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Stagnation! Anguish ...

What, after all, we have come up with the right word for the Soviet period of life - stagnation. Really. Full stagnation !!!


You Can't Understand ISIS If You Don't Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia

Text: Alistair Crooke, a former agent of MI6, writer and journalist, author of "Resistance: the essence of the Islamic revolution» (Resistance: The Essence of Islamic Revolution), for the Huffington Post. Translation: Anton Popov, "Sputnik and pogrom"


What is Russia to do with the Islamic state?

The whole "civilized" world announced today the Islamic state enemy "number 1". Western media relish pictures with cutting off heads and horrified whenever any representative of the secular "civilized world" is sent to fight for the ideals of radical Islam.


Weather 2050: What will happen to Russia, America and other countries?

The world is waiting climatic apocalypse, although in some areas will be more comfortable to live. Weather continues to surprise. Yes such that it is they literally throws the hot and cold. June 1, and Norway to the north of Great Britain, for example, struck a blizzard that paralyzed the life of cities and towns. From snow captivity were rescued 39 people, 17 cars locked.


Accidents and "kickbacks": how Russia is falling apart

Negligence and theft now enter the most critical sectors of the Russian economy, where they are fraught with huge risks, - aviation, energy and roads. How will we survive in such conditions?