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Business: where the billionaires of the US refuge from the coming Apocalypse

Secluded real estate abroad — a passion not only for Russian oligarchs. Lately, she has mastered many billionaires from Silicon valley, and most of all their eyes turn in the direction of New Zealand.


The outer space Treaty was good, but is it our time?

Space exploration is governed by a series of complex international treaties and agreements which have for many years. The first and probably the most important ones celebrated its 50th anniversary on January 27 — the outer space Treaty (or, if longer, the Treaty on principles governing the activities of States in the exploration and use of outer space). This Treaty, signed in 1967, was drafted by the United Nations today remains the "Constitution" of outer space. It was signed and made official (ratified) 105 countries around the world.


"It's not a lack of resources and their distribution" — Sergey Kapitsa about the future of humanity

Scientist Sergei Kapitsa in his latest article "the History of ten billion" answered the major questions of demographics. Learn why so many of us on the planet and when the growth of humankind will stop.


The colonization of Mars, postpreda, #aboussafy: how 2016 changed the world and our future

Nothing will happen if you miss the news that China was born Piglet with two noses, and British scientists have solved the mystery of the disappearance of the second sock. But there are important trends that affect our life, work and entertainment. That they were told by the experts.


For that Stalin killed

Known modern researcher Yuri Ignatievich Mukhin in his famous book "Murder of Stalin and Beria" brilliantly proved that shortly before his death Stalin undertook a new attempt to cut off the partocracy from the government, the leadership of the state. First attempt, made in 1937, ended in failure, and the Orgy of repression, triggered by the partocracy in response to democratic by nature and essence the attempt of Stalin through direct, secret elections on an alternative basis to produce then essential the rotation of the ruling elite.


Возрастное ограничение