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The independent noncommercial organisation «the Center of strategic estimations and forecasts», pursuing the aims of popularisation of a military science, the Russian/Soviet school of geopolitics, the international and military-historical researches, has made a decision about establishment of the award for young scientists, cadets and the students studying corresponding disciplines. The award has financial maintenance.

Four awards have been determined for 2023 (see Regulations for details).

We consider that the establishment of the similar award will allow to consolidate interest among young scientists to studied disciplines, will raise interest to educational process, will revive spirit of competitiveness and aspiration to carry out a task in view in the best way.

Us the decision on assignment of the award of a name of the outstanding Russian military scientist, Andrey Evgenevicha Snesareva's geopolitics is accepted. The decision is accepted in coordination with A.E.Snesareva's relatives.

Materials on competition (article text in Russian and the short autobiographical inquiry on the author) to send till November, 15-th, 2023 in electronic form with a mark in a message theme "Competition of Snesareva" on the address:

In the autobiographical inquiry to reflect following questions:

  • FIO the participant, number, month, year of birth.
  • Formation.
  • Speciality under the diploma (for persons with higher education).
  • Place of work (study) now.
  • The basic scientific achievements (publications, competitive works, themes course and theses).
  • Foreign language skills.
  • Current scientific interest and plans of scientific activity.
  • The contact information (the address post and electronic, phone number).
  • Photo of the participant.

Position about the award of A.E.Snesareva

The award of A.E.Snesareva (further the Award) is founded in honour of the Russian scientist, geopolitics, the general-staff officer - Andrey Evgenevicha Snesareva (1865-1937). The founder of the award is the independent noncommercial organisation «the Center of strategic estimations and forecasts» (further the Founder).

Main objective of establishment of the Award is propagation among young scientists of a heritage of outstanding domestic scientific, state and historical figures, the commanders, directed on strengthening of morally-patriotic qualities of youth, love to Fatherland and readiness of self-sacrifice for the Native land blessing.

Also the Award pursues the objective material support of young scientists-researchers, stimulation and encouragement at them interest to classics of a domestic science.

The award is awarded by results of competitive selection of the scientific researches which have been carried out in a field of international relations and geopolitics in directions:

  • Geopolitics of the modern world (the general and regional geopolitics);
  • The geopolitical centres: conditions of their origin, development and  destruction;
  • Features and paths of development of modern international relations;
  • Strategic estimations and forecasts of development of conditions in the world;
  • Modern conflicts: their nature, motive forces and mechanisms;
  • Military history, estimated and look-ahead activity on revealing of new receptions and ways of armed struggle.

The basic requirements to competitive works is the requirement of their fulfilment with a priority support on works of Russian and Soviet scientists in corresponding field of knowledge, and also the requirement of priority illumination of a role and a place of Russia in a context of a considered problem.

The award is handed over annually, on December, 4th at solemn ceremony. The quantity of handed over awards and the general bonus fund is defined annually by the Founder. The award is handed over in the form of the honourable diploma and monetary compensation. From monetary compensation taxes according to operating Russian legislation are kept. The award is handed over only once time.

To participation in competition young scientists are supposed (till 35 years), is independent (without co-authors) carried out researches and the results which have presented them on competition. Restrictions on citizenship for participants of competition are not present.

On competition earlier not published articles, brochures, manuals, the books which are growing out of carried out scientific research which subjects correspond to the directions defined in the present position can be represented.

All materials presented on competition, without fail are published on an Internet site of the Founder.

Selection of applicants of the award is conducted by the special commission into which the recognised domestic and foreign experts dividing the basic theses of the present Position enter. Among other the commission will consider also intensity of citing of a competitive material in the Internet and other sources, presence of discussions, their depth and an orientation. The commission structure is defined by the Founder.

All winners of the award become members of the Geopolitical club operating at the Founder. The information on Club sessions will take place on an Internet site of the Founder.

Financial maintenance of the Award includes: monetary compensation to winners, expenses on the solemn ceremony organisation, legal maintenance of the Award. Expenses are financed from the budget of the Founder. The founder has the right to accept target donations from legal and physical persons on Award maintenance.