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War new look
Проект: New in the military

The people's liberation Army (PLA) reports to the Military Council of the Central Committee of the Communist party of China (armed forces of the CPC Central Committee). In fact, it is the people's army of the Communist party and not the bureaucracy of the state.

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Proposals for the establishment of a State development Corporation

Developing in recent years, favorable market conditions for energy, as well as a number of measures on improvement of the Russian economy allows to speak about the beginning of a new stage of Russia's development. At this stage, have to solve a number of important tasks related to the modernization of existing and creation of new infrastructure projects, enhancing the quality of life in Russia.

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The oil exchange in Russia

Understanding the importance and significance of control over the energy market, a number of leading Western countries, primarily the United States, not having sufficient natural resources has chosen the path of establishing its own control over the world energy market – were taken under the control of the formation processes and the infrastructure of the market of energy raw materials.

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Proposals for the creation of a Russian stock exchange on trade in strategic goods

There are objective factors, mainly due to geographical location the territory of Russia, which are driving higher costs for the production of many raw materials and products in comparison with other countries. Their action stimulate the outflow of capital and resources out of the country annually amounts to several tens (up to hundreds) of billion dollars.

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The effects of the crisis on the world stock market and their reflection in the dynamics of major stock indexes
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

In 2007, the global stock market saw a 2 crisis. The first one happened in late February (February 26 began the fall on almost all stock markets). The second began in late July. His indicator was a fall in the index since July 23.

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On the mid-term development trends of the Russian stock market
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

The coming year will be characterized by high dynamics of socio-political life of the country associated with the preparation and conduct of elections to the State Duma and the presidential elections.

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Russia is the world financial center. A real project or another PR move by the authorities?

9 hours and 6 minutes in Moscow. On radio Finam FM daily interactive program "Real time", in the Studio of Yuri Pronko. Good evening all! Against the background of continuing large-scale financial-economic crisis in Russia with might and main there are conversations about the potential transformation of our country, specifically Moscow, in one of the world's financial centers. Talking about it in the presidential administration, tells the head of state himself, such thoughts are strongly expressed by officials of the Federal government. These judgments are not expressed in a empty place.

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Problem analysis on a potential merger of MICEX and RTS

The final decision about the Association of the leading trading floors – MICEX and RTS must be accepted by their shareholders. Naturally, it will be based on the structure of preferences, the available forecast information on the main features of development of world and Russian stock markets, the terms of the proposed combination (the price, terms, participation in total capital) etc.

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The issue of merger of stock exchanges and NYSE EURONEXT
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

Keeps the tension in the question of a possible unification of the European stock exchange EURONEXT and the American stock exchange the NYSE.

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Military alert on the Korean Peninsula: the economic aspect

Tapes of world news agencies were filled with alarming reports from the Korean Peninsula. Once again the situation between North and South. Moreover, this aggravation turned out to be one of the most serious in recent years. What is behind the current military-political crisis in the region? We will try to understand.

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