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The synthesis or the negation of all religions? Than the doctrine of the Roerichs is not satisfied with the ROC
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 02-09-2016

Accepted 25 August, the City interdepartmental Commission on naming territorial units, streets, subway stations, organizations and other Moscow facilities the decision to name one of the nameless streets of the capital by name of Nicholas Roerich caused protests of the Orthodox community.

Director of the human rights center of world Russian people's Council (WRPC) Roman Silantyev told journalists that "the idea to name one of the streets of the district of Sokol the name of the artist Nicholas Roerich doubt", as the artist was also and occultist, who founded a whole group of aggressively anti-Christian sects."

Such a position in respect of the Roerichs in the ROC (recall that the Chairman of the ARNS is the Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus) was previously formulated at the official level.

"Unfortunately, in our countries... revived paganism, astrology, spiritualist and Theosophical society founded by Helena Blavatsky once, — is told in the adopted in 1994 the Definition of the Council of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church "About pseudo-Christian sects, neopaganism and an occultism". — Strenuously advocated the doctrine of "Living ethics" introduced into circulation the Roerich family and also known as Agni yoga.

This position has since not been revised, on the contrary, it was repeatedly affirmed.

— Blavatsky — the conductor of Satanism and its followers of the Roerich family with their Agni yoga. Their spirit nature of hell is clearly stated on 20 October 2009 the TV channel "Spas" Chairman of the Synodal Department on interaction with armed forces and law enforcement agencies (now the Chairman of the Patriarchal Commission on family matters, protection of motherhood and childhood) of the Moscow Patriarchate Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov. — The Church does not bless (read their books. — Approx. Life) — for how can the physician recommend the patient to be treated with potassium cyanide? The Church cannot deny, but we want to warn [this].

A lot of quotes Blavatsky (recognized by the Roerichs previous prophet of the Himalayan Mahatmas, the knowledge of which they carried to Lucifer as the source of "occult wisdom" and "spiritual father of mankind," collected quite liberal Protodeacon Andrei Kuraev, for example, in the Chapter On "Satanism" in the book "Who sent Blavatsky: theosophy, Roerich and Orthodoxy" (2000). But for the Orthodox, no less important is the content of the "Message of the Himalayan Mahatmas to the Soviet government", passed in 1926 Nicholas Roerich.

— In the Himalayas we know your committed, — said in the message "spiritual leaders", nagykovacsi Helena Roerich (wife of Nicholas), the teachings of Agni yoga. You abolished the Church, became a hotbed of lies and superstition... We recognized the timeliness of your movement and send you all our help... greetings to you who seek the common good!

It is easy to understand that "teachers of mankind" that supported the Bolshevik persecution of the Church (not just Orthodox, by the way) are unlikely to cause the last storm of sympathy. As well as the denial of the Roerichs context of modern Christianity with the teachings of Christ.

— I recall a characteristic incident that occurred in our region, — says Elena Roerich 31 July 1937. One Muslim asked me to give him the gospel to read about Christian doctrine. After reading it, he was surprised to say: "I read the gospel carefully, but they have not found anything that would meet modern Christianity." Here it is something you should keep in mind for those who wish to follow the true teachings of Jesus Christ.

However, make no mistake about its position in relation to Islam.

The Picture N. To.Roerich's "the single Combat of Mstislav with Redada". Photo: ©

— Islam has sealed it, stupid intolerance, and the scientist revealed himself in the camp of the ignorant zealots — said Elena Roerich January 12, 1949 on the occasion of the French philosopher Rene Guenon. — Well, Allah is with him! He himself would kill, because Islam condemned. Wonderful the teachings of Muhammad was completely distorted by his followers, fanatical fanatics.

But, maybe, at least to the followers of the Buddha in the preachers of the "new universal religion" often positioned themselves as Buddhist mission, the attitude was different? No.

— There is something predestined in the dying of the old Tibet, notes in his diary Nicholas Roerich in 1927 from Lhasa, the Tibetan residence of the Dalai Lama. — The wheel of the law turned. Mystery is gone. Tibet no one to protect, and no one gets to keep Tibet. The exclusivity provisions as the guardian of Buddhism no longer belongs to Tibet.

Openly expressed the conversations of Nicholas Roerich party Central-Asian expedition (1927-1928 years) Nikolai Kordaszewski.

— N. R. K. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich. — Approx. Life) has always stressed the difference between true Buddhism and Lamaism (Tibetan Buddhism also spread from the Mongols, the Kalmyks and Buryats. — Approx. Life), " he writes. A beautiful teaching given by the blessed Buddha, the other dark superstition and witchcraft, in the form of course in which Lamaism is currently in Tibet... in the Evening, in conversation N. K. R. says that the greatest mistake would be to consider Tibet as a Bastion of true Buddhism. As the teachings of other great Teachers, Buddhism in its pure form, especially in Tibet no longer exists.

So Buddhists "have distorted the true teachings of the Buddha, and only Roerich know it (just as they said in relation to Christianity and Islam).

— N. K. R. says: "For his entire stay in Tibet only see one thing: the country is immersed in the twilight of its decline," the records of his statement in January 1928, Kordaszewski. — It should be stressed how little children can be seen in Tibet. N. K. R. indicates that this is a definite sign of degeneration passing from the historical stage of the people. About Buddhism in Tibet. "Flailing hand, windmills and water wheels, usnascheny texts — is that not witchcraft? Lost the meaning of Ministry in the murmuring lamas prayers, which they do not understand. Lies, vices, hypocrisy is disgusting features of Lamaism, which we have witnessed. High Teacher's name of the Buddha can no longer be humiliated from ignorance, superstition, and blasphemy...".

And on and on in the same spirit. Here's another recorded March 20, 1928 Kardashevskiy statement of Nicholas Roerich: "as soon As possible should be separated from the great Teachings of Tibet and the precious pearl it is withdrawn from your Zihuatanejo and soiled store, the title of which stupidly and arrogantly claims Tibet with that jerk in the head, which presents itself as a yellow dad" (i.e. the Dalai Lama).

By the way, on 27 November 1927 at a Congress of Western Buddhists" (nobody famous), Roerich was elected in new York (!) the Dalai Lama, saying the termination of the hierarchy of those in Tibet. There is mention that and posed in the garb of the spiritual head of the lamaists (besides just favorite Buddhist costumes that clash with the regular statements about his Orthodoxy).

Photo: ©Международный the Centre-Museum by name of N. To.Roerich

— The impudence of Tibetans once and for all must come to an end, the more that the West has elected its head of Western Buddhists, where you can join the East — sets out Sergey Ryabinin (another member of the Roerich expedition) the words of the representatives of this family. Let Tibet to keep the Dalai Lama the Thirteenth and last.

How are the Buddhists of our country, most of which finds its spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, to perpetuate the memory who denied the existence of such a hierarchy in Tibet, and generally considered Tibetan Buddhism "ignorance" and "witchcraft" figure?

One could argue that a street in the capital of Russia, named not in honor of "reformer of all religions" in order to merge them into one's own, and the artist Nicholas Roerich. But first, how can we share these concepts in one person? Secondly, and official leaders of his followers clearly indicate a subordinate role of the Roerich's creative work to his religious doctrine.

— The living ethics — the main result of the activities of the Roerich, wrote in 1989 that "spark" Lyudmila Shaposhnikova this year and stretch before his death, the General Director of the public Museum by name of N. K. Roerich International centre of the Roerichs and the Trustee his heirs. — "Guru Guri Dhar", "Shadow Teacher", "the Burning darkness", "treasures of the mountains", "Guardian of the Himalayas", "Agni yoga" (it lists the names of the paintings of Nicholas Roerich. — Approx. Life). Those who were depicted in these paintings, called Teachers, sages and Mahatmas.

In other words, the paintings of Roerich played a merely illustrative role to his religious teachings. Which, to put it mildly, raises questions in its relation to the traditional religions of our country, and their foreign co-religionists, so that the assignment of the street name "of a synthesizer of all religions" could become the detonator of a very high-profile scandals.

Vladislav Maltsev


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