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For that Stalin killed
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 13-11-2016

Known modern researcher Yuri Ignatievich Mukhin in his famous book "Murder of Stalin and Beria" brilliantly proved that shortly before his death Stalin undertook a new attempt to cut off the partocracy from the government, the leadership of the state. First attempt, made in 1937, ended in failure, and the Orgy of repression, triggered by the partocracy in response to democratic by nature and essence the attempt of Stalin through direct, secret elections on an alternative basis to produce then essential the rotation of the ruling elite.

The second attempt undertaken by Stalin after the war, led to his assassination in a conspiracy of partocracy. This is the main (internal) the motive of the murder.

And worst of all, it happened in exact accordance with the basic provisions of the "classics scientifically-based" gangsterism on a global scale. They have such a seemingly purely political-economic expression: "Together with the ability to hold the commodity as exchange value, or exchange value as a commodity, awakens greed or auri sacrafames, "the accursed hunger of gold," as said by the Roman poet Virgil".

Meanwhile, in politics, along with the ability to hold power (commodity) exchange-value (that is, the ability to "steer" government, and would not answer, but placing unprecedented privileges), identical to the "cursed hunger for gold" greed awakens in the form of "LIBIDO DOMINANTI", that is, in the form of a "lust FOR DOMINION."

The causes of the tragedy 22 June 1941

When party officials realized that Stalin decided to tear it off from power in the state, then, remembering 1937, she literally brutalized. After that Stalin is not much left to live. And although this is the main motive, but it is only one of four motives, and the internal order.

By the way, close to him is another, if not in the status of the main, standing very close to this definition of motive. The fact that after the war Stalin resumed an intensive investigation into the reasons for the incredible tragedy of June 22, 1941 in order to establish how the essence of the tragedy, and the more specific culprits.

Certainly, many people well-known words of Stalin that "winners can and must be judged, can and should be criticized and checked... less arrogance, more humility". Often these words of Stalin is linked with the case of Marshal Zhukov, the more that they were spoken also in 1946, when the commander about the "whipped" for desperate immodesty and the misappropriation of almost all the combat services of the Soviet Army. Partially it is really so, but only partially, and in a very low dose.

In fact, Stalin implied a thorough investigation of the causes of the tragedy of 22 June 1941 that he in secret was still in the opening stages of the war, and that in principle-that never stopped — for a while, the activity of the trial was reduced.

By the end of 1952, Stalin is almost completed investigation — has been completed survey survivors of the generals who commanded units in the Western border districts before the war. And it is very much alarmed top generals and marshalitet. Especially the same Zhukov. Not by chance did they so quickly to the side of Khrushchev and later helped him to carry out a coup on June 26, 1953.

Deadly knockdown results of these investigations for General and marshalitet was great. In 1989 the publication of the famous "Military-historical magazine" has started to print some of the materials of this investigation, in particular, the results of the survey of Stalin's generals when they received warning of the German attack. By the way, all revealed that on June 18-19, and only the generals of the Western Special military district in black and white that there are no instructions on this matter have been received, and some even learned about the war from the speech of Molotov. So, barely started publishing, as here, the wording "SEE" so given the hand that printing materials are immediately terminated.

It turns out that even then, these materials were dangerous to the generals of marshalitet. Do not publish them all and still. Consequently, they continue to pose a threat. However, for the authorities, too, because the publication of these materials in full will cause a thermonuclear explosion in the whole of historical science, for it will change everything and will have on his knees to apologize in front of the grave of Stalin for all the slander and dirt that rained down after the March 5, 1953.

What is not a motive for murder? Objectively, it consolidated the selfish interests of both parts of the military-party complex. Stalin was planning to strike on two fronts: by partocracy, which is intended to permanently cut off from government, and higher General and marshalitet — for the edification of future generals. Because of those incredible sacrifices made by the Soviet people, they had to answer.

My guilt Stalin openly admitted that well known. Moreover, he intends to repent openly before the people for mistakes, especially before the war. By the way, and it is also much scared the partocracy, because she knew their bloody guilt before the people, Oh, as he knew how, however, knew that Stalin's something she will have to answer for all crimes.

Stalin was perfectly aware and understand that during the war, party officials and top generals were so stsementirovannyj at mount Union, that is like the military-party complex presented a tremendous threat to the very existence of the USSR — a matter of life of Stalin. What, in General, was confirmed in 1991.

The undermining of the gold standard

So the death of Stalin was interested also top generals and marshalitet, not all of course, but a significant portion is headed by Zhukov. Again pay attention to it, as the group instantly shifted to Khrushchev and under the General direction of arranged 26 Jun 1953 coup, during which no trial was killed (shot dead in his own house) Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria.

Meanwhile, Beria, apparently, at the time was the only person in the then elite, who after the death of Stalin has concentrated in his hands the materials of this eloquent inquiry into the causes of the tragedy on June 22. Not to mention the fact that he actually fully investigated the murder of Stalin.

On the agenda came the question about the arrest of the main perpetrators of the murderers of Joseph Stalin — a former Minister of Ignatieff and Khrushchev, who oversaw the state security organs. 25 June 1953, Beria officially requested the sanction of the Central Committee and Politburo of the arrest Ignatieff, and by the afternoon of June 26 was shot dead by the military.

Incidentally, the military, led by Zhukov staged not just a coup d'etat with the use of the armed forces, namely the same scenario of Tukhachevsky, that is, in accordance with its tank script coup...

But what follows is interesting. Currently, it is possible to speak with confidence about the Quartet real motives for the assassination of Stalin. Amazingly, but the fact that three of them associated with the secret anti-Soviet and Russophobic ideas of the West. Accordingly, the conclusion is only one: there was an objective the consolidation of the interests of partocracy (including as an integral component of the military-party complex) with the global interests of the West.

Worse. It is not excluded, but it is likely that this consolidation of interest has been previously discussed. Judge for yourself.

March 1, 1950 in the Soviet Newspapers published the decision of the Government of the USSR as follows: "In Western countries has occurred and is continuing depreciation of the currency, which has already led to the devaluation of European currencies. As for the US, the continuing increase in the prices of items of mass consumption and continuing on this basis, inflation, as repeatedly stated by responsible representatives of the US government, has also led to a substantial reduction in the purchasing power of the dollar.

In view of the above circumstances the purchasing power of the ruble was above its official rate.

In view of this, the Soviet government recognized the need to increase the official rate of the ruble, and the calculation of ruble conducted not on the basis of the dollar, as it was established in July 1937, and the more stable gold basis, in accordance with the gold content of the ruble.

On this basis, the Council of Ministers of the USSR decided:

  1. To terminate on March 1, 1950 the definition of the ruble against foreign currencies based on the dollar and move to a more stable gold basis, in accordance with the gold content of the ruble.
  2. Set the gold content of the ruble in 0 222 168 grams of pure gold.
  3. Set on 1 March 1950 the purchase price of the state Bank on gold to 4 rubles 45 kopecks for 1 gram of pure gold.
  4. Define to 1 March 1950, the rate against foreign currencies based on the gold content of the ruble, as provided in subsection 2:
  5. 4 rubles per one U.S. dollar instead of the existing 5 p. 30 kopecks. 11 RUB. 20 COP. per pound instead of the existing 14 R 84 COP.

To entrust the state Bank of the USSR, respectively, to change the rate of the ruble against other foreign currencies.

In case of further changes of the gold content of foreign currencies or changes in their courses, Gosbank set the exchange rate of the ruble in relation to foreign currencies taking into account these changes".

"Think about what Stalin invaded stresses Mukhin — on the Holy of holies US to their base of parasitism on the dollar! After all, due to the fact that in international trade a universal currency is (at the time was — A. M.), the dollar, the United States have the opportunity to foist a world dyed paper with portraits of their presidents instead of real values. But Stalin was not that he refused to use the dollar in the ever-expanding international trade of the USSR, he even rate the goods in dollars ceased. Can there be any doubt that the U.S. (Britain too — A. M.), he became the most hated person?"

In fact, Stalin simply blew was installed after the war, the system of the gold standard of the dollar, based on the scheme of 34.5 dollars per Troy ounce of gold (31, 103477 g), under which the Yankees crazy way made a frantic emission of green wrappers.

The Wrath Of De Gaulle

More vividly the essence of the case reports example occurred with the French President de Gaulle. In 1964, the French Finance Minister told General de Gaulle story about how there was before the war and then the postwar international financial system. He gave an example: "Imagine, at the auction sale painting by Raphael, there is a battle between her German Friedrich, Abdullah Arab, Russian Ivan and John Yankees. Each of them offers a picture of his shop: Arab oil, German technology, Ivan gold, and Yankee John with a cheerful smile was offered double the price, took out his wallet with a stack of new hundred-dollar bills, counted, took the painting and left."

"Where is the trick?" asked de Gaulle.

"The trick is, — answered the Minister of Finance, that the Yankees have posted a hundred stodollarovogo, but actually paid three dollars because the cost of paper for one bill of a hundred dollars — three cents...". That is, all the wealth of the world, all its gold flowed in exchange for green paper! Earlier, before the war, the same role was played by the British pound.

De Gaulle was enraged, collected all over France 750 million of paper dollars and in 1967, during an official visit to the US with wild scene, but exchanged the paper for gold, while the benefit in the United States remained the gold standard. In Paris, de Gaulle returned, having on Board his plane almost 66.5 tons of gold (in 1967 the average price of one Troy ounce of gold was $ 35.23 USD).

After that De Gaulle lived only two years, and the following year, in may 1968 he made what is now called the famous student revolts, in which he was forced to resign. And in 1969, France with tears in his eyes said goodbye to his great compatriot. Stalin after the fact, the same action — except that a straight line is not the dollars exchanged for gold — lived for exactly three years.

So what is not a motive for murder — resolution of the USSR Council of Ministers dated March 1, 1950?! When it comes to gold, the West does not stop before any crime. By the way, please note that in all studies about Stalin's death clearly indicated that the trouble with Joseph Vissarionovich occurred on the night of March 1.

Meanwhile, for a long time, since the time of the death of Ivan the terrible history of the Anglo-Saxon commits a foul style in the same time to be involved — directly or indirectly — to the death of the great rulers of Russia in the beginning of March...

Operation "Cross" and "Grave"

To the question about entering the gold standard of the ruble and the calculation of the exchange rate of the ruble on this basis directly adjacent one, in fact a detective story. The fact that according to Professor Vladlen Sirotkin: "Stalin refused to look "Royal gold" together with the allies, sent in July 1944 to U.S. representatives to International financial conference in Bretton woods which created IMF and the world Bank (and their share capital have switched all the "orphan gold" — Nazi, "Jewish", the king, etc.), and the dollar then became the most secure post-war international payment monetary unit."

Stalin began the search for the "Tsar's gold", including gold of the last Russian Imperial family, on their own. This plan was developed "Cross". By the way, a similar operation was conducted before the war.

Americans were not satisfied with such action. Therefore, in 1946 a second time appears "the false Anastasia" — all the same, Anderson. In response, Stalin directs in the same 1946 to build near Yekaterinburg the Grave of the murdered Royal family, closing the question about Anastasia.

By the way, the "Tomb" were so severe that oversaw its construction (according to the remark of Professor Sirotkin, "so what bone it buried — God knows") personally, Molotov.

After Stalin's death, operation "Cross" for some reason stopped. The materials are still behind seven seals in the archives of the FSB.

The fact is that the USA and Britain stole from the giant amount of gold. With the king under the false and imposed personally Witte pretext to the United States sailed about 23 top to bottom loaded with gold ship. At least a thousand tons. No less amount of gold sent to the United States and V. I. Lenin (on this issue see my book "Who brought the war in the USSR?", Moscow, 2007).

Personal the gold and jewels of the last Russian Tsar, which he inadvertently sent to England, brazenly appropriated the British Royal family and still does not give them. Worse. Britain and France arrogated to themselves also and the mortgage the gold which the tsarist government held in Western banks on the eve of the First World war.

One stroke of the pen 1 August 1914 were imposed Bank moratorium on operations with Russian gold. Well, after the two "revolutions" in Russia and did no one came to demand the gold back. The theft has exposed the gold that was in German banks, including that by the second Brest-Litovsk Treaty Lenin have taken.

Just stolen as stated above gold is more than 610 tons. So fierce unwillingness to give up the stolen gold, especially in such quantities — more than a serious motive for the assassination of Stalin. Especially when it became known that he launched the operation "Cross" and "Grave".

Stalin's "common market"

And is not the motive for the assassination of Stalin, who discovered one of the researchers of the Stalin era, Alexei Chichkin, who published his work "the Forgotten idea no Statute of limitations." According to him, in April 1952, Moscow hosted the international economic conference, which the USSR, the countries of Eastern Europe and China have proposed the creation of a trade zone, an alternative to the dollar. With a vast interest in this plan also showed other countries: Iran, Ethiopia, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Iceland.

At the meeting, Stalin offered to create a "common market". Moreover. The meeting had also voiced the idea of introducing inter-state settlement currency. Considering that the initiator of the idea of creating alternative dollar trading area in fact, transcontinental "common market" was the Soviet Union, and inter-state settlement currency in such a "common market" most likely had become the Soviet ruble, the determination of the exchange rate which is two years before this was translated into a gold base.

To the modern reader it clear, let me remind you how the US react just a hypothetical thought about the possibility of creating a gas equivalent of OPEC led by Russia. At the mere shadow of a hint of this idea the Yankees are already filled with rage and unequivocally threatened very severe sanctions, not ashamed to hint even to use force.

Can you imagine how freaked out the Yankees (and generally Anglo-Saxon - West), when the news of this meeting and the ideas that it has sounded, has come to Washington?! That's just it... when the situation was in many respects more favorable for the Soviet Union, what is now modern Russia. Only one Stalin once cooled down the hottest in the West of the head with the Generalissimo jokes and tricks is not passed. Moreover, it could have ended very badly for those who would dare to "joke" with the Soviet Union led by Stalin!

Look at the chronology of events. In April 1952, was held the international economic meeting, the ideas which had a great response on virtually all the continents of the world. Less than a year, Stalin was killed...

Finally, the fourth motive. Nobody in the world expected that after such an extremely destructive war, the Soviet Union to restore its economy in the shortest possible time. In fact, by the beginning of 1948 the recovery phase was completed, which incidentally, allowed not only to implement monetary reform, but at the same time to cancel the card system.

For comparison. Britain, which suffered in the war disproportionately less in the early 1950s, could not afford to abandon the card system of food distribution.

Generally, it should be noted that the first postwar five-year, in spite of all the difficulties of that period, literally broke all records. Compare! If in the first Soviet five-year plan new plant was put into operation every twenty-nine hours, the second every ten hours, and the third not completed due to the outbreak of war every seven hours, in the postwar — every six hours!

The rapid growth of the Soviet economy did not go unnoticed in the West. In the early 1950s, the West began to go crazy about it. And if the British, for example, was mostly confined to the alarming statement of fact — "Russia is experiencing extremely rapid economic growth," the Yankees with their inherent straightforwardness concludes: "the Soviet economic challenge is real and dangerous."

In 1953, the American magazine "natnl business" in the article "the Russians are catching up with us..." noted that the rate of growth of the economic power of the USSR is ahead of any country. Moreover, the pace of growth in the USSR two or three times higher than in the US. Even more than that. Candidate for US President Stevenson has publicly stated that if the rate of growth of production in Stalin's Russia continue, by 1970 the volume of Russian production three to four times superior to American. And if that happens, the consequences for Western countries, especially the US, will be more than catastrophic.

The Threat To The West

In this regard, I would like to reiterate one of the main reasons for Hitler's rise to power and the outbreak of the Second World war. The fact that "drive" Hitler's rise to power was due not only and perhaps even not so much geopolitical, political and ideological reasons, many which had enormous economic value.

Up to 1932 (inclusive) in the world, there were four major industrial region: Pennsylvania in the USA, Birmingham in the UK, the Ruhr in Germany and Donetsk (then was a part of RSFSR) in the Soviet Union. At the end of the first five-year plan, to be joined Dnipro (Ukraine) and Ural-Kuznetsk (RSFSR).

How many would not have blamed for all the excesses of the first five years, but it has caused a tectonic shift in the balance of global economic forces. And, therefore, identified and the same is essentially a tectonic shift in the balance of world geopolitical power. After all, the world was not just the six industrial areas. Just six West would like something moved. He was unbearably hard for a different reason. Until 1932, three quarters of the industrial areas of global importance were stationed in the West. From the end of 1932, exactly half of the industrial regions of the world level was already on the territory of the USSR!

It would seem, to the last thread robbed and almost to the loss of pulse weakening of the country within just five years, mainly self not only overthrew the absolute and also the seemingly unshakable superiority of the West from its pedestal of the global economic Olympus, but also fundamentally caught up with him.

But it was not a secret that in previously untapped regions of the Soviet Union in the near future was supposed to be some major industrial regions of the world level. More than one-third of the largest continent — Eurasia — proved to be a giant platform for the creation, development and successful operation of large industrial production. Previously untouched riches of its Central part was not only available for development and use, but simply intensively involved in active economic circulation.

Hitherto only geographically, primarily through rail transportation, the potential geopolitical power of the Soviet Union was rapidly filled with unprecedented and unknown to the West economic power, a transformation which also has an impressive military power was a matter of a short time Yes, as they say, and technology.

The real rulers of the West perfectly owned (and own) the basic principles of Economics. Because perfectly understand what is so quickly achieved a fantastic amount even more rapid pace transformirovalsya in fantastic quality, that the West really have to "to make all saints" and to surrender to sosedushka socialism. And it is not one iota wrong.

That is why the West and turned them hosted by the global crisis called the great depression. Further delay was now dangerous for the West itself. And at the same time Hitler was brought to power at the turn of the first — beginning of second five year plan.

That Hitler as a factor in the war was to interrupt the ongoing development of the hated West Russia, albeit then known as the Soviet Union. At the time West nothing else could not invent.

After the war generally had extremely troubled West situation. Formed a system of people's democracies, which included the world's demographic giant China. That is, in the hands of those who chose the socialist orientation of development of the countries concentrated huge resources, which, with the assistance of the Soviet Union could be involved in the economic turnover, which in turn would lead almost to a complete downfall of economic, and hence political values of the West.

Naturally, what the West thought about how to eliminate such a threat to its existence. Simply put, the aggressive nature once again took over. However, after the war a forceful solution of the problem was already unusable. The Soviet Union clearly demonstrated all the advantages and won an unprecedented Victory.

Moreover, even on the peace front, the Soviet Union has generally shown incredible growth, resulting in the pre-war level was reached in just two years. Accordingly, to again resort to war to interrupt the development of the USSR was impossible. Moreover, in contrast to the pre-war situation, the Soviet Union now had allies in the West and in the East.

Of course, this does not mean the rebirth of the West from Saul to Paul. This is not the audience to follow peaceful thoughts. On the contrary, the West, especially the US, spawn of darkness, several thousands of all kinds of plans to attack the Soviet Union after the war. But now realize they simply could not. First, because no one in the world and would not understand the West, if he dared to raise a hand against the main winner in the Second World war.

Now pretend that America but England has made some contribution to the defeat of Nazism. And then people around the world knew that if not for the Red Army and not Stalin, it would be all in brown slavery, including such a bastard, as the Anglo-Saxons, which, in particular the British, the Germans even planned to evict the British Isles.

A little later, the West could not have done this already for the simple reason that the Soviet Union possessed the secrets of atomic weapons, and talk to him in the language of force would be just useless, which is clearly shown by the war on the Korean Peninsula. With Stalin, such numbers are not passed. The Generalissimo could answer so that the West would have turned upside down.

Some "well-known figures of television arts" continue to argue that Stalin, ostensibly with fright, destroyed Beria. A mean lie! Beria, of course, has nothing to do with. Here it is necessary to seek the hand of the West. Because with a clear awareness of the fact that the language of Mars ("God of war") with Stalin it is better not to speak, especially after 1949, when the Soviet Union became a nuclear power, the West is truly scared of the prospects real soon economic and political domination of the USSR (especially at the head of a whole system of people's democracies). Because the growth rate of two to three times higher than the us. In combination with the same motifs that have been described above, it is served as a basis for making decisions about the removal of Stalin's meanest, most treacherous, but so typical of the West read: murder!

It remains only to guess at how the West has managed not only to get in contact with such villains as Khrushchev and K° as to achieve mutual understanding and especially to negotiate with them. However, there are special difficulties will not arise, if carefully and thoughtfully analyze everything, but it is, unfortunately, beyond the scope of this article. This is a subject for separate study.



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