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Ten major risks for the world in 2018

Markets are growing, but the differences among citizens of both developed and developing countries are enhanced.


"A bulwark against world capitalism": as was formed by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

95 years ago, at I all-Union Congress of Soviets adopted a Declaration and Treaty establishing the USSR. In them was based on Lenin's ideas about creating a Union of equal republics and the future of the world revolution. The new state was declared to be "the true bulwark against world capitalism and a decisive step towards the unification of workers of all countries". RT tried to find out why the leader of the world proletariat have chosen this form of government and which is insoluble contradictions were in it.


The modern world: the rise of inequality and political instability

The output of the report, which was the fruit of the work of hundreds of economists from different countries, sheds light on one of the main themes in the beginning of this century.


Look at China, with six parties: the experts analyze contemporary international relations

The relationship between powers and the state with neighbouring countries constituted the basis of its international relations. Under the influence of historical memory and a real modern ties foreign policy and strategic goals of all countries are interlinked and intertwined in the international system and form a complex network of large-scale relations as lines on the family tree.


SS, gave America space

The US is rightly regarded as one of the leading space powers. However, the designer who played a key role in the American missile program, is one of the most controversial characters in the history of world science.