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Events on the African continent in the mirror of the Great game
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Early 2010 marked the start of a chain of powerful transformational processes on the African continent. For most of the "civilized world" Africa was opened again after the world Cup in Johannesburg, which attracted not only South Africa tourists but also the attention of the world media towards Africa and its problems. But the special interest has attracted the recent events in Egypt, resulting in the change of the political course in this key African country.

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Southern Sudan: new state in the world
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Although the official results of the January 9-15 in Sudan of the referendum on independence will be published on February 6-14, it is possible to speak today. The fact of the referendum is much more important, because no one doubts that the vast majority of participants voted in favor of the independence of South Sudan from Sudan. In particular, according to exit-poll-am, held several American and European organizations responsible for the monitoring of the referendum, 90-95% of voters said "Yes" to the independence of South Sudan.

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Возрастное ограничение