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On regional financial center in Kazakhstan

Deployed in Kazakhstan in the framework of the project of creation of Regional financial centre on the basis of Almaty (RFCA) in the future may pose a threat to Russian interests in Central Asia, as well as the activity of the CIS and the Shanghai cooperation organization.

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On some problems of security of the NKR and in the region
Проект: Russian-Armenian partnership

As you know, immediately after the meeting on June 17, in Saint Petersburg meeting between the presidents of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia Ilham Aliyev left Petersburg and on June 18, the Armenian side suffered losses in the NKR as a result of actions of the Azerbaijani subversive group. It is less known that this incident was followed by the adequate actions of our armed forces. These events caused a sharp reaction in our society, and stimulated discussion of the various military scenarios.

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Возрастное ограничение