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Проект: Sea policy

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Проект: Sea policy

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A pilot issue should be resolved
Проект: Sea policy

Pilot support in Russia – discussion of legislative initiatives In connection with the direction of bill No. 889303-7 "On amendments to the rules of the Russian Federation", involving the creation of a state pilotage service in accordance with the procedure in all instances for providing feedback and suggestions, began an active discussion of the document. In the discussion around current and future device Pilot service edition provides the parties the opportunity to comment on the pages of Newspapers my point of view the meaning and essence of the document to discuss the proposals of the parties to give the expert assessment. What is the meaning of the bill, what is its purpose, what hand, what is the position of the Supervisory authorities, whether in the country of a real market for pilotage services and whether there is opposition to the idea of creating a state pilotage service, the newspaper was told by a member of the Federation Council Viktor Pavlenko. I interviewed Anna Gornova, coordinator of the project "Marine policy" Center for strategic assessments and forecasts

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Service much attention
Проект: Sea policy

In the previous issue of the newspaper "Marine news" published an interview with Federation Council member Viktor Pavlenko "a Pilot issue should be resolved" on discussion of a legislative initiative, involving the creation of the country's state pilotage service. In the debate around the future device pilot the Affairs of the country, the editors provide an opportunity for interested parties, independent experts, practitioners and theorists to Express their position on the topic, to give expert assessment and recommendations and to share experiences with one goal: to decide this important question.

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A Fisherman's Day!
Проект: Sea policy

July 12, Russia will celebrate Day of the Fisherman – holidays born in the USSR. This day has its tradition and is celebrated in our country on the second Sunday of July widely by professionals and veterans of the fishing industry, employees of the fish inspection branch of science, border guards, guarding the Russian water, and a vast army of fishermen-fans.

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Commercialization of safe navigation it is necessary to exclude the law
Проект: Sea policy

For several decades, the evolution of pilot services in the world came to the principle of universal service. The work of the pilots refers to the sphere of public interests of States. The purpose of pilotage the safety of navigation and preservation of marine ecology. In their evaluations, and the actions pilots must be independent from the influence of the commercial interests of private individuals, ship owners, cargo owners, owners of the terminals. The leading Maritime countries do not allow yourself market competition of pilotage services within the pilotage district, as a negative factor influencing the safety of navigation. In a pilot sector competition is conducive neither to improving the quality of services or reduce its value, but on the waters and the infrastructure, you get a double and triple burden. To such conclusion the international practice, this is the position of European and International pilots Association (EMPA and IMPA).

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The experts discussed the future of Maritime cyber security in Russia
Проект: Sea policy

In Gubkin Russian state University of oil and gas (national research UNIVERSITY) im. Gubkin hosted a virtual round table "of Maritime cyber security in Russia: problems and solutions". During the roundtable, participants discussed the current state of Maritime cyber security in Russia, approaches and solutions to the cyber security of Maritime facilities and port infrastructure in the light of requirements of international organizations and Russian legislation. Details leads special correspondent of "Maritime news of Russia".

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In Russia cream pilotage funneling into private pockets
Проект: Sea policy

Problems of organization of the system of pilotage service in Russia inform-24 commented on the Federation Council members and experts. The situation with the failure of the constitutional court Decision was delayed for years and requires urgent legislative action. In July, the state Duma scheduled for consideration made by members of the Federation Council bill No. 889303-7 "On a pilot service".

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With Oceans Day!
Проект: Sea policy

8th June is world Oceans Day (World Ocean's Day). The processes occurring in the depths of the oceans, determine the existence of the ecosystem of the entire planet Earth. The surface area of the World ocean, which includes oceans and seas, is about 71% of the Earth's surface. The oceans are the lungs of the planet, providing most of the oxygen necessary for breathing. The ocean shapes the Earth's climate, absorbing more than 30% of the produced carbon dioxide, which mitigates the effects of global warming. Up to 90% of volcanic activity occurs under the ocean that existed on earth for 3 billion years before humans.

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June 8 - world oceans day
Проект: Sea policy

Vladimir Sinyagovsky, a Member of the State Duma Committee on transport and construction, congratulates everyone with the world oceans day.

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The world ocean holds the secrets of the origin, development and change of civilizations
Проект: Sea policy

Modern science does not know exactly how the water appeared on our planet in such huge quantities. As surface the volume is reported with a different underground, what is the role of one or the other? But recent studies of Russian and foreign scientists to the fore derive the concept of the Earth as a living system, and water - like quasi-crystalline structures - "thinking Ocean", has a memory and associated with the structure of the physical vacuum. In the hierarchy of paired nano, micro, macro, megasistem water also delegated acceptance - transmitting properties.

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Private pilots are drifting to the shore
Проект: Sea policy

The Ministry of transport supported the creation of a unified state pilotage service, discussions about which are the years. Another bill on the establishment of service will soon consider the state Duma.

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Pilot service in a market economy
Проект: Sea policy

On consideration in the state Duma a draft law № 889303-7 creating a state pilotage service of Russia, in connection with which there is fierce debate between supporters and opponents of the bill. In a situation when the problem is not solved for more than 15 years, when more than 15 years for some reason to the end not executed the decision of the constitutional court to get to the truth and fact is very important to find the source. Highlights of the draft bill, which is being prepared to 1st reading, inform – 24 commented one of the founders of pilotage movement for the independence of Mr egorkin. Since 1974 Vladimir Ivanovich spent 18 years of seagoing vessels in the port of Leningrad as a state marine pilot, from 1992 he was in charge at the port of St. Petersburg non-state pilotage organization that since 1995 has hosted the work of non-state pilotage organizations, founded by the Association of sea pilots of Russia as its President and represented the interests of pilots in the session of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation adopted a Resolution dated 06/04-2004 n 7-P. currently, Vladimir is an expert at the Center for strategic estimates and projections.

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Support for SMEs
Проект: Sea policy

About how to live today, the small fisheries in the regions, what support they need and the support measures for small and medium enterprises that have already been taken by the Government, commented parliamentarians and experts.

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The rybakkolkhozsoyuza the 75th anniversary of the great Victory
Проект: Sea policy

Entire period of the war the whole system of fishing farms with its ramified network of motor-fishing stations, and floating leathanach crabronini factories, shipyards, which were built Seiners and trawlers, kitobazy and kitobazy, day and night worked to the front and rear. Each pool, the region keeps their Memory, their history, their character names.

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Hybrid war tests the strength of the system
Проект: Sea policy

Hybrid warfare is a combination of various components such as economic and financial pressure, false and real attacks, influence, propaganda, information restart attitudes and values, psychological programming with defined targets, funding humanitarian missions, local and international coalitions, the implementation of the cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure and the whole sector, which ultimately has the ultimate goal of redistribution of resources and bioprogramming. However, direct military actions are applied locally, or without them at all. This optimization huge spending budget best.

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"Only the state can pull pilots from servile dependence privateers"
Проект: Sea policy

The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation supports creation of a single pilot service in Russia, as provided in bill No. 889303-7 "On amendments to the merchant shipping Code of the Russian Federation". The response of the Department to the letter of the Federation of trade unions Maritime transport workers, sent to the address of the Chairman Yury Sukhorukov, States that "this approach will allow to fully solve the existing problems in the pilot activities" in the country.

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The quality of the delivery and storage of fish products will see digital technologies
Проект: Sea policy

IT control the delivery of catches Upon delivery to the buyer in the Central regions of the fish with the far Eastern and Northern seas are three important core values – sustainability, product quality and final price. A key indicator of quality control is the observance of a temperature mode of delivery and storage. Unfortunately, the quality of transportation of railway structures do not always meet the requirements of cargo owners, and the necessary refrigerating units during fishing season are often lacking. And when you have to settle for what is available, what here quality of transportation.On the railroad shippers also face the problem of untimely delivery, and on the highway and does sometimes go missing trucks with a catch. And yet the producers of shrimp, for example, go from the railroad to trucks, because there is no guarantee observance of temperature mode of delivery. Yes, it is much more expensive, but no risk of loss of product quality.

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Whose pilot will lead to the ports of Russia?
Проект: Sea policy

The state Duma during the spring session to consider the bill on creation in Russia of a unified state pilotage service. The initiative has caused a wide resonance, one of the authors of the bill, a member of the Federation Council Committee for Federative structure, regional policy, local government and Northern Affairs Viktor Pavlenko the article explains key aspects of the concept of the initiative and the counter-arguments to populist theses.

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Expert opinion: "regulatory guillotine" should not harm a pilot service
Проект: Sea policy

Attempts of the Ministry of transport to bring order to the regulation of pilotage services and make the necessary corrections in its regulatory framework, which previously rested against the opposition of some officials, probably lobbied by owners of private pilotage companies, now cut off by the Ministry of justice of Russia (letter dated 21/11-2019 No. 01/146708-days) under the influence of the proposed mechanism of "regulatory guillotine", which thus already now strikes on the regulatory system of pilotage of one of the major components of the system to ensure the safety of navigation in our ports. About it the newspaper "Maritime news of Russia," said state marine pilot, pilot, the commander of the SPb, President of the Association of sea pilots of the Russian 1995 K. Yu.N. Mr Egorkin.

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