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November 2006: the situation around the world's stock exchanges is heating up
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

In recent weeks the situation has deteriorated in the relationship between global exchanges. The aggravation of the situation due, experts believe, to two factors: — high rate of acquisitions of foreign stock exchanges, American stock exchanges NYSE and NASDAQ; — the contradictions within the global financial elite caused the ambiguous perception of events by different groups.

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About the situation on leading world stock exchanges
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

In recent months, the situation on global stock market remains highly volatile. The crisis, as predicted earlier, begin to dominate in some sectors of the world economy. Against this background, continued to intensify processes of mergers and acquisitions among the world's leading exchanges. Clearly indicated the desire of the American stock exchanges — NYSE and NASDAQ — to get full control over the world's stock market.

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Some of the assessments of the NATO experts of the situation in the black sea region
Проект: Russian-Armenian partnership

Recently NATO experts are consulting on a new policy towards the countries of the black sea region, reflecting changes in international relations after the enlargement of NATO. So, assessing the situation, NATO experts have come to the conclusion that clearly define the vector of development of the situation in the region today is not possible. According to experts, there are significant integration factors that contribute to the unification of the countries of the region, but the region today lacks a clear regional identity.

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The increased competition between European and us financial elites
Проект: Present and future of Europe

Recently there has been a revitalization of the global financial elite, aimed at the redistribution of spheres of influence and control over the distribution of financial flows. Against this background it is clear that there has been a confrontation of European and American financial elite. According to experts, such a confrontation is caused on the one hand, the approach of the global financial crisis and the possible beginning of repartition of spheres of influence in global finances, among the most influential banking houses (the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Morgans, etc.).

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Consolidation of stock exchanges as a tool to control the global financial system
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

The growth of national and global financial markets; the current technological changes and increased competition among infrastructure organizations in the stock markets (traditional exchanges and electronic trading platforms), as well as the erosion of national borders for financial markets, which means increased cross-border competition of financial infrastructure, put new challenges in front of national stock markets in the conditions of financial globalization.

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About problems and prospects of development of the Russian stock market in crisis of the world financial system

The development of the economic situation in Russia under the influence of negative external economic factors has shown that created and improved in recent years, the economic model was not able to ensure the economic security of the country in conditions of a sharp aggravation of contradictions in the global financial system.

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The issue of energy security of Russia
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

In 2003, the author on the basis of methods of mathematical modeling has estimated the possible timing of the completion of explored reserves of easily accessible oil and gas in the world and in Russia.

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HAARP: the ultimate weapon behind the scenes
Проект: Causes and consequences of abnormal heat in summer 2010

Books Jerry Smith always give a complete understanding of the subject and not just the highlights.

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To the question about the climate control
Проект: Causes and consequences of abnormal heat in summer 2010

The material summarizes the results of the research project associated with the study of the causes and consequences of abnormal heat in Russia in summer 2010.

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What is happening in the Gulf of Mexico?
Проект: Causes and consequences of abnormal heat in summer 2010

Today, the media are still not so many materials, particularly analytical character, which assess the implications of recent man-made disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. That theme is still not priobrela of paramount importance in the world media is alarming - it is clear that the scale of environmental disaster is much more than talking about it, but what are the real possible consequences of current events in the medium term? Today we reprint one of the most interesting (in our opinion) about these events.

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