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Five reasons why twenty-first century will be the heyday of astrophysics

For many centuries, we arrogantly believed that he had found almost all the answers to the deepest questions. Scientists thought that Newtonian mechanics describes everything, until he discovered the wave nature of light. Physics thought when Maxwell unified the electromagnetism, it was the finish, but then came relativity and quantum mechanics. Many thought that the nature of matter is fully clear, when we found the proton, neutron and electron, but then stumbled on the high-energy particles. Just 25 the last five years of incredible discoveries changed our understanding of the Universe, and each of them promises a Grand revolution. We live in exciting times: we have the opportunity to look into the depths of the mysteries of all things.


Beautiful far

In the near and distant future, life on Earth will face global catastrophes. "Ribbon."ru knows whether the climate change or other disasters lead to the extinction of human civilization within the next million years.


10 ten greatest scientific discoveries and achievements of the past decade

Over the last 10 years in the world of science there have been many amazing discoveries and achievements. I'm sure many of you who read our website, heard of most of the presented current list points. However, their importance is so high that once again at least briefly to remind you about them would be a crime. Remember their need for at least the next decade, while on the basis of these discoveries will not be made new, even more amazing scientific achievements.


Gender crisis: men have no future

Apparently, masculinity was yesterday. This has consequences for society. Meanwhile, even feminists advocating for raising the prestige of manhood.


10 possible disasters of the future

This world... After these words must begin dvuhminutniy video with slow-motion explosions, fireballs, and burning people. Why not? Whether the danger from space, a riot of natural forces or the results of human arrogance, and emotions will be provided — at least for those who are not accustomed to them.