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From Iraq to Africa: the Western coalition to fight ISIS on

The Western coalition has summarized the confrontation with the Islamists in Iraq. After the liberation of Mosul, the military effort will focus on Syria and Africa, and the humanitarian — reconstruction of the liberated areas.

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Five potential sources of ignition of a major war in 2017

It was reported that President Obama has focused attention on the trump that the policy of North Korea will be his first major test. North Korea continues to build more powerful ballistic missiles, as envisioned by most analysts to spread everywhere its nuclear Arsenal. While the economy and politics of the country continue to agonize, the state has not demonstrated a propensity for destruction.

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The policy of the new US administration in Africa: some estimates
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

The African continent has already become for US the storehouse of easily accessible mineral resources. African countries have significant reserves of oil, gold, diamonds, rare non-ferrous metals and precious metals. Building military bases there and under the guise of fighting terrorism, crime and drug trafficking, because of lack of development of many black African States, where the elite bought much cheaper than anywhere else, being able to change it at least every day, U.S. has more than a dozen years to get from there the necessary resources.

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Conflicts and wars of the XXI century

In the framework of the analytical study of the single and cross-cutting themes – conflict and war in the middle East and North Africa in the XXI century – revealed a number of important constituent issues.

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The United States began a new war: world media unanimously silent

As reported by "The Nation", this time air strikes have been Libya is the fourth in the list. It was preceded by Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Now, the United States bombed another country: this time in Africa.

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"Many African states are created artificially." Why the new "race for the black continent" Russia is losing the West and China
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Deputy Director of the Institute of African Studies Dmitry Bondarenko told "" which African countries can be called "failed states", about the dangers and benefits of European colonialism, the development of mobile communications in the world fueled civil wars in Congo and why Africa needs China.

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On the verge of a global thirst
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Humanity will have to adapt to the consequences of unequal distribution of water resources: the formation of the market of fresh water and armed conflict for water

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Chinese colonization of Latin America and Africa
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

Governments in Africa and Latin America in recent years sharply criticized China for its policy of peaceful economic expansion and mass migration of the Chinese.

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War in Black Africa and contemporary international politics

Africa in the 90's plunged into the chaos of wars of all against all despite the end of the cold war. In Angola, after initially reaching an agreement on a ceasefire and withdrawal from the country of Cuban troops was created by the UN mission (UNAVEM -United Nations Angola Verification Mission). In may 1991, the mission was transformed into the UNAVEM-2. Under her control in September 1992, elections were held, the results of which are recognized by the UN, but has not recognized the opposition UNITA. As a result, in October 1992 fighting was resumed, and the UNITA forces almost took Luanda.

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Especially the work of PMCs and their issues in Africa
Проект: Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

On the private military companies now written a lot, but, oddly enough, in the Russian Federation, the topic is not enough known that opens space for various psevdoissledovateley publish their opus based on the fact that the Russian Federation itself this type of activity is not legal and because you can write everything in a head will climb.

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