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The wave of revolutions in the middle East - the American plan on the new map of the region in action
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

In several countries of Africa and Asia for the second month continuing public unrest, creaking chairs under the ruling regimes... What is it - indignation of the people under the rule of the heavy modes, or geopolitical games of the "great powers"? The analysis suggests that rather the second, but without proper training of the masses, this effect would fail. The poor people easy to out of band management.

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The velvet revolution in North Africa: how it's done in Egypt

Today we present one of the materials which had circulated in the crowd on the streets of Cairo. Brochure of 26 pages titled "How to achieve the goal" is a manual on how... to do the revolution in Egypt. Yes, Yes, this is the real manual! Designed not for politicians, but for the masses. Very concise, very clear, with illustrations. Getting acquainted with these materials, a question arises - is it really so "popular" this revolution?

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USA drained Eastern friends
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

The revolution: Mubarak is gone, people dancing on Tahrir square. As danced on the square of the Bastille on 14 July 1789, when the French did not know that the destruction of the Bastille is the first stage of the French revolution, followed by the chaos of the Jacobin terror, the execution of the Royal family, the Vendee and the long period of the Napoleonic wars, followed by the restoration of the Bourbons. Some of these history lessons is considered.

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Egypt: first results of the Big game
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

A week later, shown coming out of Egypt information, it is already possible to imagine the alignment of forces in this large-scale game in the middle East. To summarize what happened, whose interests appear in an Egyptian map which scenarios are possible.

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Belarus - Tunisia - Egypt: information society in action
Проект: Russia and Belarus: estimates and projections

The situation in Egypt, although not comparable to the Bible, when toads mixed with fire rained down from the sky, was profoundly affected Europe. Still - in case of change of Egyptian orientation, in addition to the closure comfortable winter beaches and trouble for Israel, there is the threat of the passage of tankers through the Suez canal. And oil is the main measure of values, including moral.

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Egypt: the revival of the Muslim khanate
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Recent events in North Africa in the media has already dubbed as the beginning of the Arab "date" revolution. Special concerns of the world community raises the likelihood that the wave of street chaos and democracy in Egypt, which is a key country in the Arab world, the authorities can come to a radical Muslim organization, in particular, the "Muslim brotherhood".

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The Suez canal is under threat?
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Events in Egypt continue to engage the attention of the world media and experts who try to predict the impact of the Egyptian political passions at the regional and international situation, including the economic aspect. In early February, on the tape media appeared the following message: oil Minister Venezuela Rafael Ramirez stated at a press conference in Caracas that if Egypt as a result of the continuation of the riots is forced to close the Suez canal, the world price of oil could soar to $ 200 per barrel, that could spell disaster for the world economy.

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Humanitarian disaster in Egypt – who and why destroys material evidence of the history of the world?
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Recent developments in Egypt related to the wave of mass protests against the current regime, revived to life the problem of a different kind – the problem of conservation of the world heritage of ancient civilization. From the very first days of the unrest in Egypt started to receive reports that crowds of looters wielded in left unguarded excavations, robbing museums.

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Egyptian revolution: creative destruction for a greater Middle East?
Проект: Revolution of the XXI century: nonviolent methods

Signs of change January 25, the regime in Tunisia broke out a popular revolt against the old order of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. In contrast to the carefully cultivated impression that the Obama administration is trying to maintain the present regime of Mubarak, Washington in fact, conducted by Egyptian and other regional changes in the regimes from Syria but Yemen, Jordan and so on in the process that some refer to as "creative destruction".

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Africa and the middle East - killing Europe
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

In the early to mid-2011 the U.S. are moving to the active phase of the energy war. Ie strike in S. Arabia (simultaneously with the liquidation of the Arabian crude oil, close to all Persian Strait and the Suez canal), provoke Turkish-Kurdish war (cut off southern oil and gas transit to the EU), sponsor new civil war in Algeria and Nigeria, are organizing a new Maidan in Ukraine and tube of Ukrainian-Russian "war."At the same time close commodity exports from the Americas outside of the continent.

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