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War new look
Проект: New in the military

The people's liberation Army (PLA) reports to the Military Council of the Central Committee of the Communist party of China (armed forces of the CPC Central Committee). In fact, it is the people's army of the Communist party and not the bureaucracy of the state.

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The Arctic priorities in the national security of Russia
Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

Recently in several sources it is noted that in Russia at full speed there is a formation of Arctic troops. While troops are created mainly with the task of protecting the Northern borders. Therefore, Arctic troops like border, will be subordinated to the FSB, but it is possible that in the future the tasks will be put in a specially created Arctic command of the Russian troops.

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A session of black magic with its subsequent exposure
Проект: Causes and nature of the current crisis

From mid-may 2011 the General public around the world are entertained by various interesting tricks in the style of black magic from Finance. Almost Bulgakov: with severing of heads, the spread of counterfeit money and their respective maids (maids). Lacking only exposing these tricks, than we now do. Although many magic tricks and expose something not needed – and so everything is clear.

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Shale gas mixes the cards
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

The tragedy of Fukushima, the time has made it unpopular production of electricity by nuclear fission. Europe hastily relies on alternative energy sources, as well as for gas from Russia. However, there is another factor that can greatly change the balance in the energy market. This is shale gas.

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Clean technology for the mining and processing of coal
Проект: New in Science

Coal is an important source of primary energy in the world and in many developing countries, the demand for it continues to grow rapidly, as they are experiencing a long-awaited period of economic growth. For 50 years, from 2000 to 2050 – the demand for coal is expected to double, exceeding 7 000 million tonnes of oil equivalent and accounting for 28% of the world's supply of primary energy, compared with 25% today.

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The future of the world through the eyes of CSIS experts
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Recently, the American Center for strategic and international studies (CSIS) – one of the leading analytical centers of the us administration, published a report "Global forecast 2011". The subject of the current research sounds like the "international security in the conditions of global instability".

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B. Dolivo-Dobrovolsky "Pacific problem"
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

During the nineteenth century the basic principle of the foreign policy of the S. States was the doctrine of Monroe representing the formula of S. States hegemony over the Americas, North n South. The doctrine was formulated Monroe December 2, 1823, in message from the President C. the States of Monroe to Congress. Its basic principle was the recognition of a hostile act against the United States any attempt of intervention of the European powers in the internal Affairs of the American continent, the spread of European colonization and political influence that or other for-okeanskogo state in any part of America.

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UN experts say the failure of international drug control
Проект: New in Science

The global war against drug trafficking has failed. To such conclusion the authors of the new report of the Commission created by the UN to assess the situation in this area. It is rare that the authoritative Commission, created under the auspices of the authoritative international organization, was recognized in the complete failure.

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The Visegrad unit and the balance of power in Europe

Countries of the Visegrad countries (Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia) announced on 12 may 2011. the intention to create a new connection to the armed forces under the command of Poland, which by 2016, will turn into a full-fledged military-political mechanism that is separate from the NATO powers. In addition, in 2013, the Visegrad group starts to participate in a series of exercises, "Response force", this time under the auspices of NATO.

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The wave of world revolution is in the direction of Russia
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Rapidly growing complication and aggravation of the situation in the world is quite obvious. In the variety of major events it is necessary to allocate the main thing that determines a concentrated energy to shoot-trioval the meaning of the phenomenon in a short and unambiguous thesis. The only way to reveal the overall picture of the processes of historical significance. Only from these positions it is possible to correctly estimate private facts.

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