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Gender crisis: men have no future

Apparently, masculinity was yesterday. This has consequences for society. Meanwhile, even feminists advocating for raising the prestige of manhood.


10 possible disasters of the future

This world... After these words must begin dvuhminutniy video with slow-motion explosions, fireballs, and burning people. Why not? Whether the danger from space, a riot of natural forces or the results of human arrogance, and emotions will be provided — at least for those who are not accustomed to them.


Bruno Latour: "The rich abandoned the idea of a common world"

Why is the climate so little interest in our leadership? The philosopher Bruno Latour brings a radical hypothesis: the dominant classes are aware of the environmental threat, but are silent. And prefer to build a future outside the common world.


The origin of the Russian. Classified secret

Scientific evidence given below, are a terrible secret. Formally, these data are not classified as obtained by American scientists outside the sphere of defense research, and even published somewhere, but organized around a conspiracy of silence is unprecedented.


Debriefing. Why SpaceX beat Russia in the sphere of commercial rocket launches

The change of administration of the President of the United States coincided with the formation of a new market of commercial space services. The main expectations are associated with American companies, SpaceX, Blue Origin, ULA (United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of aerospace giants Lockheed Martin and Boeing), and, to a lesser extent, Orbital ATK and Sierra Nevada. They offer new vehicles and ships, and the competition promises to significantly reduce the cost as the launching of satellites and space tourism. The EU and Japan intensively exchanging technology with the US, China and India are trying to go the way of the Soviet and American space exploration, and Russia is losing technology and saves on space. About what plans to make SpaceX — in the material "".


Возрастное ограничение