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Dragan Trifkovic: Report on "Russian spies" - a provocation "Kosovo" for the administration to trump
Проект: The tragedy of Yugoslavia: Lessons and Conclusions

This is no accident. Dragan was in charge of the network list "Russian agents", which published a special service non-existent "Republic of Kosovo".

30-01-2017 Trifkovič Dragana 2687 0

How to win Donald trump was the reason revelations Balkan spies
Проект: The tragedy of Yugoslavia: Lessons and Conclusions

When the territory of the former Yugoslavia wars were fought, the main sources of information were the leading Western media, such as si EN EN. The world did not yet know about the existence of portals and social networks, and used the Internet a few. The leading Western media was a tool of propaganda by which the US achieved its political goals. The fact that Western media had sinned against the truth, most felt the Serbs, who after the nineties for many years was afraid to mention his nationality, so as not to cause a negative reaction. The influence of media is enormous, and the United States for many years used it as a deadly weapon. Military aggression is always preceded by awareness training, and then actors the future of the collision imposed a predetermined positive or negative role.

30-01-2017 Trifkovič Dragana 2042 0

Syria — a look from within
Проект: Civil war in Syria: preliminary conclusions and lessons

The truce in Syria came into force on February 27, in accordance with the agreement of the Russian Federation and the United States concluded after the meeting of Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry. However, the banned terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra (whose leader Jolani gave bayah to the leader of the "old al-Qaeda," Ayman Zawahri) and the organization "Islamic state" (whose leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declaring himself Caliph came into conflict with Ayman Zawahri and thus with the An Nusra), this truce does not apply.

12-09-2016 Trifkovič Dragana 3534 0

OSCE as a tool to pressure NATO
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

From the beginning of the war in Ukraine analysis of the events reveals similarities with the Yugoslav conflict. Strategy and tactics of the war in Yugoslavia and Ukraine has a lot in common. The question I considered at the conference of RIA Novosti in Moscow (1), in mid-August 2014. In principle, both conflicts are triggered from the outside, as part of a broader strategy of Western countries and many operations that have been conducted (particularly special operations), and tactically recognizable.

19-08-2016 Trifkovič Dragana 3491 0

Neutrality of Serbia and future calls of military safety: neutrality demistifikation
Проект: The tragedy of Yugoslavia: Lessons and Conclusions

Today Serbia is militarily the neutral state on the basis of the article of the Resolution on protection of sovereignty, territorial integrity and a constitutional order of the Republic of Serbia. The present Resolution has been adopted on December 26, 2007 in National Assembly and the principle of a military neutrality of Serbia is defined by her. In article 6 of this Resolution it is possible to read: "In a type of a cumulative role of NATO of the pact, since illegal bombings of Serbia in 1999 without the permission of the UN Security Council, up to an anneks 11 rejected the plan of Akhtisari according to which NATO is proclaimed 'final body' of the power in 'independent Kosovo', the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia makes the decision on declaration of a military neutrality of the Republic of Serbia of rather existing military alliances before possible holding a referendum on which the final decision on the matter would be made".

11-03-2016 Trifkovič Dragana 3311 0

Lessons from Serbia
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

In Donetsk, May 11 prepared a big parade in honor of the People's Republic of Donetsk, and also opened the first International Forum "Donbass yesterday, today and tomorrow."

04-06-2015 Trifkovič Dragana 1531 0

Many Westerners consider us to be "little Russians" and it's already a cliché...
Проект: The tragedy of Yugoslavia: Lessons and Conclusions

At the end of February to take place the visit of the delegation of the Democratic party of Serbia in Moscow. On the eve of the forthcoming visit of the General Director of the Center for strategic estimates and projections Sergey Grinyaev meets the President of Democratic party of Serbia, Sanda rašković-ivić.

18-02-2015 Trifkovič Dragana 3612 0

In Serbia prepare anti-Russian coup on the Ukrainian model
Проект: The tragedy of Yugoslavia: Lessons and Conclusions

According to the party "Third Serbia" in the country, is preparing new "Maidan" on the Ukrainian model. It is emphasized that the coup would be to wear an anti-Russian character. In particular, it will be eliminated all joint projects with Russia, and Serbia itself lose some of its sovereignty. To contrast this with something Moscow can not yet. Under the statement of the party "Third Serbia", to destabilize the situation in the Republic will be relying on the capacity and experience of the so-called "Center for applied nonviolent action and strategies" (CANVAS). This organization is headed by Srdjan Popovic, a former activist of the movement "Otpor" (Resistance), standing in the forefront of the overthrow of President Slobodan Milosevic. It was the first revolution from those that are commonly considered "colored" (sometimes called "bulldozer").

07-02-2015 Trifkovič Dragana 2225 0

A coup for intractability: what will happen to Serbia if it does not support anti-Russian sanctions
Проект: The tragedy of Yugoslavia: Lessons and Conclusions

The constitutional court decided to reject the request about check of constitutionality of the Treaty in Brussels. Because he believes that it is rather a political than a legal question (1). A solution would be equitable, if the court indicated that the right does not exist, but only the concept.

28-01-2015 Trifkovič Dragana 2532 0