to do. At the moment I don't like that the money is distributed inefficiently, often the priorities are placed incorrectly and a lot of Finance settles in the wrong pockets on the way to the goal. Not like the presence of rigid boundaries, challenging laws and inefficient bureaucratic processes.

Recently watched a video about how the Africans were trying to escape to a better life from the countryside, where they were born. But they did not work. Some tried to cross the ocean, and drowned, while others tried to pass through the wilderness, but the bandits have taken from them even what little they had. Moreover, if it were a few decades ago, the state began to regulate the use of natural resources, land is not, I would have lost fertility, and they don't have to leave their land. It's complicated.

Unconditional income

I'm for it, but within reasonable limits. Unconditional basic income should not be given the opportunity to sit back, his task is to remove the fear when making decisions. Everyone will have a chance, though minimal, to eat, to sleep, to wash, to get to work. Some time you can just meditate, but if you need stuff and services from other people, you will have to engage in economic system.

Maybe Elon Musk so eager to land that we no longer feel national, racial and national fragmentation. So we all joined the people of the Earth. Although, personally, I Mars a little pin it. A full-scale space exploration should begin after 2040-2050 years after on this planet will start the process of solving urgent problems.

Net neutrality

Freedom does not equal anarchy, so some regulation is all the same necessary. But, in fact, strangle the freedom out of fear of losing power and money. Might be created al'ternet, however, will have to return on a step back and again be limited to text messaging, because they do not need such a powerful infrastructure for video content transmission.

A common language

English has become the base for programming and actively occupies a niche in the international dialogue. But, I don't think it's perfect. In General, none of the modern languages is not suitable for global communication, since they are all created locally and for other purposes. Goals and objectives language is a bit varied, but always had a utilitarian basis. Then he spread during wars of conquest and arbitrarily changed. I want to have a language, even richer than the Russian, but with a clear sound-spelling and any rules without exceptions, to teach him was easy.

Universal language, in addition to the everyday communication of people of different cultures, must be able to create a beautiful poem, harmonious songs and exciting stories. But most importantly, the language must be inherent in the semantic uniqueness. Not to lose time in discussing scientific phenomena, economic activities, philosophical and psychological concepts.

For today attempts to create a perfect artificial language were not crowned with success. I think this problem can be solved if the aid of the knowledge and intuition of linguists to computer programs. I want to note that if we use a different conceptual framework, it will give us new opportunities in the development of better computer programs.

An open Protocol communications

This is the easiest problem of the above, but very urgent. The system should be independent from any particular company, such as e-mail, and combine messedzhing, voice and video messages. If done properly, people and companies will be able to save a significant amount of money and time. Simplified procedures of cooperation. No need to even think about how to contact: call or catch him at one of the many social networks, and he may have moved to some messenger. No need to put a zoo of applications, choose one that you like and socialize with everyone. Common open communication will allow humanity to ascend to a new step.

All of the above absolutely does not mean that other tasks are not important, in any case. We need culture, education, health and many other things, even computer games have their benefits. Just in these areas already have an acceptable solution and they are gradually developing. However, the decision task of the first stage is undoubtedly more important and will affect all the others.

Progress is moving, thanks to the intellectually developed people with a curious mind. It would be desirable to each of us to examine what he is doing now, what sector does. Whether your activity is necessary for human progress or do you do a dead-end direction. For example, developing electronics for cars with internal combustion engines or, worse, make the engine for pumping money from sick people. Do you your destiny? I know it's hard to get out of the comfort zone, and others may not support you, but on the other hand, what have we here?

It turned out a little categorically, what I have said to colleagues. I agree that all professions are important, all professions are needed. Understand that progress may move any man. For example, a simple cook, because he cooked the bun for the artist, who amused the child that the locksmith that machined a bushing for the spaceship, drawing, engineer, etc to do their job well and for the benefit of others.

Each person has his own opinion regarding priorities. Therefore, once present in a list, you can even in order of priority. Welcome constructive opinions and suggestions.


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