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Chernobyl - 2, aka Duga "Doug"

Near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (Ukraine) has an interesting object, which can be seen from Pripyat. It turns out the so-called Chernobyl-2 ... The object is called "Arc", he worked for several years. Construction of the plant at Chernobyl was completed in 1975. After the events of April 26, 1986 the station was frozen and operation terminated in connection with possible damage to electronic equipment. For the characteristic sound of the air produced when (knocking) was named Russian Woodpecker (Russian Woodpecker). Height station near Chernobyl about 150 meters, the length of 800 meters.


USA: conspiracy dreams come true

Many are now talking about expansion and messianism US, but few talk about that in the United States began to emerge a new political system. According to experts, the initial point of reference - the tragedy of 9/11. Congress, the president losing its former influence (even before their power was the place par). New whales USA - security services, billionaires and clans.





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