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Russia loses one after another of the Western banks
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

If August passes without any major upheavals, usually Russian sigh of relief. Still fresh memories of what it was in this month in Russia was a major catastrophe, like the putsch against Gorbachev or the collapse of the ruble in 1998.

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A decentralized economy as a strategy. Let's talk about tactics
Проект: The financial system of a new era

In the beginning was the word and the word was dispersed in space and in time. No, we're not talking about the creation of the world in the biblical understanding of the issue, we're talking about the Internet and about the fact that he as a communication tool is, at the moment, "one Word", in a purely philosophical interpretation, which you can designate the Foundation of a new era. The essence of this generalization is that we are talking about the infrastructure that ensures the generation and consumption of information. If previously infrastructure managed state and transnational monopoly, today generate the information "a nail in the wall", if it is, of course, is at the disposal of skilled hands. Moreover, the previous flow of information was linear, i.e. the generation of this stream were formed as necessary and at the decision of tasks of management of public processes. Today, it is dispersed in space and in time, i.e. creating certain types of content we all understand that it will be on the Internet in the field of search query is almost always. This forms a special logic behavior when society possessing information is taken to an unbelievable level of freedom of expression, which entails obvious consequences.

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The need for a balanced point of view on cryptocurrency
Проект: The financial system of a new era

Several years ago the author wrote the material, which drew attention to those aspects of Bitcoin that is not very customary to light up. In this article we are talking about the challenges that continue to confront the enthusiasts who believe that cryptocurrencies will replace the traditional financial system.

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Russia and China are going to release a national cryptocurrency. But why?
Проект: The financial system of a new era

Recently it became knownthat China was going to create a national cryptocurrency for which the state is responsible. According to Chinese officials, this is the main advantage of cryptogamia. After all, bitcoin and altcoins, there is no reference to any values, here the course is kept as long as kryptonite someone believes.

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Government test their cryptocurrency
Проект: The financial system of a new era

Money resembling bitcoin can occur in countries where cash is in decline, or financial networks require upgrading.

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Why the Central Bank once again launched a printing press?
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

The Bank again turned the printing press on the background of the need to cover Pension Fund deficit. The Ministry of Finance sold € 2.39 billion from the national welfare Fund to the Bank of Russia, having received the 164,18 billion.

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Cryptocurrency prostitution
Проект: The financial system of a new era

The whole of September, and security experts are sounding the alarm: the miners of cryptocurrencies finally let himself go and literally burn other people's computers for profit. If the computer of the unsuspecting user overheats and slows down when visiting sites, so scammers can grab a car and are now forced to produce virtual money. "" understood what the pirate mining threatens ordinary users, why hackers get only a currency Monero and is it possible to resist the pirates to avoid virtual bondage.

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"Most had no idea what to do with a voucher"
Проект: On the national idea

Exactly 25 years ago October 1, 1992, the savings Bank began issuing vouchers — vouchers. Every Russian citizen could buy a "piece of the Motherland", but to become full owners of the few who did. The authors of the economic policy of those years say that privatization was a necessary measure and was intended to create a class of private owners to ensure the return of the country to communism.

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Gipervitaminozu? Bitcoin in Zimbabwe is 85% more expensive
Проект: The financial system of a new era

Now, the bitcoin's price in dollar terms reached $7200, while in the us bitcoin trading slightly above $4 thousand the reason - the severe crisis in the African country and the threat of new hyperinflation.

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Work and unemployment the future: unconditional basic income
Проект: The financial system of a new era

The future is not only the mass proliferation of 3D printing, unmanned vehicles, and the ubiquitous presence of robots. The future is unemployment. By 2020, 5 million people will lose their jobs because of the development of artificial intelligence and robotics. This data from the reportof the world economic forum.

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