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Our volunteers in Bosnia and Kosovo fought for that war does not spread to Russia. To consciously go on a deadly risk, a man needs a good reason. To become a soldier, you need spiritual core. Add to this inherent sense of justice for our people, and here it is - a psychological portrait of the Russian volunteer.

Kotsyubinskogo D. `Global separatism — the main plot of the XXI century`

This book is an attempt to predict the change in the political map of the world in the twenty-first century, as well as to predict the time of occurrence of the next global revolutionary upsurge.

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Rodin S. S. ""The Ukrainians". Anti-Russian separatist movement in Ruthenia 1847-2009"

In the annotations provided by the publisher, it is noted that this is the only work that considers the entire history of the Ukrainian movement — from its inception in the early 19th century and up to our days.

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"21st CENTURY", №2, 2013

Published the second issue of "21st CENTURY" for 2013. It includes materials on integration challenges and opportunities of the South Caucasus (A. Konkov, O. Nikogosyan, A. Yeghiazaryan, R. Abisoghomonyan), theoretical aspects of the understanding of radicalism and political stability (I. Korzh, A. Martirosyan), as well as international legal aspects of the use of nuclear material for peaceful purposes (A. Aramyan) and some features of the myth about the "great Azerbaijan" (G. Ayvazyan).

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Zyuganov G. A. "Global enslavement of Russia, or "Globalization".

Gennady Zyuganov. Well-known public and political figure, but in the first place - a person with great life experience and their own opinion on many topical international issues. What is globalization and why it is "UN-American"? An introduction to consumer goods of the West, Russia is becoming stronger, or becomes a state slave? Is it possible to turn the situation favorable for our country?

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Zotikov, I. A. "the Antarctic subglacial lake Vostok"

This is the first book in the world dedicated to the history of the discovery and exploration of lake Vostok, one of the largest, only several times smaller than the Baikal, the freshwater lakes of the world located under four-kilometre thickness of ice in Central Antarctica.

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