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"Sabotage" by the standards of GOST

The repetition of the situation with pollution of the Russian export of oil in pipelines can happen at any time.

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Genetic engineering – the weapon of the wars of the new generation

Many technologies have potential dual use and can be used for both civilian and defense purposes depending on the intentions of those into whose possession they are.

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"As army for the war": bill gates calls to prepare for global epidemics
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

According to the founder of Microsoft, epidemics carried away in the last century hundreds of thousands of lives, now millions could die.

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Offshore: the potential risks

Offshore from the time of their appearance was considered a safe haven for the assets of the wealthy, as, in fact, a time bomb. If any country gets control of the majority of "financial havens", it has the ability at its discretion to dispose of these assets, up to the confiscation. To date, this country became the United States of America. However, taking money and property in the offshore is not an end in itself for Washington, and represents the deferred element of the system pressure on the establishment of any country and, primarily, the Russian Federation. Core measures comprehensive sanctions impact on the elite as a whole through its individual members is the "Magnitsky act", a Supplement to S. 284 – "Act on global accountability in the field of human rights", as well as a comprehensive "Act on countering the opponents of America through sanctions." These documents give Washington a number of instruments of influence on wealthy people closest to power, creating a threat to the stability of the political landscape and developing economies, including Russia.

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Russia and Islamic fundamentalism

Studying the role of Islam in Russia, you should understand the fact is quite clear and obvious change in the relationship of Russia and Islam lies in the revolution of 1917. After the establishment of Soviet power in Russia, the latter was to conduct foreign policy in exactly the opposite way than tsarist Russia. Politics in pre-revolutionary Russia during the struggle for the liberation of "Eastern Christians" were distinguished often prone to idealism, which, of course, the last and used to their advantage and which led to strained relations with the Islamic States. However, Soviet policy has consistently idealized Muslims in any conflict against European colonial forces, and against the Eastern Christians from the Balkans to the Middle East.

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Some approaches to the identification of not previously identified threats to national security
Проект: Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

One of the most important, not having to date, the precise apparatus to address is the problem of detecting and identifying new threats to national security.

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Cyberpassage: Sberbank proposed to establish the headquarters of the struggle with hackers

Sberbank proposed to create a national cybersecurity center — "curator" of the existing institutions in the field of information security. The need to create a Bank account low efficiency of the fight against cybercrime.

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The transformation of the Jihad. A brief analysis of changes in the appearance of the terrorist underground
Проект: Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

On 3 April 2017 in St. Petersburg, a terrorist act once again forced experts to discuss the shortcomings of the existing system of transport security, and the deputies again spoke about the need to tighten the legislation. However, the reasons that for the first time a similar tragedy occurred on the banks of the Neva river, much deeper than the issue of metal detector or control of the Internet and mobile phones. We will try to understand them.

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"The key threat to Russia — the weakening of internal and a social explosion"
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

One of the most important indicators of the state of the world — configuration of threats and, sometimes more importantly, their perception of the leading players. Ideally, understanding of common threats. Undesirable, but providing structural clarity is mutual suspicion. The most difficult situation is when the awareness of threats far at odds, but the same circumstances are interpreted in completely different ways. Russia and the United States today is a case in point.

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Projection of global power: the Russian military bases abroad

The restoration of Russia's military might is a necessary part of the policy of revival of the Russian world and the return of the global dominance of the country on whose shoulders lies the responsibility for the fate of Eurasia and therefore the world.

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