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The intrusion detection system

Today intrusion detection become necessary additions to infrastructure information protection the company. The question of whether the intrusion detection system (OWLS), for the professionals of information protection was not worth it, however they come up against the problem of choosing such a system for a particular organization. In addition, the high cost of such products makes a more careful approach to the justification of their use.

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Problems of internal security of Russia in XXI century

February 5, 2001 in Moscow in Mosbiznesbank in the framework of 6-th International forum "security Technologies" was held all-Russian conference "Information security of Russia in conditions of global information society". In a resolution adopted at the end of this conference, said that the rapid development and widespread application of information technologies, turning information into a valuable resource of life causes the movement of humanity towards the information society.

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Plans and redevelopment

Back in 1996, during the reign of the Clinton administration, was formed the Presidential Commission on critical infrastructure protection (President's Commission for Critical Infrastructure Protection). The report of this Commission revealed the vulnerability of US national security in the information sphere, and the result of its work became the presidential Directive # 63, signed in June 1998 (PDD-63). It formed the basis of government policy of ensuring information security of critical infrastructure.

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A new approach to the organization protection against computer viruses

The mass distribution of computer viruses, as well as an active discussion in the press of plans of information warfare with participation of hackers to suppress the enemy's control systems and data transmission has led to the fact that the question of the establishment of countermeasures and protection acquires a new quality. According to some foreign experts, the state, the losers in the information war, will be thrown back in its development for many decades.

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If trouble came...

The last few years have witnessed a dynamic restructuring of the perception of the world not only of specialists working in the field of information technology, but also thousands of ordinary users of these same information technologies.

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USA from Central Asia never go away
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Currently, a number of analytical centres of administration is working on issues associated with the policy of the US administration in the countries of Central Asia.

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The middle East, then China
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

Some estimations of the American experts in the key areas of U.S. military strategy during the second presidential term of George. Bush.

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Nuclear dominance can turn the head of the hawks in the Pentagon

In one of the rooms of Foreign Affairs magazine March/April 2006 was published the very interesting article "the Birth of nuclear dominance of the United States" (The Rise of U.S. Nuclear Primacy), the authors Keir Leber and Daryl Press (Keir A. Lieber, Daryl G. Press). The main idea of the article is that, according to the authors, today, for the first time in the last forty years, the U.S. have a real opportunity to become a leader in the nuclear race, which opens up entirely new horizons for American foreign policy.

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About the main directions of transformation of the armed forces of China
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

The article, based on Chinese official documents and evaluation experts of the Pentagon and of the leading analytical centers of the USA, is given a synthesis of the processes of transformation of the armed forces of China, the aims and objectives of the PLA in the conditions of globalization and the changed after the launch of the US global anti-terrorist operation of military-political situation in the world. Special attention is paid to Informatization of the armed forces of China and Chinese view of the concept of information warfare.

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Terror as the engine of progress

According to many Russian and foreign experts, the increase of activity in the field of information security in various industries due to several reasons: from the threat of terrorist acts against important economic facilities to the unauthorized actions of competitors. The tragic events in USA on 11 September 2001 was forced to change perspective on the problem of providing confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets.

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