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The origin of the Russian. Classified secret

Scientific evidence given below, are a terrible secret. Formally, these data are not classified as obtained by American scientists outside the sphere of defense research, and even published somewhere, but organized around a conspiracy of silence is unprecedented.


Debriefing. Why SpaceX beat Russia in the sphere of commercial rocket launches

The change of administration of the President of the United States coincided with the formation of a new market of commercial space services. The main expectations are associated with American companies, SpaceX, Blue Origin, ULA (United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of aerospace giants Lockheed Martin and Boeing), and, to a lesser extent, Orbital ATK and Sierra Nevada. They offer new vehicles and ships, and the competition promises to significantly reduce the cost as the launching of satellites and space tourism. The EU and Japan intensively exchanging technology with the US, China and India are trying to go the way of the Soviet and American space exploration, and Russia is losing technology and saves on space. About what plans to make SpaceX — in the material "".


Business: where the billionaires of the US refuge from the coming Apocalypse

Secluded real estate abroad — a passion not only for Russian oligarchs. Lately, she has mastered many billionaires from Silicon valley, and most of all their eyes turn in the direction of New Zealand.


The outer space Treaty was good, but is it our time?

Space exploration is governed by a series of complex international treaties and agreements which have for many years. The first and probably the most important ones celebrated its 50th anniversary on January 27 — the outer space Treaty (or, if longer, the Treaty on principles governing the activities of States in the exploration and use of outer space). This Treaty, signed in 1967, was drafted by the United Nations today remains the "Constitution" of outer space. It was signed and made official (ratified) 105 countries around the world.


"It's not a lack of resources and their distribution" — Sergey Kapitsa about the future of humanity

Scientist Sergei Kapitsa in his latest article "the History of ten billion" answered the major questions of demographics. Learn why so many of us on the planet and when the growth of humankind will stop.


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