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The synthesis or the negation of all religions? Than the doctrine of the Roerichs is not satisfied with the ROC

Accepted 25 August, the City interdepartmental Commission on naming territorial units, streets, subway stations, organizations and other Moscow facilities the decision to name one of the nameless streets of the capital by name of Nicholas Roerich caused protests of the Orthodox community.


10 the predicted future scenarios, which I would not like to see

We all look forward to the future. When flying cars will replace the ground and thus freeing the roads are choking cities; when a man will open the first space colony and set out to conquer the far horizons of our Solar system and beyond it; when we all become immortal, or at least learn how to create and replace failing limbs and organs, thereby extending the period of its existence. Unfortunately, it's more like a utopia than a reality. The reality, as usual, is far more prosaic and even more cynical. Today let's talk about the most frustrating and frightening concepts, developments and possible scenarios for our future which witnesses will be, maybe not we, but our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


What will be the future: hell, heaven or just better than today?

Letís imagine the future. Every one of us. You and I are. Perhaps you imagine a glittering city, sterile clean. Personal flying cars scurrying over our heads like insects, which pollinate magazania, near which the highest skyscrapers of Dubai fade. Technology won. We, the people, won. Or the future will be dark?


Mason from Norway revealed the secrets of the mystery box

The origin of many of the rituals of a secret society goes back to the Scandinavian customs of the Gentiles, says the author of the book "Freemasons in the Viking age" Arvid Ystad.


Space harm. How to change the fate of Baikonur after the launch from the East

On April 28 at the Vostochny space centre was the first space launch. Now, Russia is still one operational spaceport, and the authorities there is a question about 115 million dollars a year, which is now Moscow pays Astana for the rent of Baikonur. "Ribbon.<url>" I remembered a story of a space of relations with Kazakhstan and thought, is it really necessary for the Russian launch pad in the territory of a foreign state.


Возрастное ограничение